Other pet site discussions [Discussion thread]

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3:26pm Feb 9 2016

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I play Aywas and FR and I am Scrubbie Everywhere lol my aywas number is 66137 if anyone wants it

Selling Zaps for 50k Each! Rmail me...

10:36am Sep 12 2016

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 I've played Wolf Play and Marapets


5:34am Oct 14 2016

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Update I also played FR and sylestia I don't play Marapets anymore


11:23am Oct 23 2016

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I used to play neopets:(

5:00pm Nov 2 2016 (last edited on 2:47pm Dec 16 2016)

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I play Furry Paws.
And Mweor.
They are all similar to Res, with the whole "virtual pet" idea.
Just in case you wanted to know.

My signature changed because I play Furry Paws too, not because i necessarily want everybody to play Furry Paws. I am proud of what I have accomplished there, and there is no problem with that. That was for you, Fizzeh, because I know you don't want links.

-edited by staff. Please don't ask players to join other pet sites-


2:59pm Nov 19 2016

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I play howrse


12:53am Dec 8 2016

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and animal jam


7:53pm Dec 15 2016

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I play a fur based avatar game its pretty fun if anyone might be interested in it rmail me:)

The Elusive Fox

12:03am Jan 23 2017

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I'm on flight rising and my username's nomonii

3:46pm Mar 23 2017 (last edited on 3:55pm Mar 23 2017)

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Is Verpets related to Res? The forum avatars there look just like Res forum avatars except they have different species on them, and you can explore for pets just like on Res and the animals there kinda look a lot like creatu.  They even have a shout box and a cash shop! I keep finding ways Verpets and Res are similar, are they related?

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe FNaF group.\r\n

7:28pm Jul 19 2017 (last edited on 7:41pm Jul 19 2017)

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I am on a lot of pet sites, actually.

Flight Rising, Dragon Cave, Mysgardia, Pet Adoptables, Tales of Ostlea, PokeFarm Q, PokeHeroes, Egg Cave, Forest of Mirrors, Eldemore, Sylestia, Click Critters, Mistic Pets, Felis Fire, Chicken Smoothie, GPXPlus, Xanje and Aywas....

There was a site, a few years back called "Dragon Adopters" and it originally started as a college project and for a while it really grew but the owner decided, after a certain point, to retire the game.
It was really sad because I really liked the game too.

Then there was another called "SilvWolf" and "Tale of Dragons" which was owned by the same person but due to health and financial issues that site was discontinued as well.

Ah..then there was one called "Catisserie" or something where you could collect kitties (I like kitties) but once again, due to the owners growing health issues, that site was closed.

Why is it that all the sites I like get shut down after a couple of years or less? (sniffs)

Edited to add: Oops, almost forgot, I am also on Leayph and Virtuadopt too

9:04am Sep 12 2017

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I used to play Marapets, loved it, but it got kind of boring. I was on Neo waaay back when it started; anyone remember when you could get the Macy Grey neopet? Left shortly before they sold out to Nick. Have not been back.
I was super active on Marapets and Sylestia until I got into WoW, and now I'm over that sort of, and back to pet sites. 
I play on Chicken Smoothie and Sylestia now, as well as here. Surprised there aren't more Sylestians! Just seems like there should be more overlap?

Chicken Smoothie: Kamaitachi (new there too)
Sylestia: Cranberry 
Marapets: Sobolan 

1:43am Jul 31 2020

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I only play Lioden, Chickensmoothie, here and Wild Horse's Valley. The last one being a brand new game. Reminds me alot of the old board game "Herd Your Horses" If anyone of you have ever heard of it. It did come out in 1993


10:14pm Oct 13 2020

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I currently play Neopets, Aywas, Icepets, Subeta and Goatlings. I have been playing Neopets for a little over 16 years! 

7:51am Nov 2 2020

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I used to play Neopets but not many people play that anymore 

8:34pm Nov 25 2020

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I play Neopets and Dappervolk :)

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