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In a world where the evil perished have taken refuge, 7 teens who had reached the hidden realm through mistakes made by friends, enemies, or families are called through dreams that should not exist to escape from the lowest level of the UnderWorld and return to the living and face those who had wronged them.

There are 7 levels of the UnderWorld, each with its own challenges and monsters; not all are physical. Listed here are the challenges of each level, starting from the lowest.

Level 7: The lowest level of the Underworld, this is where the most black-hearted humans reside after death. The reason everyone fears this level is the promise of never being remembered, and never remembering anything or anyone else. A huge dark shadow encases the cave entrance, and bubbling lava rises from the bottom of the endless cavern.

Level 6: This is where violence and trickery burrows deepest, and a rising crumbled ampitheatre houses thousands of the dead, waiting for a daring one to challenge the monster caged in. A large doorway stretches across the ground, but nobody has entered through for centuries.

Level 5: A rotting labyrinth tinged with red twines and twists, its endless maze filled with helpless dead, searching for the evasive exit. A snarling, half bull half man hides in a chamber somewhere, waiting for a careless victim to wander inside...

Level 4: The rushing River Styx sweeps across this level of the UnderWorld, its dark waters sweeping away endless bodies and trapping all on both sides. The width suggests that nobody has ever crossed it on foot before. If only they had a boat...

Level 3: Weather corrupts this level, and the sky is always throwing, rain, snow, or fire to the ground, burning or freezing those who aren't careful.

Level 2: A flat plain void of any life stretches across the ground on which you stand. Every person in this level is alone in their own version of the level, but there is no monster; or escape.

Level 1: You have escaped damnation and made it to the mountain, where crowds of righteous people await the wind that carries them gently to Paradise.

Only 7 people are allowed in this roleplay. Each starts in Level 7 and works their way up. 

The rules are simple;

Use proper language

Respect other roleplayers

If you must, hate the character, not the roleplayer

Be Appropriate Please

Try and use at least 3 sentences in each entry

No actual violence; work your way around somehow

If you are leaving the rp, Rmail me or let me know somehow

Be Creative

Nobody. Gets. Destroyed.

Your character CAN get hurt

Romance IS allowed ;D

If you read over this, put a Paradise in Others


Signup Form




Age(No less than 14):

Appearance(Picture Allowed):




Others(Pets, Items, etc,): 


1 ~Raven Archwood
2 ~ Deacon Keegan
3 ~ Asher Kyle Austin
4 ~ Cheong Tae min
5 ~ Open
6 ~ Open
7 ~ Open


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Name: Raven Archwood

Nickname(Optional): Ray

Gender: Female

Age(No less than 14): 16

Appearance(Picture Allowed): https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTwDTUdnthGjeDU83q9Vbm-umODFDV4_LCK8oab02NlnhyjiAQVw

Personality: Raven is a cold, vengeful girl with a small warm spot that takes someone exactly the opposite of her to coax out. She hates social interaction and is very unsure of herself, but works extremely well in pressure.

Relationships: Her brother, who is still living with her depressed mom. Dad left a long time ago. She had a boyfriend when she was alive.

Bio: She was killed in a car crash after going to a party. She was extremely selfish and reckless during that time during high school graduation night. What she doesn't know is that it was her brother's car that ran over her on the road.

Others(Pets, Items, etc,): Paradise. She carries around a black obsidian cross pendant around her neck.


10:23pm Jan 15 2018

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Name: Deacon Keegan

Nickname: Nope, feel free to give him one though. He won't mind.

Gender: Male

Age: Nineteen

Appearance: Deacon; maybe looks slightly younger though. I'm terrible at matching ages to pictures...

Personality: Deacon, unlike what his history would suggest, is not a bad guy. He's actually surprisingly friendly - happy to talk with almost anyone and allow almost anyone a chance. Quick to smile and laugh, Deacon has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, always quick with a retort or some sarcasm to lighten a situation. However, he has spent a lot of time on the streets with some of the rougher types of people and knows how to take care of himself quite well. He's street-savvy and usually quick with a plan. Deacon does live by the saying 'Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.' He might let people close initially, but he does not tend to forgive and when he thinks people have betrayed him will lash out with cruel words first then quite possibly with fists. He can be quick to anger, but cools off pretty fast. Likely one of Deacon's biggest faults is his blindness where people he cares about are concerned. He can pretty easily be led around if he's loyal to someone.

Relationships: Not really, his parents finally gave up on him a few years ago. He's also not big on having 'relationships' so there's been no girlfriend/boyfriend in the picture for a long time.

Bio: Deacon was always someone who ignored all the rules and relished in the adrenaline he'd get from breaking them. The more enforced the rule or law the more he wanted to see how hard he could push until he broke it and got a reaction from someone. In middle school he'd gotten high for the first time with a high-schooler, ditched class, and was to young to hide the evidence. This started a downward spiral, not with just drugs, but missing school, defacing public property with graffiti/etc., and just all around being a hooligan. He'd been in juvie, put in youth programs, counseling, but no matter what his parents did Deacon always somehow grew more delinquent with time. 
His run finally ended with a petty robbery of a convenience store gone bad. Him and two friends, Marc and Jared, had black masks and fake 'guns' when they entered the store late at night, but what they didn't know what that the clerk had a hidden actual gun behind the counter. When Deacon got to close and brandished his 'weapon' the clerk opened fire, thinking it was either him or Deacon. Deacon initially escaped the hail of bullets, but Marc pulled out a hidden gun of his own and returned fire. Appalled, Deacon tried shouting at him to stop and run because the police would be coming after the noise. A resulting fight broke out between Deacon and Marc over killing the clerk, who'd been injured. Police siren's only escalated the fear and to Deacon's complete surprise Marc shot him before bolting with Jared. Fifteen minutes later Deacon coded in the ambulance.

Others: Paradise.


4:00pm Jan 16 2018

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~ Accepted ~


6:00am Jan 18 2018

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Signup Form

Name: Asher Kyle Austin

Nickname(Optional): He hates being called Ash, so none.

Gender: Male

Age(No less than 14): 19

Appearance(Picture Allowed): 
Asher has medium length hair that is either messy or gelled up in a quiff. His eyes are a light blue, but seem grey from a distance. 

Personality: Asher is an easy to get along with guy. He listens more than he talks, but that could also just be that he is very shy. He's not a huge fan of meeting new people and prefers one or two close friends than a large group, but he comes out of his shell once he gets to know you well and likes you. He likes to joke around a lot, but he can be positive and serious when it is needed. He adapts himself to surroundings, people and situations quite easily and is always willing to help.

Relationships: He had a good relationship with his mother and his older brother, Hale, but disliked his step-father.

Bio: Asher's father walked out on his brother, Hale, and his mom when he was 16. This resulted in him behaving recklessly and getting into the wrong crowd. His mother married another man when he was 18. He dislikes this man very much and moved out the house with his brother. He then cleaned up his act and his marks improved. His step-father wanted them to move back in when their mother fell ill, Asher refused and there was a big argument. Asher left out of anger and wasn't watching the road and went down the side of the mountain.

Others(Pets, Items, etc,): Paradise.


11:35am Jan 18 2018

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~ Accepted ~


6:13pm Feb 2 2018

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:NAME:Dark arrow     has powers dont ask

2:40pm Feb 3 2018

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Not Accepted (Gabberdoodle) 

Follow The Guidelines


2:51pm Feb 3 2018

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I will start this roleplay in 3 days if you are interested, get your forms in NOW!!


10:21am Feb 4 2018

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Name: Cheong Tae min

Nickname: Tae

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance:  java:nicTemp();

Personality: Despite his tough and unsociable appearance, this guy is actually just a huge teddy bear. He is fiercely overprotective of those close to him and enjoys being around people yet sometimes prefers just to be left alone- during his life he has only had 3 friends at the maximum as people tended to stay far away from him due to his fierce demeanor. With a strong interest in mechanics, he knows his way around machines and has a knack for inventing gadgets and gear from what he has around him. Quiet and reserved, it takes alot to gain his trust but once you do, he will do whatever he can to protect and will always be nearby for a shoulder to lean on.

Relationships: He has a strong bond with his four year old sister (Cheong Yunseo)- just not with his parents.

Bio: Throughout his life, Tae was verbally and physically abused by his mother. He would always try to live up to her high standards but would end up failing miserably- whether it would be trying to keep up with school grades or cleaning the house, she was never happy and resorted to calling him derogatory terms daily. His father was barely around but would often either sit back and watch or join in with his torture when he was in the house. The only solace he found was in a stray rabbit he took into the small home and cared for. When he was 14 his father died from an overdose two months after his sister was born. 
It was at this period that his mother took a turn for the worst and begun tormenting his baby sister, slapping the child and subjecting her to worse torment she ever gave Tae. She even went so far as to break the neck of Tae's rabbit in a fit of insanity. After enduring this for 4 long years, Tae finally snapped when his mother attempted to murder Yunseo by grabbing a telephone cord and strangling her during the night. In rage, he grabbed a kitchen knife and engaged his mother in combat, managing to stab her in her stomach before his mother managed to grab a broken bottle and stab him in the chest. The last thing he remembered was the sound of police sirens.

Others(Pets, Items, etc,): Paradise. He has pet brown rabbit that follows him everywhere called 'pine'.

11:30am Feb 4 2018

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Just out of curiosity, but if you don't get 7 rp'ers are we going to be allowed to make another character to reach 7?


8:53pm Feb 7 2018

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Hi guys sorry I haven't been on lately it's because of an unexpected delay.

Yes, you are allowed to make more than one. I'll probably say that 3 is the limit but I'll allow you to be as creative as you want.

SleepOnSheep, your sign up form is accepted. I will wait long enough for everyone to get any extra characters in and we will (FINALLY) start!

It's real this time!!

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