looking for help to further my fursona character

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6:53pm Dec 11 2016 (last edited on 6:53pm Dec 11 2016)

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Looking for an rp partner that would be willing to help me in an rp with my fursona Stitchez. Anyone here a furry or just wanna just have a fun anthropomorphic rp?
This is Stitchez, she is a living doll stitched together from bits of pieces of of old black and white toys. She can remove her limbs and tail and is often losing her tail in funny places. She tends to be too clingy with her close friends which gets her into quite of bit of awkward situations.

Anyone wanting to rp can either send me an rmail or message me here.

Thanks for reading.


2:21pm Jan 25 2017

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Me I would love to be your rp partner

8:01pm Jan 25 2017

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Sweet do you have a fursona or a character youd like to rp with?

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