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11:10pm Oct 2 2021 (last edited on 11:12pm Oct 2 2021)


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Heya folks!! I wanted to make this thread so anyone can get some feedback for their OAK Creatu outside of the official site queue. 

Feel free to post your WIPs, and I will do my best to give you my critique so that you can be better prepared for the art approval process. ❤️

Please be aware that I am super duper busy as of late. Not only helming the new OAK process, but also working on new art content as Art Head for Rescreatu on top of being a freelance artist wanting to start their own business. Therefore I will likely be only checking this thread once or twice a week to give feedback.

Other artists (whether you are a site artist or not) are absolutely welcome to post their opinions and help others! Just keep in mind that what others suggest may be different from what I recommend. 

The Rescreatu Art Style is quite different than other pet sites, so please be forgiving and patient with yourself if you don't get it down right away! It really does take practice!! Some of us have been doing this for a very long time. So please don't be intimidated, as everyone has to start somewhere! You are welcome with open arms. 

This is a safe place for people of any skill to improve their Creatu art with positive, constructive feedback.

Let the art fun (& chaos) commence!! >:3c


5:40pm Oct 4 2021 (last edited on 5:40pm Oct 4 2021)

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Hey Crow! 

I got this a few years ago from Kirara and I was wondering if it would be suitable for an OAK off the bat?

I am working on getting permissions to remove the watermark.



6:21pm Oct 4 2021


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Hey Loki! I remember this piece. So cute!!

Yes, this would be acceptable as an OAK off the bat :3


6:22pm Oct 4 2021

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Excellent! I'll get onto that CP in a bit then :D


7:47pm Oct 7 2021

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Always looking to buy these Chimbies:
Albino | Achro | Glitch name | Glitch color | Chimby Morphing Potions | Chimbies w/interesting names | CHIMBIES

6:54am Oct 15 2021 (last edited on 6:59am Oct 15 2021)

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these two are getting kinda old by now (esp the gold/silver one) and i'd already have some things in mind i'd change, but would love to hear a more professional opinion on them!

final 400 by omenaapplelarge by omenaapple
personally, comparing to res art, some troublesome elements would be
- the shading is too soft edged, its not very clean cell-shade edge
- ^same with the bottom one's lineart, the upper one has more crisp tho
- actual depth?? or posing?? instead of just putting limbs and features where they "feel about right", for example the uldavian one has bits and pieces missing on the tail just to fit the feelers on the square space lol. is there a way to work around that or do you just need to knead the pose so many times it actually works/makes sense 😂

(also, sub!!)

edit// throwing in this one too for good measure. the shading im happy with, but can res item art have blacked-out "silhouette" parts,or should all have lines and inner colour?


3:38pm Oct 15 2021 (last edited on 3:40pm Oct 15 2021)


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Heya Omee!!

Not that you don't already know this, but I have to start by saying I adore your art and these are still so stunning to me! <3

In terms of being stronger for Res Style, I'd have to agree with all the things you already pointed out. Lineart and shading should be v crisp and cell shaded. This means no flow or opacity should be used.

I think your posing for these are quite nice!! The silhouettes are strong and you are using up the square canvas space well without filling it up too much and making the art itself look square & confined. 
With your ex of the feelers missing on the tail: I think that's actually perfectly fine to do in order to make the piece feel stronger and less cluttered. On the flipside, feelers placed in those missing spots could still work out if you are careful not to break the silhouette and also use depth to control the eye's focus on the face.

Speaking of depth, I think that is probably the one area you could focus on to make your work even stronger. Not that it's bad at all, but it could be exaggerated more to help these smol graphics. 

For example, I'd suggest that the Uldavian Ahea's tail goes more into shadow as it goes back behind the head all the way up to just before where the tail starts to come to the front again. A tip to help with this as well is to be selective with using any highlights in those areas. 

We want to use highlights to focus on or bring an element forward. So putting highlighting with those shadows that are things pushing back can fight with it. For those push-back areas, you can use the shadow's edges to imply some kind of highlight without using the actual white/brightness of the highlights you're using (I hope that made sense!).

For the Gold&Silver Ahea, I'd suggest putting more overlapping shadows for the body just to, again, exaggerate how it's going back in space/perspective just to really accentuate that the head is turning and coming back forward at us. Same with the tail, even though it's in front of the body/head, you could exaggerate the shading midway to push that the end of the tail is coming forward even more.

Another great tip for helping with depth is to use cast shadows! This can really give us a stronger sense of where an element is in space.

Proportion-wise your work is really strong and very close Res Style. If I were to nit-pick it'd be to suggest being careful with major body parts like Ahea's feet, might do better for them to be ever so slightly more thick. When it comes to OAKs though, there is a little leeway considering this could simply be an Ahea with thinner feet. :3

I did some quick shading adjustments just to give you examples of what I'm talking about:

(Hi hello I streeeeetched the page!! Huzzah ovo)

Last, for your item: Yes we absolutely use a blacked-out silhouette/lines for those thinner areas if it creates a better look than an ultra thin filled-out area. Depends on the look you're going for. Additionally, I might use a dark color instead of black just to help imply the color it should be. So for example, a super dark green for that flower stem.

Wow that turned out a lot longer than I intended, sorry!! I hope this helps! Feel free to use this thread to continue talking about this. :3c


5:47pm Oct 21 2021

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we are not getting the email to verify the email

12:43am Oct 23 2021


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@doggydoe2000: Uh oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I would suggest sending in a support ticket so they can help you. :)

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