Pokemon Roleplay. Open to ANYONE!

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6:50am Nov 18 2016

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(Flame needs to choose between mudkip,treeco,and trouchchic.)


8:49am Nov 18 2016

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Torchic(Love DAT BLAZIKIN) ;)

-Darkerside101, an Otachie lover

3:50pm Nov 18 2016

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I knew you were going to pick it.

6:09pm Feb 2 2018 (last edited on 6:10pm Feb 2 2018)

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Hello peeps

2:50pm Apr 11 2018 (last edited on 2:51pm Apr 11 2018)

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Name: Beca
Character: Empathetic, Persistent, Loyal, Intelligent, Impulsive
Look: Human with wavy medium brown hair and light blue eyes. Wears black tank top with a purple, gray, and black plaid shirt unbuttoned over the top. Ripped black jeans and low heeled combat boots. Lots of bracelets on arms. 
Skills: Hand-to-hand combat
Dislikes: Conflict
Likes: Music and friends
Starter: Torchic

Please Accept!!

9:10pm Jan 29 2020

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Name: Renna
Character: stand-offish, bookish, clever
Looks: tan skin, longish brown hair with a blue streak, black eyes, short
Skills: reading, writing, understanding Pokemon
Dislikes: sexist people, racist people, pink, unicorns, pizza
Likes: books, dragons, magic

What are the starter Pokémon?

I am the queen of Zennies! Bow down to me or I will sic my army of natties on you!

11:09pm Jun 23 2020

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(Is this still open?)

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