hello, and welcome to...

MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!

too soon has yet to come to far but not long, i for one, purplehen427 have a long-lasting message for you as i say hello

As you may have known, I am a friendly person once you get to know me, but also quite sensitive as well, so, if you have any questions about me please Rmail me (it is optional) and if you are reading my profile, I can do really sick art and I can dance too (yes, I can do the whip and nae-nae, the shoot, and also the whoa). if there are ANY concerns that I have, I will update on here, otherwise, keep posted

concerns: ok, if you are still reading, you do know that I have an ant infestations in my house in real life, so if you message me and I won't respond (I am not ignoring you) just know that I am helping getting rid of the ants and ants infestations

I am wanting to be a detective

I would prefer you call me purplemaster because I feel value and I sometimes need help and want to help other people with some things on here so feel free to ask me for any help because I am offering all my help to you

you also got to understand that sometimes, I might forget to respond due to ant infestations or just extremely sleepy and I have a busy night otherwise, please don't report, remove, and/or block me and my favorite creatu's are zenirix, murren, aukira, and myotis. i don't watch TV, i have a tons of favorite foods, but i enjoy combo pizza the most, and i love orbeez. I also play wizard101 (which my name on wizard101 is michelle soulblood)

have fun and stay safe (fyi. My name is michelle)

Ok, I feel sad right now, I know what you all think of me and i feel terrible. Just don't escalate away from me.

My flickr screen name is micheel quanch also, i am an artist too. I have decided to do my very own logo. My logo is a cartoon cow head with a green circle surrounding the cartoon cow head and I had chose a cow with a green circle around it because it is what comes into my mind when i close my eyes and also, it speaks out to me.

Also, I am an adult, if you say that I am a kid or child, i will ignore you because i know that i am not a child but an adult
And i would like to be called purplemaster and/or just purple. DO NOT call me hen because i am not a hen, just a human being. Thank you

Also, if you need help with building your creatu´s stats, rmail me

Date: 4/29/20 ~ If you need me, just rmail me because i am banned (yet again) from SB

5/31/20 ~ I am banned again from SB, so rmail me if needed

p.s. Don´t say negative things about me and you wouldn´t be blocked and/or reported Thank you!

I feel a little depressed due to loud fireworks that scare me

Also, my K1R quest needs a ginger Narwi so if you have a spare, just lend me a hand here, you will get a creatu from my sr as a trade

If you also called me rude, you´ll be guaranteed that that leads me to being not on here

Also, I have won one in real life escape room, the time left over was 3 minutes and 53 seconds

This is the origin of my screen name: ok, it first started off when i was creating an account on here to join this site, I created ¨Purplemaster¨, but i don´t want to reveal it to everyone else so, I quickly have to imagine an animal and an image of a hen pops up in my mind and also, the origin behind purplemaster is not related to this game, but the story goes like this: a few years ago, my computer got hay wired and so, i couldn´t get on wizard101 and I had to brainstorm another way for my wizard101 friends to know that my computer got haywired and so, I had did research and found something similar to Wizard101, but not quite like Wizard101. What i had found that was similar to Wizard101 was called ¨Wizzy Amino¨ (if you´ve never heard of an ´Amino´ before or have never been in one, it is a chatroom/it is kind of like half social media and half chatroom), like I had been there for a couple of months or so, until my mom restricted me from using the tablet and i had told everyone there that i couldn´t be on because my mom had restricted me from using the tablet and then i noticed that my level was the COLOR purple and since that i am good at everything (or try to be good), i like being a MASTER at everything and i was like ¨Hey! Why couldn´t i be called Purplemaster¨?

7/3/20 ~ Also, the main reason why I am not going to be active on here starting from July 3rd all the way through July 5th is because I figured out that I am nauseous and there are a bunch of objectives which are making me nauseous and everything kind of happens at the same time which makes me really nauseous and worried. So, sorry, i just wished that none of the objectives wouldn't happened so that i can relieve myself from being nauseous.

my boyfriend is Mitchell aka Yeomanbike323
ID: 3644598
Species: Roditore
Color: natural
Gender: Female
Age: 79
Level: 1
Health: 15/15
Hunger: full
Power: 8
Defense: 5
Agility: 8
Intellect: 0
Nourishment: 1
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 2%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2021-07-28 00:02:39
URL: https://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=3644598

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