Cats or dogs?

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5:33pm Apr 11 2018

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Hello Peeps
So me and my friend have been debating whether CATS or DOGS are better.
I, personally, think that cats are better. 
What do you think?! I need other peoples opinions to see if cats or dogs
are better. 

Cats will live on, being better than dogs!
in my opinion...

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11:13pm Apr 11 2018 (last edited on 11:18pm Apr 11 2018)

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I like both but I like cats more, to be honest. They're more relaxed than in-your-face dogs, and I love that they're the perfect little hunters. Cats can do whatever they want to me, I worship them ;o;

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8:34pm Jul 15 2018

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I sry but cats bc their soo..... mellow but im allergic so dogs 

(but I love cats more)


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6:38pm Sep 2 2018

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You people are crazy, Dogs are wayyyyyy better


9:36pm Sep 5 2018

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Both are great! You meant bad dogs, bad cats, whichever. But personally, I prefer dogs just because I grew up with them. I know, however, that cats being apathetic about their humans is a myth; there are PLENTY of attention hungry cats that love being smothered with love. And they're cute doing it.

They're also generally a lot calmer than dogs, so it doesn't get too crazy. Dogs, on the other hand, have their boundless energy and enthusiasm to boost their charm levels. It all depends on the dog, really; every cat and dog have their personalities.

(But still, dogs are number one. ;) )


6:13pm Dec 11 2018

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Doggos for the win

I have no idea what I\'m doing.

7:02pm Feb 21 2019 (last edited on 7:03pm Feb 21 2019)

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Cats, definitely cats. I have 2

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3:03pm Aug 10 2019

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I'm biased.  Cats make me sneeze.  Some of them are sweethearts, but a lot of cats I've known have been jerks haha.
I prefer dogs because, well, for one thing, they don't make me sneeze.  They just make me happy with their loving, soulful eyes, their affectionate nature, and their protectiveness.  Dogs give themselves to you and they give themselves fully.  It's the kind of unconditional love that I can't quite compare with that of anything else.  Yeah, they can be needy, noisy, and messy with the way they play and eat.  But generally, they're so sincere and genuine.  They're family.
I'm not saying that cats aren't amazing, too.  They can also be loving, affectionate, and genuine, too.  But generally, I just love having puppos in my life.  <3

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7:53pm Aug 24 2019

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I love dogs because there was one time, it was cat adoptions at PetSmart and when someone walks by a cage with a cat in it, the cat scratched someone on the arm

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10:47am Oct 16 2020

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Dogs are nice, and cats are nice. I don’t really have a preference anymore


1:23am Nov 20 2020

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I like cats, but I am very much a dog person <3

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