Looking for RP partners!

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4:43am Jul 7 2016

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Okay so I used to be a regular on this site a few years back and haven't done much roleplaying since then. Lately, I've been wanted to get back to it though, since I met a lot of cool people and I had tons of fun. I'm either looking for long-term partners or just regular old fun, and I'm also down to RP with a group as well, if you're offering that.

Keep in mind my skills are pretty rusty and I can only type out a 1-2 paragraph reply but MAYBE more if I really got something. I'm definitely not a lit roleplayer but I'm pretty good with spelling and grammar. Just keep an eye out for an occasional crappy post :P cuz that'll probably happen with me.

So anyways, I'm into fictional RPs with historical or magical themes. I've done a couple animal RPs in my day so I can do that, but not Warriors sorry :P I know a lot of people are into that. I can't do scientific themes, they just don't interest me but other than that I'm good with almost anything. Also, I'd love to get to know you so I might initiate awkward small talk lol

9:05pm Jul 17 2016

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Are you still interested in a 1x1 roleplay?

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1:36pm Jul 28 2016

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I'm totally down for a 1 x 1 as well, if you are still looking! I also like magical and historical themes. 

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!

7:58pm Jul 28 2016

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Ayee I'm in the mood for a 1x1 if anyone else is c::
I'm down with anything rlly just lmk
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