Pet Age: Does it hold value?

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11:53am Feb 5 2020

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I'm curious on how the community feels about pet age.
I have some pets that are 2000+ days old, I was curious if the age of the pet gives any additional value.
Maybe as a community we could agree on the value of these days. 

Let's see if we can come up with a value per year.

365 days = X
365(8) = X(8)

In addition to this, maybe we could also agree on how much more "Prehistoric" adds to a pet.

Thanks for your participation! 
Feel free to also give your own opinions below!

2:23am Feb 7 2020

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I think "prehistoric" pets should be absurdly priced only because they would have to have been on a profile during the V2 switch and most of those pets are loooong gone by now.

I'd also pay a good bit for aged pets because it's not something you can do yourself to one of your pets. Like, if you want a super old pet, you have no other option but to buy a super old pet or wait until one you have becomes super old. Where as with beans, Tags and MPs, you can basically completely revamp a creatu into something new, but it will never be old until it becomes old on its own.


10:48pm Feb 13 2020

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Prehistoric to me definitely adds a lot, over 100mil. Age in general not so much though. 

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