Looking for two private role plays

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5:32pm May 3 2019 (last edited on 7:28pm May 6 2019)

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Hey y'all. I'm just popping back in, as I do every now and then.

I'm looking for some roleplays to develop out a couple characters of mine. I hope I see some familiar faces, but it seems like a lot of friends aren't around anymore! 

Man, now that I'm done school, I'd love to help make the forums come alive again! 

I really like romance, fantasy, apocalyptic/adventure, and medieval time periods. I have always been open to basically anything someone threw at me, though, so hit me with it and I'm sure I'm down. 

As for the characters I'd like to develop, they are in very new stages so they are pretty flexible with any situation we'd put them in. I will make a second post with their bios. If you feel any of them might mesh well with your character, let me know! 

P.S. If you happen to see this after the deadline and you can't reply because of necroposting - please feel free to rmail me!

- CH 

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!

7:27pm May 6 2019 (last edited on 7:30pm May 6 2019)

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Heather Jones

21 | Female | Human | Her Vibe

Likes: The color yellow and tacos

Dislikes: Confrontation, needles, elevator music

About: Heather Jones seems selfless and easy going. With any decision she has, she is overly aware of every rule and opinion along the way. By being so easily swayed, she never really expresses an opinion to call her own. She isn't impulsive in her decisions and sees passed what she wants to what is necessary for all involved. She is rational, weighing all possible outcomes. This inherent need to just want to please others causes her to have trouble communicating what she is feeling, which leads to holding everything in until she handles it in unhealthy ways (dark slumps, randomly disconnecting, cutting off others, etc).

Sometimes, she doesn’t feel real. Sometimes, she feels like there is no Heather Jones, like she is the physical entity of what anyone wants her to be in that moment. She gets into dark slumps, where she finds herself lost and discontent. She gets socially exhausted easily and it’s probably her own fault for working so hard to make everyone happy with her. There is a certain level of approval she is searching for, from an insecurity and backstory with her parents that isn't fleshed out enough to explain. She just wants to be liked and wanted, basically.

Her ultimate dream is to live simply and be a mother. She is incredibly friendly and kind to children. The easy presence of a child near is like a breath of fresh air. There is a innocence and ignorance in them that she holds within herself and she is attracted to their warmth. She knows that, inherently, they won’t hurt her, and that is the root of why she is so comfortable with them. They are a safe presence she craves in her life, with the freedom to be utterly herself.

Favorite moment: From a scene in a novel I am writing, where her friend Brandon bought her her first dress and she sees herself in it for the first time. “The dress fell to mid-thigh, showing her thick thighs, the yellow stripes of her dress accentuating the width of her pear hips. She'd never felt more pretty. She put on non-slip flats, awkward looking compared to her dress. These were the only type of shoes she had. Good support and tan. She admired what she saw. A woman. Herself, all her, with the yellow bright against her brown skin and the dress falling over her curves without accentuating a piece of them. This was her, thankfully, uncontrollably, freely her."

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!

9:02pm May 6 2019 (last edited on 9:36pm May 6 2019)

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Willow Dibs (Willa)

19 | Female | Werewolf | Her Vibe

Likes: Reading, mixing soda flavors, trees

Dislikes: Spontaneity, country music, being cold

About: Willow is less developed but this is at least a bit of a foundation. I see her as a tender girl with not much experience in her back pocket. She’s innocent, and this journey of hers, being a werewolf with no control, is a story of her eyes seeing things she never even could imagine before. She's a character who will help me explore that sort of inner darkness that is in even the purest of people.

There are parts of the world, and life, she hadn’t seen. Unlike Heather, she doesn’t mind her innocence and has no desire to do anything but hide away in the shame of who she is, reading, writing, exploring any world other than her own reality. She would have preferred to stay who she was: simple, unnoticed, ordinary.

The turn has (or will, it matters when the timeline of the roleplay starts) changed her personality. She isolates herself. But before the turn, when she was human, there was a curiosity in her to explore. She was sociable and had a dry humor that caught people by surprise. The impatience to see the world ran deep and she wanted more depth to her life.

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!
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