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4:34pm Dec 7 2013 (last edited on 3:26am Jan 3 2014)

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First of all, i'll make the font bigger because too many tiny words gives me a migraine.


Second of all, this is not a childish zombie fantasy.
And third, this is about zombies, I guess, but also about the human mind and how it reacts to this as well as feelings and emotions.I'm probably losing you here so lets continue.

Normal is over. A disease has spread through mankind, a disease that turns its victims undead. Thefts and murders are as common as bugs and there is no guaranteed safety.

A group has decided to go look for cures for the disease to stop the spread. Once you have been infected with the disease, though, there is only a week until you are properly undead and the bloodthirstiness for fresh human flesh sets in.

So its risky. But it has to be done.

If you want to join, please fill this in.
About your character:
Preferred weapon:

Now for my character.

Name: Astrid Melody
Age: 24
Looks: Dark hair, large brown doe eyes.
About your character: Emotionally scarred, but loves helping people recover from the undead; she is a very giving person. Although she is short and has a poor diet, she is still quite strong.Oh, she's seen some terrible things and been through tough times. 
Preferred weapon: Spear, so she doesnt have to get too close to the Undeads.


4:36pm Dec 7 2013

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So RP away guys1!

4:43pm Dec 7 2013

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Name:Isabel Maxim
Looks:She has dyed blue hair and lie eyes that brighten up everyone's day. She is very weak without a weapon. She is a vegetarian so she is very slender she has no blemishes on her skin except for a tiny burn mark on her wrist.
About your character:She has lived under her uncles custody. She hates her uncle. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was seven. She has been depressed ever since and needs excitement I'm her life... Like killing zombies
Preferred weapon:Cross bow


3:26pm Dec 12 2013

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Name: Monica Assink, but only introduces her self as Monty
Age: 23
Gender: female 
Looks: Monty is short for her age, barely 5ft 3, and slender, often described as having a "Boyish figure" The outbreak has taken its toil, her skin is rough, covered in cuts and bruises. Her hair mousy brown and pixie cut short with a look about it suggesting she hacked it of her self. Big dark brown eyes.
About your character: Helpful and always trying to keep busy, she is very polite and friendly though makes a point of not getting to close or attached to anyone. Cool, calculated, cunning, careful and strategic she is not the fun loving happy-go-lucky girl she was before.
However in a split second she can turn, becoming un-hinged and erratic, seemingly having no regard so herself or others. These "events" are happening more and more often 
Preferred weapon: long handled hammer thing

(sorry, did it really quickly, but yeah that's just the jist of Monty :P will go back and write it up nicer one day /never really Role played, like I said in the Rmail xD)


12:41pm Dec 22 2013

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 Lets take it in this order:



1:09pm Dec 22 2013 (last edited on 2:57pm Dec 22 2013)

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I lie, absent-mindedly tracing the pattern of the half-clean duvet. Swirls...pure and perfect and unbroken...the exact opposite of me...

Sighing, I swing my legs out of the bed, tightly  bracing my head between my hands. It's another one of those days. When I get up in the morning and ask myself what on earth's the point in going on.Why I shouldn't just give up and fall into the serene arms of Death. 
I know the answer.
I cant leave my friends to suffer, nor the poor children. And especially not my parents, who fell sick 3 days ago. It's tearing my heart out to see them inches away from becoming  a murdering, sinister zombie, frothing at the mouth, moaning in intense agony.

These infections are ripping through us like wildfire, showing no mercy and no sign of ceasing. Thefts and murders are as common as flies; order and  control is scarce. Kids lurch around on the streets alone , drinking and breaking out nasty fights. Only a few resistance groups have been formed; groups that seek cures for the ill, willing to  give up their lives for others.Because those who do not get cured within the week become zombies, and roam busy towns, feasting on vunerable human flesh and spreading infection. Which means more zombies, more deaths. On and on, a cruel, endless game. Sending the fragile world we have maintained spinning into a dark void of complete chaos. 

It's...it just hurts. Hurts a lot. A horrible burning kind of pain that makes you want to kick and scream and cry and rage.But what does that do? Doesn't stop you from turning into food, does it? Doesn't put clean water or essential vitamins into your stomach. But you still have to let it out, sometimes. 

So thats what I'm doing now.

Putting my head in my hands and sobbing . Crying out for my mother, until I remember she is sick, remembering that I am without a soul. And then I just wail harder, sinking into utter despair, wondering how on earth I will manage to pick myself up, and...

I dont know.

I dont know a lot these days.

4:57am Dec 23 2013

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If you want another person, I'd love to join. c:

Beautiful art by Kaemaez! <3

4:59am Dec 23 2013

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Sorry tara we've already started 

3:31pm Dec 28 2013

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Where r u guys? >_<

3:03am Dec 30 2013

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hello? o____O

3:02am Jan 1 2014

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Zen,if you come here, just start without Aslin ._.

4:07pm Jan 2 2014

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/guess I'll go xD sorry if it sucks/

The fires were burning on the horizon again,
throwing plumes of smoke across the distant, hazy sky.
The wind carried the smell of burnt meat towards me as I walked, dragging Old Faithful(my home made, long handled hammer) behind me. 

Ha home... now thats funny.

It clunked off rubble and odd items as I made my way down the street, abandoned houses rose up on either side of me.

The sun was getting lower, the sky was clear except for the smoke
It was going to be a clear night.

I thought to my self "I might watch the fires tonight..."

Bringing my free arm to my fast I wiped my nose on the dirt sleeve of my top, I sniffed again as I stopped outside a house.

It was identical to the rest on the street, two stories, semi detached, front and rear garden, perfect for families and young couples

I chocked back a laugh 

I was never interested in real-estate before.

I lent on the handle of my hammer and watched the windows closely for a few minuets.
I lent down and picked a good size hunk of metal near my feet
I sniffed again and strode a few steps closer, measuring the distance between me and the door. The knocker gleamed in the low light.
I sniffed again and threw the chunk, it bounced of the door with a dull thud.

I waited and watched.

/really sucks :I/



5:30am Jan 11 2014

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Hey Zen that's actually great. Sorry for the late reply btw

He ushers me away, pushing me towards the sound of
joyous music and laughter. My face contorts horribly as I try to smile. I've
lost the ability to express happiness. What's to be happy about, though?

Nothing. That's the answer. Nothing, nothing, nothing. We’re all dancing
to a tune of nothing. Wasting our time pursuing cheerfulness, which we
will never be able to attain again. Never, ever, ever. Rich says I dwell on
things too long. Never move on. But there's no point in trying if you're only
going to be pushed back down, deeper than ever.

So I must allow myself to be enveloped in the sadness and fear, greet
them like old friends . To prepare myself for the worst, to
toughen myself up, to remind myself that
things aren't going to get better. So that...so that when the worst
comes, I'm prepared.

Focus on the negative, Astrid. Focus on the negative.





It began about a year ago. I don’t remember it well; it’s a distant
memory enveloped in thick fog. There had been quite a few rumours cutting
through the country, but most dismissed them without interest. Some drove
themselves demented; covering up their homes and providing a hideout if the WD
should come; installing alarms and not letting their children go anywhere
without a responsible adult supervising them.

And then group of WD dragged themselves into Southampton and feasted
upon a thousand unfortunate people; women, children, and men alike. I can
recall the grotesque images projected on the television; children’s legs lying
mangled beside smashed-in houses; a motionless head, eyes still eerily open,
staring straight into death with dry blood caked on the wall it was seated upon;
wounded survivors moaning, clutching lost limbs as they were sped away on
stretchers supplied by ambulances; grieving families weeping while they stood
by the remnants of their deceased loved ones.


The WD aren’t exactly zombies, but quite similar. They aren’t people who
have been dead for many years and then suddenly rise from their graves. They
get infected because they have either been bitten, and disease injected into
their bloodstream; or they eat something with some WD stuff in them; or they
are coughed on by a WD or someone who is suffering from WDI (walking dead
infection). No-one quite knows what happened to the first WDs to make them come
about, though.

If they have been found, they are put into quarantine to await a cure. If
they aren’t found, they lay alone in misery until the transformation is
complete, and then search for blood; their whole un-dead life consumed by the
lust for it. During the week period, the infected fall very sick. Symptoms
include general illness, frothing at the mouth, intense coughing and hacking,
and then thirsting for the red bodily fluid that flows in us.

It’s horrible.

It’s what my parents are going through.

Dad? Are you managing to survive, cooped up in your solitary little cell?
Or are you already dreaming of blood?

Mum? How’re you feeling? Wanting to see Rich? You and he always had a
special connection. You always wanted a little boy.

Mum? Dad? Can you hear me? Can you hear me weeping and begging for your
well-being and comfort?

i think it's time to pick up the action XD 

ps i have no idea how to get rid of these huge spaces


11:47am Jan 24 2014

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Zen? :3
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