Dragons Rising (reboot)

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9:09pm Nov 12 2018


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 Hey everyone! I miss the old dragon RP I ran like two years ago so I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in a new RP with the same basic concept but new stories and characters (unless you want to rejoin and use the character you did before).

- Scattered across this world, there are items that contain incredible powers. Those who come into contact with these items will be transformed into creatures many believe to be nonexistent. These creatures are very much real, but not in the ways that most would think. The tales of knights in shining armor battling great, fire-breathing beasts my just as well be true as much as they are exaggeration. These creatures are known to mankind as dragons. Whether they consider their abilities a blessing or curse, there is no way to undo the effects of the scalestones. 

(copied and pasted from my original interest check)

I've changed some concepts and developed new ones, so here's the new info mixed with old info:

- although people have actively searched for these stones, dragons are most often born when people find them unintentionally

- dragons and dinosaurs existed around roughly the same time, with dragons being the "higher" life form; they survived the cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs by turning themselves into magic stones, but neglected to think of how they'd manage to turn themselves back into dragons

- dragons are only freed from the stones if they come into contact with humans

- the type of dragon someone becomes depends on their surroundings when they find the stone

- types of dragons include fire, water, ice, sun, moon (replacement for the "shadow" dragon category that previously existed), nature, wind and rock

- there are also dragon subtypes; there are salt water dragons (oceans), fresh water dragons (lakes), and marsh dragons (marshland)

- nature dragon subtypes include deciduous, boreal, coniferous, rainforest, and tropical/subtropical forest, and grassland

- rock dragon subtypes include canyon, mountain and sand 

- regardless of the surrounding terrain, if a dragon bonds with a human at dawn or in the middle of the night the dragon will be a sun or moon dragon respectively

- the reason for the dragon types is adaptability; the dragon will assume the form that is the most ideal for their survival within the environment they are awakened and keep that form permanently (even if the human decides they don't want to live in the same place for their entire existence)

- because of this there are no type combinations (like moon/fire for example)

- each dragon has its own personality separate from the human's and it's important for the two to find balance between them in order for them to survive; if they can't find a way to get along they become unstable and that's usually when you get scary dragons that burn down villages

- yes, the humans can turn into dragons

- due to the dragons' magic, humans who have activated scalestones live for far longer than the average human lifespan (they also biologically age slower depending on the age they were when they bonded with the dragon, like a 200 yo dragon can appear to be biologically 20 years old), and are immune to diseases; they're also much harder to kill because they're resistant to injury and they heal faster

- the only things that can really kill a dragon are other dragons and weapons made with dragonsteel

- dragons can only really be wounded in their human bodies, and can heal any injury provided their heart is undamaged and they haven't lost a limb (they are dragons, not crabs lol); their wounds will eventually seal up without medical care, though they can get sick if the wound isn't clean

- dragonsteel, if you believe the words of those who use it, is a rare naturally occurring metal that can only be forged by the dragon hunting cult that's existed since the 11th century (it's more likely that the """metal""" is actually smelted dragon scales and bones considering before dragonsteel was a thing only other dragons could kill dragons)

- the dragon hunting cult has a lot of... weird ideas about dragons-- for example, they think that the dragons disguise themselves as humans in order to remain hidden and prey on real humans when in reality "dragons" start out as regular humans

- "dragon" is kind of an umbrella term meaning "human and dragon at once"

- dragon blood can heal wounds and crushed dragon scales can cure fatal illnesses (only the cult knows about this)

- a dragon's scales have an iridescence to them, which is transferred to their hair in human form (keratin is the base for both scales and hair/fur)

- dragons can sense each other, and each one has a certain scent depending on their type/subtype (saltwater dragons smell like the ocean, fire dragons smell of soot/ash, etc) that only dragons can smell

- some other animals like cats and dogs can pick up on a dragon's presence within a human

If anyone's interested in this concept, let me know in a comment! I'd love to start this RP again ;v;


9:18pm Nov 12 2018

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I may have to join, if there is interest in this version.

How will old characters be reworked for new version, as a thing?

There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity.

9:19pm Nov 12 2018


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I'd be interested, I'd just have to find time to dedicate to it LMAO -- but yeah!


7:37am Nov 14 2018

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I'm very interested c:


11:13am Feb 2 2019

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I am intrigued OwO

3:45pm Feb 20 2019

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Yes pls can this be a thing???


7:37pm Feb 22 2019


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HEY EVERYONE GUESS WHAT since a few people have commented I'm gonna work on opening a thread for this rp now ;v; first I need to open an applications thread and then I'll work on the actual rp


6:37pm Feb 24 2019

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Yessssssss this make me happy ;v;


9:02pm Feb 27 2019

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i am SO into this omg


9:03pm Feb 27 2019

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I'm interested in anything to do with dragons, so depending on how much time I have, I'd love to participate!!!

11:36pm Feb 27 2019

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Its finally coming!! YAY!!!!!!

8:48pm Mar 3 2019


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Applications thread is now up and running!


7:21pm Mar 13 2019


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I need to start the rp soon, so anyone still wanting to join needs to submit an application asap!

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