Seeking Advanced/Literate RPers for 1x1's

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4:24pm Mar 26 2014 (last edited on 4:35pm Mar 26 2014)

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As the title states, I am looking for Advanced/Literate Roleplayers to do some 1x1 RP's.
When I say Advanced/Literate I mean something like the following:

> Supernatural (witches, vampires, werewolves) although the plots usually have to be stellar or the characters must be compelling
> Dragon riders (medieval setting or interesting modern idea)
> Dystopian settings
> Pokemon
> Circus RP's

> Any sort of animal RP. Stay away, stay away.
> "High School Romance RP!!!" Please god no. Unless you want to write a heart-wrenching John Green-esque story with me, don't even talk.
> Anthros

I'm open to any ideas. I do have a few characters that I'm in the mood to use, though.

> Violetta Burns, a hacker living in a dystopian futuristic world. She has a deadly secret that is slowly eating its way through her mind.
> Mordecai Pendragon, a warlock with enough power to topple an empire. The holes in his reality cripple him.
> Styxe, a homeless gang member with a right old garbled up cockney accent. Where he may not be the strongest guy around, his mouth certainly likes to pick his fights for him.
> Attor, a super hot snarky badass male with a killer smile. Oh and he's also a human/snake recombinant. 

Please Rmail if interested. :> 

hello my name is elder price
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