You're not alone ~Open RP~

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3:46pm Oct 29 2013

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This roleplay is about teens who are having trouble deciding what to do with their lives.




~Let the roleplay take you on an adventure

~Anything can happen

Bio Skelington:


My bio:

Name: Marley
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, self-concious, bad temper, ahh ill rp the rest out
Pets: A black syrian hamster called Devil.
Crush: No one yet
Other: Depressed.


5:51pm Oct 29 2013

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Name: Kevin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Kevin is very straight forward with people. At times he can be shy and is easily embarrassed, while other times he has a hot temper. You could say he's a walking time bomb. 

Pets: He has no pets.

Crush: He has none yet

Other: Kevin is a bit short for his age.


2:40am Nov 22 2013

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Name: blake
Age: 17 1/2 
Gender: female
Personality: defently not someone you want to meet in battle. just wants to be left alone
Pets: kitten named flare
Crush: open

Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow. Other times we have to fail in order to learn. And if we don\'t trip, we won\'t know how to get back up. If we don\'t lose, we\'ll never know how to win.-Sage: The power within

7:41pm Dec 24 2013 (last edited on 7:42pm Dec 24 2013)

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Name: Saige Pierce
Age: 15
Looks: Average height, Brown hair (usually in a side braid) With a blue feather in it, Hazel eyes.
Personality: She is very calm and rational, doesn't talk much, unless she thinks her opinion is really needed (or has a sarcastic comeback ready). She can be hotheaded at times, but keeps it under control moderately well. She carries two daggers with her, and is pretty accurate when throwing them.
Pets: A small dust-colored tabby tom cat named Thorn
Crush: open

"The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” ~George Carlin

10:24pm Dec 29 2013

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Name:Alexandria Jennings
Looks: Alex has thick brown hair that is wavy and is never frizzy. She has hazel eyes but they are mostly green. She hates them
Personality:She never looks for a fight. She just is in the wrong place at the wrong time and that makes her self esteem very low.

10:22am Jan 6 2014

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Name: Anna Cunnings

Age: 16.5

Gender: Female

Looks: Anna stands at an average height of
5'5. She has medium length dark brown hair that falls just below the shoulders with side swept bangs,  (Like... the extreme sidesweep. Holy hell this is impossible to
explain. Erm... stereotypical emo hair. But not big emo hair. Dere we go. ^.^) and a
thin frame.  As for her clothes, Anna is usually found to be wearing fitted casual t-shirts, or the occasional band t. She wears skinny
jeans and always has on one of her many pairs of converse. A black lace choker lies delicately against her neck, and a rainbow patterned studded belt wraps loosely around her hips.

                                                Personality: In general, Anna is quite level headed and does not enjoy confrontation of any kind. She is kind to just about everyone and is never quick to judge. If you're ever in need, this girl will be right by your side given a moments notice. The rest of her quirks and traits can be found throughout the rp. c:

Pets: None, but she finds all pets adorable. ^_^
Crush: Find out through rp? :)

Other: Bisexual... yep, I think that's about it

7:49pm Jan 6 2014


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