With Wings They Came

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9:24pm Oct 16 2015 (last edited on 11:03am Oct 17 2015)

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(I'm actually making a book based on this RP. I really need ideas but this is the thingy)

It's had been a very long time since 2015. Actually, they had lost count of the years. The whole world was engulfed in slavery once more. Fallen angels have flooded the Earth and god is still waiting to begin the apocalypse. The fallen angels have been ransacking the millions of cities. Earth has been destroyed by its own people too. Everything is run down and broken, it's definitely not 2015, no electricity at all. The knowledge from around that time is lost. God decided to interfere. He sent a select few to each of the 3 cities. The cities were Fanala, Ralia, and Amphelle. They were all to meet in Fanala to find Baraa( Fine, I'll play the elderly lady.) There, they would learn their destiny. (Which is a surprise hee hee. But we'll all meet in Fanala to start.)


1. The basic rules which you should know if you are role playing.
2. Keep it PG-13
3. One guy and one girl each user.
4. Send your forms to ME by R-mail. If not I will ask the staff to delete your form once you've confirmed to me by R-mail that you understand, then resend me your form by R-mail.
5. Put "With wings" in the "Other" spot.
6. Keep genders even.
7. Don't go more than two turns without everyone posting.
8. If you have any questions... R mail me.


Role: (Angel, Fallen angel, Baraa(Me))
Appearance: (Preferably a picture and it does'nt have to have to have wings to be an angel although I would enjoy if it did)
Crush/ BF/GF:


Name: Savii Salujah
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Role: Angel
Personality:She's very shy but can be a leader when needed. She's sweet and holds things in then unleashes her rage when it's too much.
City: Fanala

Name: Oralo

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Role: Human (?) Gadgeteer Genius

Appearance: 5ft 4, if that, white but mildly tanned, brown eyes, quite thin (not sure if through malnutrition or calorie burning), wears an oversized shirt, baggy pants, boots, and a set of goggles with no glass in. Also has a bag that holds a notepad and writing materials in, plus a selection of things he has collected.

Personality: Brash, and smart, both of wit and of mind. Can sometimes go into a fugue if he sees something that he can adapt or repair.

City: Ralia

Crush/ BF/GF: He’s never thought about that.

Other: Is trying to build a set of wings to stop or weaken the trade of wings. With wings


Name: Evelyn Greenwood
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Role: Angel

 Evelyn is a tough, tom-boy. She puts herself out there and doesn't
exactly care about others feelings. She's like this by being the only
girl out of six. She's not the friendliest person you will meet, but she
 has a good heart and means well. 
[Sorry, I suck at personalities]
City: Ralia
Crush/ BF/GF: No, she'll fall for a fallen angel boy though.
Other: 'With wings'


4:15pm Oct 17 2015

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I'm in. Character: Oralo.

There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity.

1:45pm Oct 20 2015

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I'm in with my character Evelyn Greenwood.

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6:31pm Jan 2 2017

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is this rp still accepting?

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