Dragons Rising applications (2.0)

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There is great power scattered across our world; not some abstract concept of control, or the energy that keeps cities alight. An ancient, magnificent power from long before the age of humans. Power which has inspired myths and legends of creatures both benevolent and terrifying throughout many civilizations; the power of the dragons.

This mysterious power has a way of bringing individuals together, for better or for worse. There are those who would seek to eradicate it, believing it to be the power of monsters who prey on humans. Some view this power as a curse, and some as a blessing; some make the best of what they’ve been given.


It's finally here! On this thread you will find everything you need to know about the Dragons Rising private RP and how to join. :D

Note: this RP has an age limit. Nothing is super graphic or inappropriate for the site, but some replies have briefly included past abuse, injury, death, dealing with the effects of mental illnesses, and there is of course some mild violence (as is typical in "supernatural beings and people who hunt them" stories). I would prefer if the applicants were 16 and older but if the things mentioned above don't bother you and you are younger, feel free to apply. Applications are always open. c:


Current cast:

Vincent, sun dragon; Connor, future depths dragon; played by Keith
Ennie, rainforest dragon; played by Malik
Tucker, hunter; Sae, rock dragon; played by DreamWalker
Anthony, hunter; played by dmann
Mercé, subtropical forest dragon; Zakhar, hunter; Itzli, gale dragon; played by Stray
Reito, moon dragon; Creus, future sun dragon; Wren, flame dragon; played by Creus

Accepted applications (if you want you can post yours here too)



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User Application

(please rmail both of these to me c:)



Returning writer? (yes/no)

Using previous character? (yes/no)

Character Application


Gender identity:

Sexual orientation:




Dragon or Hunter?


Other notes:

Example: (send both at once)

User Application

Username: Keith

Skype/Discord: Will appear as [redacted] unless you want your ID here

Returning writer? Yes

Using previous character? Yes

Character Application

Name: Vincent

Gender identity: Male

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Age: 280 (appears to be in his late 20’s)

Ethnicity: Caucasian (of English descent, has an accent)

Dragon or Hunter? Sun dragon

Des/cription: Vince has a lean-muscled physique, and stands at about 5’9”. He has central heterochromia, causing a ring of gold to surround the pupils in his blue eyes. His long, blonde hair has a faint blue iridescence to it- one of the only ways a human might be able to tell that he is a dragon. He has a small scar through his hairline on the left side of his forehead, and a long, diagonal scar down his inner right forearm. To another dragon, he would smell faintly of vanilla.

Helios (the dragon Vincent shares his body with) is a fairly large, lithe, golden dragon with scales that shimmer white and blue when in flight to reflect the colours of the sky, allowing him to fly in a near-cloaked state. He has long, curved horns, bright blue eyes, and fin-like spines down his back.

About: Vincent has been rather lonely for a long time, having not met any other dragons for at least a century, and preferring to avoid becoming good friends with someone he will inevitably outlive. He developed PTSD as a result of severe emotional trauma suffered in his childhood, and has a therapy cat named Misty who accompanies him almost everywhere. Despite the hardships he's suffered, he has a kind and gentle heart. He possesses a stable relationship with the dragon inside of him, whom he has dubbed Helios. As one who has lived with his powers for a long time, Vincent is a notably strong dragon. He has escaped numerous encounters with Hunters, but despite their cruelty, prefers not to kill them if it can be helped. The Hunters consider him dangerous, as he is one of the longer-lived dragons they know of, but he is only really so to those who threaten him and the people he cares about.

Other notes:

  • He is currently a history professor at a university in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Misty is a large, silver tabby maine coon.

  • Vincent hates cutting his hair and will rarely do so willingly (he actually developed a phobia of doing so as a child and never grew out of it).

  • He also loves animals, and has a bit of a sweet tooth.


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What is this??

Dragons Rising was a private RP thread here on res that I ran in 2016 and unfortunately went inactive due to members becoming busy with their lives and unable to write their responses. That happens! I decided that I missed this RP, the people I wrote with, the characters we developed and the world we were building, and have rebooted it.

Can I join if I wasn’t in the original RP?

Absolutely! Some of the people from the original are still inactive so I wouldn’t just limit it to the original team. You just need to fill out an application and rmail it to me. Make sure you rmail it instead of posting it here; this thread is an on-site storage for the applications with characters that are currently part of the RP.

If I was in the original RP, do I have to use the same character?

Not if you don’t want to! If you would like to start fresh with a new character you are absolutely allowed to do that. If you do want to, just make sure even if you did already apply and were accepted you reapply for the reboot.

How will the old characters work in this RP?

So, because there are obviously some new people joining, we will need to start character introductions over again. If you want, the original thread is still somewhere in the private RP forums, so you can remind yourself of the way you introduced your character before, and do it in a similar fashion, but you don’t have to.

What has changed about the world of Dragons Rising?

There are several revisions I have made to the world in which this RP takes place and the physics of dragons:

  • Multi-type dragons are no longer a possibility due to the reason for the type difference being environmental adaptability

  • There are several new dragon subtypes

  • Dragon hunters are classed as a cult and not just a group of people that kill dragons

  • Dragonstones are now called scalestones

  • Some dragon types have been renamed

  • It is now possible for someone to find and interact with a scalestone intentionally

  • The dragons were once a higher life form on Earth that transformed themselves into stones in order to survive the cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs

  • Dragons can only be killed in their draconic forms by other dragons and weapons made with dragonsteel; in their human forms they can gradually heal any injury

  • Dragons are immune to diseases, but because they are also humans, they can get sick from viruses and bacteria

  • The draconic form of a depths dragon has gills for breathing underwater; in their human form a depths dragon is capable of holding their breath for large amounts of time but cannot actually breathe water

  • Every dragon has a unique appearance, though some can appear similar to each other

How do dragons work?

Within the stones, dragons are reduced to only their pure magical essence, so their physical body must use the body of another sapient species in order to return to life. This is why the dragons are only able to bond with humans; this is also why a human can turn into a dragon once bonded with its soul. A dragon’s appearance and abilities depends on the environment in which a human bonds with it, creating types and subtypes. Some dragon types are more common than others.

Dragon types that are currently known to exist are:

  • Flame (an uncommon dragon type, these dragons typically originate from very hot areas like deserts, volcanoes, or even a forest during a drought)

  • Depths (one of the most common dragon types, these dragons originate from areas with large amounts of water and are classed in the following subtypes: saltwater, freshwater, wetland, swamp, and river; river dragons are typically just smaller versions of salt and freshwater dragons depending on the composition of the water in the river)

  • Nature (another of the common types, these dragons originate from places of lush natural growth and are classed in the following subtypes: boreal, deciduous, rainforest, tropical/subtropical and grassland)

  • Snow (one of the more uncommon types of dragons, these are known to emerge from the frozen parts of the Earth, but can also come from places that are simply experiencing winter)

  • Sun (these are one of the rarest types of dragons, as a sun dragon only emerges at the break of dawn, even though they can come from any place on Earth)

  • Moon (another one of the rarest types of dragons, moon dragons can originate from anywhere on the planet, but only emerge when the moon is at its fullest)

  • Gale (an uncommon dragon type, gale dragons are born in windstorms in any part of the world)

  • Stone (a somewhat common dragon type that is born in places like canyons, mountains, deserts and rocky plains)

Humans also benefit from this exchange-- they gain an ability to rapidly heal injuries, immunity to diseases, extrasensory powers, the ability to turn into a dragon, and are able to live for centuries without physically aging at all. Almost as a reward for freeing the essence of the dragon, they achieve near-immortality. Whether or not the human appreciates it though is… subjective. They’re also stuck for the rest of their very, very long lives with a second consciousness nestled in their own that has its own opinions and desires, and the stability of their relationship with the dragon inside of them is crucial to their survival (this also means that if your character is a dragon, you are kind of writing two characters). If the human and the dragon are unable to coexist peacefully, they will become chaotic and violent as they vie for control. These are the kinds of dragons that would burn villages and terrorize humans in the middle ages.

Who are the Hunters, and why do they want to kill dragons?

The Hunters are a cult of people who work in secret to hunt and kill dragons. They have many misconceptions of how dragons actually work, but refuse to consider that they might be incorrect and continue their crusade. They emerged during the dark ages of human history in response to calls for help from people being terrorized by unstable dragons, and have remained since. Most Hunters are born into the cult and are very rarely recruited, and if one hunter should happen to become a dragon, they will be killed or driven out and later killed. They believe that their comrade has already been killed and replaced by a dragon, as they don’t know that a “dragon” is both human and dragon at once. They are ruthless in their pursuit of dragons and will kill anyone who they find out is a dragon, regardless of who it is. They fully believe that what they are doing is for the good of humanity as a whole, and do not consider that what they’re doing is wrong.

Can I be just a regular human?

I mean… if you want to, sure, but you’re missing out on the dragon powers or being part of a spooky murderous cult ;0

Why do I need to give my skype or discord name on my application?

You need to give me your username so I can add you to the RP group chat. It will be a place to discuss character development, plot ideas and coordinate things so the story flows better. I will pick either skype or discord to host the group chat depending on which one more people use. This is also part of why I want you to rmail me your applications first-- I will remove your info from the app before posting it to protect your privacy. If you are not comfortable giving me your skype/discord, we can work an alternative out.


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Here he is.

Name: Anthony Drinkwaters

Gender identity: Male

Sexual orientation: Straight

Age: 27

Ethnicity: White

Des.cription: Stands about 5’7, weighs about 190lb, with shortish blonde hair, green eyes, thin lips, a stubby nose, and a long thin chin, with permanent stubble. Is quite muscular, though on the lean side, through his training, but wears long tshirts, sweaters of various thickness, and loose trousers to keep that fact secret. Has very little body hair otherwise.


Dragon or Hunter: Hunter, though with caveats.


About: A 4th Generation member of the Hunter cult, but one that decided to be a Chronicler instead of a fighter. Has done physical and weapons training as standard though, and keeps fit


His Mother was a well respected Hunter within the ranks, with a confirmed 8 kills. One day though, she found a Snow Dragon Stone, and was changed. Before the Hunters realised this however, she got a chance to talk to Anthony, proved she was still herself, and told him the truth, which he mildly suspected already. The Hunters information was wrong. With that revelation, he decided to quietly get away from the Hunters, before they decide to get him for whatever reason they deem necessary.



Other notes:

Has degrees in History, which his Parents insisted on, and German Language.

Burns easily in the sun, much to his personal chagrin.

Has a flash drive with all the information from the incorrect chronicles hidden on his person somewhere, which he will not reveal the location of.

Has an on again/off again girlfriend, that isn’t part of the cult, that he is keeping at arms length for the moment.

Has a 4 inch dragonsteel knife, a Family heirloom, also secreted on his person.

There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity.

2:28pm Mar 6 2019


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I'll edit to apply when I get home later c:


7:20pm Mar 13 2019


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I need to start the rp soon, so anyone still wanting to join needs to submit an application asap!


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I am interested in joining, I am in the process of figuring out a character since I don't think my main OC will work for this role play.

What type of world does this rp take place in? Medieval, modern, futuristic, ect?


9:30pm Mar 14 2019


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Hello! This rp takes place in the modern world, as though it were happening in real life c:


10:13pm Mar 14 2019

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Alright thank you

Name: Reito Satomi

Gender identity: Male

Sexual orientation: Eh, Bi I suppose but he is rather eccentric


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Des/cription: Reito is tall at 6'1 and weighing 165 pounds. Despite his height Reito has
 a fairly sleek musculature and he tends to be a bit on the slimmer
 His skin is rather pale in tone, this is partially due to the fact that
 he often works during the night however even if he spends time out in
the day he is unlikely to gain any sort of tan. This makes his jet black
 hair stand out quite a bit against his pale complexion but it is not
always so noticeable considering he dresses from head to toe in black.
Along with black boots he also wears  black pants and a black shirt,
sometimes just simple t-shirt but everyone and awhile he will wear a
nicer black button down shirt when he is doing business with a rich
customer. Over top of that he wears a warn and slightly tattered black
leather trench coat which has hidden pockets stitched inside where he
hides small weapons. On top of his pale complexion and dressing habits,
he has something else that makes him stand out, imposing blood red eyes.

Rizzio a somewhat smallish black western style dragon with red eyes whom stands at roughly fifteen feet tall and thirty feet long. On the top of his head he has a pair of slightly curved horns several facial spikes and a small crown of spike that continue in
a signal row running from the back of his neck down to the tip of his
tail which is tipped with a razor sharp spade like spike. These spikes have a similar curve to that of a wolfs canine tooth

Dragon or Hunter? Moon Dragon

About: As a youth while his parents where still alive Reito was well known as a
 rebellious trouble maker. He was the type of child always getting into
trouble, stealing things, getting into fights and regularly pranking
others. This was partially due to his families financial issues brought
on by his father who was both a drunk, had a severe gambling issue as
 well as anger issue's among other things.The other part being that
Reito had simply fallen in with a bad crowd at a young age.  His
troublesome nature however was soon brought to an abrupt end his life took a dramatic turn when his parents where murdered by a
local mobster. Unknown to him at the time in order to survive his
parents had been borrowing cash from the local mob and they had failed
to pay them back.

Due to the trouble he caused and the crowd he had gotten involved with
for years he believed that he was the one responsible for his parents
demise. Also because he had no where else to go he was brought in for
training several months earlier then what was originally planned. The
very next day he left to join the army.

 time he moved his way up through the ranks and went on to join a
special forces unit which was skilled in assassinations. This was who
Reito was for a long time, a cold blooded, emotionless killer.

 is no longer whom Reito is today, somewhere along the way he learned
the truth of his parents demise and through a series of unfortunate
encounters he decided enough was enough. He decided to change who he
was, leaving the army by faking his death during a raid he struck out on
 his own to reinvent himself.

Taking odd jobs he has made a living working for all sorts of people, both the good and the bad, legal and illegal. He will take just about any job with no questions asked as long as it does not involve hurting innocent people.

 Reito of today could be described as many things, cheerful, eccentric
and sometimes just plain odd. He is not a serious man by any means and
still has a knack for getting into trouble. There are some things that
he is just completely oblivious too however deep down the old assassin
remains somewhat. This tends to present itself in the most unusual of
ways, often times he will make random comments about random observation
that are not really conducive to a conversation.

Other notes: Reito is basically a brand new dragon having encountered a dragon stone only a short time ago. He is still learning 'how to dragon' and he and his dragon currently have a love/hate sort of relationship.

I think he will work better than my main OC, unless you want two blond haired, blue eyed golden sun dragons :P


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Name: Creus
Gender identity: Male
Sexual orientation: Possibly Bi
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Caucasion
 : Creus is fair skinned  however he may get a slight honey colored tan
if he spends enough time in the sun. He is 6 feet even with a lithe
build due to years of living life on the run.Like this rest of his
build  His proportions give him a rather graceful appearance for normal a
 human. He also bares thick, golden blond hair that falls just above the
 center of his back when left loose however he often keeps it tied
backout of his face with a black ribbon. One of his most striking
features are his eyes. If one where to examine them closely they would
see a dark blue rim around his iris and jagged rays of lighter blue
intertwined with deeper blue around his pupil. He prefers to wear
lighter weight clothes as he does not want to be weighed down when a
speedy escape is needed. His usual attire often includes a simple white
button down shirt with black pants and well worn black leather boots.
Over that he wears a stolen trench coat with plenty of hidden pockets
sown into to stow away stolen valuables.

Raizel:   Raizel is a
relatively large dragon with glimmering metallic gold scales and cat
like sapphire eyes. Similar to the western style dragons he has four
legs  and large bat like wings.  He stands at the height of thirty feet
with his body doubling in length at sixty feet long and an impressive
wingspan of seventy feet. On top of his head he wields a pair of
slightly curved and perfectly spaced horns, several facial spikes and a
small crown of spike that continue in a signal row running from the back
 of his neck down to the tip of his tail which is tipped with a razor
sharp spade like spike. These spikes  have a similar curve to that of a
wolfs canine tooth and along with the horns are a metallic gold color
that are a few shades deeper than his scales. The spikes also are longer
 on his back and neck and grow shorter as they approach the tip of his
Dragon or Hunter? Dragon, eventually to be one anyway

 Creus was born an unwanted child to abusive parents whom eventually
tried to sell him away illegally and got themselves killed doing so.
After a couple of years he managed to escape the place he had landed in
and spent most of his life struggling to survive on his own on the
streets, running away the one time he landed in a foster home.  Now as an
 adult he has managed scrape together a fairly decent living as a thief
however he is constantly on the move in fear of getting caught. One
fateful encounter as a child introduced him into the world of dragons,
at the age of  seven, shortly after he escaped the madman his parents
sold him too he had gotten lost in a forest and ended up falling off a
cliff, breaking a few bones. For days he was trapped at the bottom of a
cliff when a dragon found him. At the time it had been a frightening
encounter however the creature saved his life and brought him to a
hospital. He will never forget that persons kindness however he learned
quickly that most of the world seemed to think they where just myth so
learned to keep his mouth shut. That being said, he always secretly
searched for them and any information regarding them hoping one day to
encounter the dragon that saved his life.
Personality wise he tends
to be on the calculating side, often taking the time to carefully think
over his actions and words. He can be slow to warm up to others,
dishonest and distrusting due to his past. Furthermore he is not
generally the type to sugar coat things, taking the cold hard truth over
 soft white lies any day. Should one be able to over look all these
personality flaws they can find a loyal ally deep inside. He knows the
pain of betrayal well and wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy, well
perhaps them but not to any decent person.
Other notes: Roughly three
 years ago he got stranded deep in the mountains during a blizzard while
 escaping a close call with the cops. After being forced to abandon his
car and hike to safety he encountered a deceased wolf caught in a trap
surrounded by her pups. Only one was alive, so taking pity on the animal
 he rescued it and somehow ended up with a large white wolf as a pet,
unable to bring himself to part with it despite his initial plans to
find a place to take him. He has since gotten a permit to keep him and
has earned himself a loyal partner in crime, a large white wolf with
golden eyes. Don't worry, he's afraid of cats :P

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