Roleplay anybody?

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6:25pm Sep 29 2014

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Summer sucked.

Today in wood shop somebody put the saw they were using in incorrectly and it fell on me, blade first, it only snagged my coat, but it was scary.

I could have died.

Roleplaying always cheers me up, though!

 First person to read this starts, i guess.


2:56am Oct 1 2014

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There are sections of the forums solely for RPing, so Off Topic isn't really the place for this. :P

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6:58pm Oct 4 2014

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I'll join, your form is in the wrong category tho ;)

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8:39am Oct 26 2014

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4:28am Nov 13 2014

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I will role play with you!

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8:15pm Dec 30 2015


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