Dappervolk Rescreatu Guild

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2:30am Nov 2 2020 (last edited on 3:53am Nov 2 2020)

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Do you love virtual pets and play both Rescreatu and Dappervolk?

Do you want to share your enjoyment of these two games with likeminded people?

Do you like trading currencies, items and pets between the two games?

Introducing the Knights of Adagu

A Dappervolk Guild for people who also play Rescreatu

Apply to join today to help build the guild. Just simply let us know your Res username in your application.

In keeping with site rules, I won't post the link here. If you can't find it, rmail me for help.


9:14pm Nov 20 2020

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Oh boy, I have never heard of this game, but I'm already addicted!

I played all night and day.  I also just applied to your guild!

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