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3:52pm May 8 2020 (last edited on 4:07pm May 8 2020)

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Alcarie here, or Stray if you prefer. I used to be pretty active in the roleplay section, but alas, work got in the way and I was forced to drop out of most of them. Now, however, I've got time to get back into something I love doing! Thus, this thread.

I'm looking for someone, or some people, who'd be interested in starting a roleplay. Or more than one, I'm not picky at all!

In terms of the type of roleplay, I honestly can say I've probably got a character for any plot and am willing to try just about anything. I do tend to prefer literate roleplays, or even semi-literate, but can do other styles as well.

Plot? If you've got an idea I'd love to hear it! If not, we can either come up with something together or I can toss out some ideas I've got.

Feel free to Rmail me about anything!

Things I'm interested In ::
- Fantasy/Monsters
- Mafia/Bratva/Assassin themed
*- Wild West a la Red Dead Redemption 1 or 2

*- I'm particularly interested in this one!

Things I'm Not So Interested In ::
- Harry Potter
- Anime (nothing agasint them, I just don't watch any)
- Highschool/college
- Romance based

I have nothing against romance. XD I've done a bit of it all: MxF, MxM, FxF, Platonic, ect. Would just prefer for it not to rule the plot.

Some Basic Plots If You're Interested In Them ::
These can be edited to suit the needs of everyone.

-Children of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Basically our character become the Horsemen after something happens to the parents that's one of the Four. This includes gaining the Bow/Sword/Scales/Scythe, the horse, and the power that comes with the position. Likely, they didn't know who/what their parent was. Typically with this one, the plot would center on our characters learning to control their powers as well as coming to terms with the fact they will one day end the world. Do they fight this fate or not? There's also the mystery of who killed/captured their horseman parents and if their next.

-I've got more of an in depth idea for this one depending on which way you'd want to go, but to keep it short basically our characters are from the modern times and either end up in a historical time period (Aztec/Mayan, anyone?) or someone from a historical period ends up in our time. The first idea would be more adventure based while the second would likely be more humor/possibly romance based.

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