Treasure Hunter

Ahoy thar! I be First Mate Bay, and here on my shoulder be the legendary Cap'n Twuntie Cay herself! The greatest Treasure Hunter alive! Since the rediscovery of these here Relking Coins, we've made it our mission to hunt down as many as we can. Through our voyages, we’ve learned that Creatu are best at hunting for treasure. Unfortunately, they are quite rare. So, we need to enlist help. Would your Creatu be up for the job? If you send them out for one hour of hunting, we’ll let you keep some of the booty. Be warned, Cap’n Twuntie is the saltiest to sail these seas! We need a Creatu with full Health, who are happy and willing to work. They also better not be hungry, as we're not feedin' 'em for you! If you bring us a Creatu that doesn't fit these qualifications, we'll find someone else to share the wealth and glory with instead.

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