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1:24am Jul 11 2019

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I just finished watching the anime Spiritpact, my first time watching an anime of this type and I am looking for some recommendations of something similar or really any supernatural,magic or shounen ai type anime. I've already finished watching Shield Hero, Dororo Midnight Occult for this season and I am watching black clover on the side....but I am now down to one anime and am looking for more to watch or manga to read.


12:11am Nov 4 2019

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My hero academia, blue Exorcist, mp100, and Gargantia on the Verduous Planet are my favs to recommend

6:07pm Nov 6 2019

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Seven Deadly Sins

I am the queen of Zennies! Bow down to me or I will sic my army of natties on you!

7:20pm Nov 27 2019

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Demon Slayers!


6:41pm Feb 1 2021

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tattoo taboo, deadman wonderland

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