Digimon RP Interest Check/Plot Development

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5:57pm Jan 18 2016 (last edited on 10:31pm Jan 18 2016)


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I gotta get this out of my system LOL so the only things I require in a potential RP partner(s) would be the ability to make a post at least once every three days and to post more than two sentences at a time, preferably with coherent grammar and spelling.

Plot Ideas: (Generated using Springhole's Generators with some tweaking)

The villain(s) gets hold of the artifact of doom!
The artifact that the protagonists have worked so hard to get turns out to be a complete myth.
Something so profound happens that the protagonists question everything they believe in.

The villain's sibling suddenly shows up.
The sibling turns out to be a double agent working for the protagonists.

Currently taking ideas for more plots lol

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Can I join this RP?

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