Zombie Apocalypse RP

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1:46pm Mar 4 2016 (last edited on 1:50pm Mar 4 2016)

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((I derped. I did say WIP but it's finished. I did not realize the thread title was not editable))
Please follow this thread if you're participating in the original RP to keep updated on changes on the RP and just to chat about it :)
Please remember to follow all site rules.
This month's poll is down below, please vote.

I am currently (Accepting)

Below is the link to the RP

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1:48pm Mar 4 2016 (last edited on 2:07pm Mar 4 2016)

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Current Poll:
Which mutant zombie should be added?(Ends 13th of March)
-Crazed Zombie:
Type: Special
Speed: High 7
Strength: Very low 2
Intelligence: Very low 2
Damage Counter: High 7
Suspicion Rate: Extremely High 8
Vulnerability Point(s): Head and Legs, Eyes.
Speciality: They are very fast. They also don't seem to notice when you hit them. They will keep going until they die or you die.
Type: Tank
Speed: Very low 2
Strength: Extremely High 8
Intelligence: Lower than normal 4
Damage Counter: Tank 10
Suspicion Rate: Very low 2
Vulnerability Point(s): None
Speciality: Extremely strong though you can usually avoid them if you try.
Type: Stalkers
Speed: Very Low 2
Strength: Normal 5
Intelligence: Very Low 2
Damage Counter: Very Low 2
Suspicion Rate: Extremely High 8
Vulnerability Point(s): Anywhere
Speciality: Weak zombies that hides in shadows and then ambush people. If you can avoid the first attack, it'll be easy to take them out. Their teeth has a slight numbing poison-like effect that causes the afflicted to feel sluggish and slow.

~Looking for Albino Vogar~

1:50pm Mar 4 2016

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~Looking for Albino Vogar~

6:25pm Mar 5 2016

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i vote crazed zombie. those would wreak total havoc.
also, just found this rp, which is great! i hope it goes far and people join, because it looks really fun.

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11:59am Mar 7 2016

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It has a great setup and a great idea!
I hope more people join so we can start soon!!

I would vote for crazed zombies as well.

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