anyone play "the isle" and need a server to play on?

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1:10pm Mar 6 2020

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Looking for an amazing hardcore realistic rp experience? With an even more AMAZING community? Come check out “The Mesozoic”! (60+ players in our discord and counting)

As a hardcore realism experience, each and every dinosaur's profiles are backed up by tons of research and community feedback, that way you can get the most out of each dinosaur (within the games limitations of course).

The server has NO global chat (to add to the realism), however local chat is enabled for those of the same species.

We are an amazing community full of amazing people, and we strive to have the best experience possible without all that toxicity of other servers. We are one big happy family. :) However, if there happends to be any issues, dont hesitate to contact a member of staff <3

Interested in becomming a part of us? Please join our discord and play!

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