Flight Rising

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1:19pm Jun 17 2013 (last edited on 6:26pm Sep 8 2013)

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Flight Rising-The Club

Welcome to the most awesome Fan Club that you'll find! Flight Rising is a pretty epic dragon pet site that I joined recently. I like Res better, but it's hard to compare two things that are so, so different.

Anyways, post dragons, discuss money making topics, and just find friends! I'll include a couple questions to get things started later on.

Rescreatu also does not allow off-site trading of any sort.
That means no Tu for Treasure, pets for Treasure, pets for dragons, anything! Please don't get banned for doing this ;o;

Megabyte/Meg ^o^

The guide to Making Treasure (By Witch/Witchling):
1. Play the games. There may only be two of them right now, but both of them can earn you a decent amount of treasure.

2. If your dragons have Familiars, BOND WITH THEM. This gets you free treasure and/or items every day.

3. Collect your free item from Pinkerton's Plunder Pile (Shop > Trading Post > Pinkerton's Plunder Pile) every day. If it's something that you don't need or don't want, sell it.

3. Complete Crim's quests. More quests are added every hour, on the hour. (Shop > Trading Post > Crim's Collection Cart)

4. If you have the necessary items, trade them out at Swipp's for rarer items! (Shop > Trading Post > Swipp's Swap Stand)

5. Sell any food that your dragons don't eat, materials, or battle items you don't want.

6. If you know you can get more than the selling price for an item (found by hovering over an item in your hoard), sell it in the Auction House (Shop > Auction House)!

7.  If an item under the Other category in your Hoard has a Selling Price of 0, that means it's able to be opened! Open it to find gold, items, or even the occasional gem!

8. Once your dragons have reached a decent level, go back to the first section of the Coliseum and slum for items.

9. Breed your dragons! Dragons are able to be auctioned.

10. Gather items! For the first day or so I'd gather the food items that your dragons eat. Since you can get food items by fighting monsters in the Coliseum, I wouldn't really worry about it after that. After the first day or so, gather items by Digging and Scavenging! You can get items that can be sold for a lot more than the food items.

11. You can find dragon eggs! Dragon eggs can be found through the Coliseum and through Scavenging. They can be either hatched or sold for treasure!

A Guide to the Perfect Coliseum Team (By Meg):

There are three types of dragon styles: Mage, Healer, and Tank. Here is what you should level up if your dragon is a...

Strength-The most important stat is Strength. This is the one your want to be leveled up the most, because a powerful dragon is a winning dragon
Quickness-If you have a strong dragon that gets lots of moves in between the enemy's moves, you don't need anything else.
Vitality-It's always nice to have a lot of health, so if you come across a strong enemy you don't get creamed.
Agility-If your enemies do get a move off on you, it is nice to be able to dodge. Critical hits can also mean the difference between life and death.
Defense/Mind-These are the two that you funnel all of your extra points into. It keeps you from getting too hurt.

Intellect-This is like the Strength of a Tank. If you have a smart dragon, you have a winning dragon.
Vitality-Mages need to charge up their moves. Because of this, they get hurt more than a tank does. Vitality is slightly more important than Quickness.
Quickness-This is important for Mages. They need to charge up their moves a lot, so they need to have a good amount of turns. It is slightly less important than Vitality, but not much.
Agility-If your enemies hit you, it is nice to have a chance at dodging. Also, critical hits can be the difference between life and death.
Defense/Mind-Funnel all of your extra points into these; that way you don't get crushed like a bug.

Intellect-This is very important, because healers are, well, there to heal your other dragons. A healer without strong healing magic defeats the purpose altogether.
Vitality-Healers get hit. A lot. This is rather important.
Defense/Mind-Again, they get hit a lot. You need a good defense to keep your healer from dying.
Quickness-What good is your healer if they don't get many turns? They need a good amount of Quickness.
Agility-Again, Healers get hit a lot. Put all of your extra points in here to try to get a dodge every once in a while, or to get a critical and heal extra.

Hope this helps!!!

Here are some questions to start off some discussions:

What is your username?
Why did you join?
Did someone refer you? If so, who?
What clan are you?
Why did you choose the above clan?
Who are your starters (colors and names)?

Okay, here are my answers to the above questions c:

What is your username? Meg
Why did you join? Eya showed me
Did someone refer you? Yes. If so, who? Eya
What clan are you? Wind of course <333
Why did you choose the above clan? Well, I've always loved Wind and Water, so those were immediate choices for me. Then the deities of Wind and Lightning struck me as particularly gorgeous. In the end, I basically chose Wind because of how beautiful the Windsinger was (I didn't even bother reading the deions). Only later from reading deion of the clans and the legends did I realize how lucky I was from my blind choosing xD The wind clan is comprised of the artists, the travelers, and the most friendly dragons. This:

I will create thousands of children, thought the Windsinger, the
 air will be cleansed and painted in a plethora of colored brushes. My
flight will carry the stories of the realm, and tell of its history. A
pity that the others will never know a similar joy.
Is direct out of the lore of FR. It suggests that we are the historians, the poets, and the artists, but we also have a heart full of compassion for others. The Windsinger feels bad for the others that do not get to experience what we do; meaning, he wishes they could. The other deities in the lore (except for Earthshaker) didn't much care about the other clans, but the Windsinger does. I like that.
Who are your starters (colors and names)?

This is the starter I created, Meg. I love her very much<333
Her colors are Primary-Ice 

This is Faygo, who although I didn't like very much at first, I love now.

His colors are Primary-Sunshine

Ignore these personal notes~Goal list on pg 28


5:01pm Jun 17 2013


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I play!

*Is Ave on FR*

Seeking Elder Scrolls names for my Showroom! Please rmail me.

5:13pm Jun 17 2013

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You can find me as Netherworld there. :Y

//creeps away


5:20pm Jun 17 2013

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i made my female and then a blue guardian male joined me, dunno what to do with him, she is Fae lol. My username is PangerBan

6:22pm Jun 17 2013

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My username is Cila on there c;


9:07pm Jun 17 2013

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Shadly is mah name, dragons are my game!


9:23pm Jun 17 2013

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I play <3

I\'m The Slenderman\'s wifey <3 Batman\'s our kid <33

9:42pm Jun 17 2013

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Moved to Fan Clubs category on request from owner. :)


10:12pm Jun 17 2013

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My babies finally grew up. I just had to share them ^o^

This is Crimson

This little guy is Luke

And then this is Nala

I have to say, I love Luke. He looks so much like his Daddy except he is his mother's type.


10:30pm Jun 17 2013

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Like on here, I'm SpiritDragon on Fr <3
I just joined today, and I'm expecting big things out of it <3

I bred my ShatteredBlood and my unnamed Tundra female that wandered her way in ^^

I'm so excited to see the outcome <3

Here's my Mirror baby boy ShatteredBlood

And my unnamed Tundra female <3

I\'m The Slenderman\'s wifey <3 Batman\'s our kid <33

11:27am Jun 18 2013

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You might want to name the tundra, you can't battle with an unnamed pet. ShatteredBlood is gorgeous btw <3

I hope you get something good out of those eggs!


12:30pm Jun 18 2013

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What is your username? Witchling
Why did you join? People were talking about it in the SB and I thought I'd check it out.
Did someone refer you? If so, who?
What clan are you? Nature
Why did you choose the above clan? I chose the one that fit my personality the best.
Who are your starters (colors and names)?
This is Zegada.
Primary - Carmine
Secondary - Sand
Tertiary - Soil

This is Tezogo.
Primary - Teal
Secondary - Rose
Tertiary - Violet

A couple things are a bit puzzling to me. What are materials, and what are they used for? And what are skins?


12:45pm Jun 18 2013 (last edited on 12:47pm Jun 18 2013)

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I believe eventually there will be a crafting option, but I've heard that it won't be for a long time. Who knows though, it may come sooner than we expect ;D

And skins are something that you can put over your pet that doesn't alter what the colors say (for example, Zegada is carmine, sand, and soil), but alter what they look like. this is the example they give on FR:

Also, you have very beautiful dragons <3


12:52pm Jun 18 2013

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When I copy/pasted the link, it said I didn't have access to go there.

And thank you. ^^

Also, how do I get the hatchable dragon eggs, other than by breeding or buying them from other users? And what are familiars for?


1:04pm Jun 18 2013

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Hm... i'll give you a link the the custom skins page where I found the things:
It's the very first image on that page.

I'm not sure how to get hatchable dragon eggs, because the only ones I've hatched are my own. I think when you gather items in different places you have a small chance of stumbling across an egg of the type that you are searching in.

And familiars give you money and items. The more you befriend them, the more you get


4:01pm Jun 18 2013

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What is your username? Realm
Why did you join? DRAGONSOMGSOCOOL
Did someone refer you? If so, who? llama
What clan are you? water
Why did you choose the above clan? Ip dip do between water, plague and wind
Who are your starters (colors and names)? 

Primary= Thistle basic
Secondary- sky basic
Tertiary-purple basic


Primary= Ice basic
Secondary- emerald basic
Tertiary-purple basic

(my male)

Primary= chocolate basic
Secondary- fire basic
Tertiary-purple basic



4:14pm Jun 18 2013

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How do you make quick money, besides playing the two games?


4:28pm Jun 18 2013

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Witch: I have no idea xD I'm awful at making money

Zen, your starter is super pretty.


4:33pm Jun 18 2013

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The most I've had is 6.5k, and I blew it on a battle move and simple gold bracelets for Zegada. I've gotten back up to 1.7k though, thanks to the jigsaw game.


4:55pm Jun 18 2013

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Well, the Arcanists game is a lot better for fast money. Just rotate through the first 5 levels and you earn the 25k in no time.

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