Cryptids RP Interest Check

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6:05pm Feb 14 2017 (last edited on 2:29pm Apr 27 2017)


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Heyyooo it's Keith back with another RP idea since the dragon RP is currently at a standstill with people being busy.
So the premise of this particular RP is that the characters are all some kind of cryptid, but with a human form as well. If you're interested in joining but need an idea for a character, here is a list of cryptids from cultures around the world. To clarify, cryptid does not always equal mythical creature, as the wiki article explains. 

To make this work, it would make sense to have your cryptid character match the ethnicity of where the legends come from. For example, if you wanted to have a mothman, he'd have to come from West Virginia (where the myth originated). Other than that, there'd be no restrictions.

I find cryptozoology really fascinating, but I haven't delved into it a whole lot as of yet. As a result, there may be some cryptids I don't know about, so if this RP does take off and you have something different in mind than the list itself (you might know more than I do), feel free to suggest it!

No more than two people can have the same cryptid character at a time (for diversity purposes).

I'll list an example application in the applications thread if this gets enough interest.

I don't have a particular plot yet in mind, so if anyone has an idea I'd be happy to hear it~ this is just to see if I can get enough people interested.


7:41pm Feb 14 2017

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So are we the cryptids, or are we trying to catch them???


8:08pm Feb 14 2017


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Your character is a cryptid with a human form in addition to their cryptid form. I am considering having cryptid hunters included at some point, but as of right now it's just cryptids ^^ 


5:32pm Feb 15 2017


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...I was born for this day. B)

Well, not literally. But I have a character who's an absolutely perfect fit for this.

8:53pm Feb 15 2017

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10:21am Feb 16 2017

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It's been a long time since I've roleplayed on Res, but this idea its intriguing enough I'd definitely join!


2:34pm Apr 27 2017


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Count me in!!

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