Current Tier: 1/50

Clothes Quest

Howdy there stranger. Any chance you'd mosey on over here a sec and lend a gal a hand? Pleasure to meet ya, my name's Cassie and this lil' cutie is Chichi. I was jus' wonderin', would you be a darlin' an' go fetch me some clothes? I'm lookin' to be a stylist in the big city one day y'see, but what with Pa out workin' all day, I gotta take care of the lil' rascals a lot 'o the time an' I don't got the time to go buy anythin' new. Ye'd be paid fer it o'course, I aint no free loadin' varmint!

Please bring me a Brown Pair of Mittens

You currently have 1 hour, 34 minutes and 9 seconds to bring me what I need. If you do so in time, I will reward you with 9,600 tu!

Quest Log

Quest Tier Item Name Reward Time Left Inventory Merchant Shop Gallery Item ID