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5:14pm Aug 10 2020 (last edited on 5:50pm Sep 2 2020)


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Welcome to my art shop!
this is going to be my new hub for rescreatu art commissions.

Commissions: Open
Design trades: Open
Art trades: closed
Collabs: closed

  • Rules -
  • . Always credit me for work I've done, see below for my credit details.
  • . Custom characters are yours and you are free to do whatever you want with them, just do not sell for profit.
  • . You can always trade and regift things.
  • . You cannot sell anything I make for profit, same worth as original only.
  • . If a base is used you must also somehow credit the line artist.
  • . I reserve the right to feature all artwork I make in my portfolio.

My credits -
Toyhouse: lieutenantsparks
Deviantart: twood5


- Pricing - 

1USD = 100 points.

TU prices are also listed below

- Items for art -

Holiday eggs, Store eggs, planet shrine eggs, dyes, beans, morphing potions, wishlist items

Bulk event items for simple drawings and sketches <3

Adopt one today!

5:29pm Aug 10 2020 (last edited on 4:59pm Sep 2 2020)


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I do not -
  • >Draw backgrounds
    >Draw NSFW

    Its ok to -
  • >ask me if ill draw something not listed here
    >haggle or make a deal for bulk art
  • >switch out USD price for the equal payment as listed above
  • >lean towards the price being on the low end in most cases

  • >offer a premade lineart for me to color and edit for a discount!

- site style art options -

. Fullbody design: 20 - 30$ (80 - 100 mill TU)
. objects/icons/headshots: 5 - 7$ (50 - 80 mill TU)

- normal art style options -

. Fullbody design: 10 - 20$ (30 - 50 mill TU)
. Objects/icons/headshots: 3 - 5$ (10 mill TU)
. custom designs: 10 - 30$ (50 - 80 mill TU)


Adopt one today!

3:08pm Sep 2 2020

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Hi there! Buying a full body custom slot.
I'll pm you on discord but posting here to cement it 

3:10pm Sep 2 2020


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sounds good, feel free to message me any time <3

Adopt one today!

10:16pm Sep 2 2020

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Just wondering, is it going to be more in the style of that Viarindi or those small images under the prices? Because I'm super interested in something that's the style of the Viarindi.


10:20pm Sep 2 2020

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Are you still doing art like the deer commission I ordered? 


11:49pm Sep 2 2020 (last edited on 11:50pm Sep 2 2020)


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@wolfspirit25 - that wound be the "site style" commission type! its a lot more work than the normal commissions which is what the flat images are. so I don't have any slots open for those right now. but your welcome to watch the thread and I can start a ping list for you and anyone else who is interested in waiting for site style slots to open. 

@SecretsOfTheShadows - awgdaj hang on i just noticed i missread

Adopt one today!
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