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3:08am May 21 2019

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And I'm just kidding, because I am brand-spanking new to these forums and howdeeho, am I happy to see my favorite idle (aka: distracting me from finals) site have roleplay forums! 

A little about me. My name is Jitterbug, and I've been RPing for nigh 11 years now? My average post is anywhere between 3 - 8 paragraphs long, although that is on my other forum site that is only for RPing, so we'll see what kind of partners I'll rustle up here. I'm a chatter box OOC, although I know what to zip it if my partner isn't a very chatty person. Generally, I play two to five characters per RP, but never just one. It's like having one leg; sure, I could hop around, or I could get a prosthetic and be able to walk. Generally, I'd play close friends or siblings, one male, and one female. Third person, past-tense for me always.

I am into all sorts of RPs, although not much one for the 'slice-of-life' idea, like college students or the likes. No, no no! I like my adventure and action. Also, as a college student, playing another college student suuuucks. But that's just me. 

So, as this is a new forum for me, I think I'll just go ahead and let this soar off into the interwebs to see which kind of folks I attract. Again, open to anything that isn't 'slice-of-life', and you get a bonus if you toss a dragon in there somewhere. 

12:01pm May 29 2019

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Hi Jitterbug~

I'd be interested in a roleplay! 11 years is a long time, I'm impressed. I have been on and off with roleplaying for many years as well.

I also prefer two characters, as it helps me find more details for plot. I'm pretty open minded about plot and situations. I have 3 characters I am trying to develop, two of them are supernatural while one is human. If neither of us can figure out a storyline, maybe I can show you my characters and we can see what might work well.

Did you have anything specific you were in the mood for?

P.s. I have never done a dragon roleplay but I would be totally open to it. :')

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!
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