Laboritory Escape (A Creatu Roleplay!)

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3:44pm Nov 19 2019 (last edited on 5:27pm Nov 19 2019)

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Lights flash. The faces of many creatu are illuminated. Emotions flicker like dancing flames on each face. Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Grief, Determination. They are trapped here, like you. These aren't faceless, nameless, and emotionless prey or predators, these are fellow Creatu that share emotions and fates. The scientists are cruel with bad intentions in their head. They aren't studying Creatu. They are testing Creatu, like they are emotionless toys to play with. Static sounds across the room. We're doomed. All of us. You think.

Form to join (Please send me you form through Rmail, so the forms don't crowd the thread. The only posting on this thread is roleplaying. Any questions? Rmail me.)
Name in Roleplay:
Human Creatu Scientist (Underline or bold your answer)
Please describe or show an image of yourself (In roleplay, for example if I was a Scientist, I would post a picture of a Scientist.):
Gender: Female Male Genderless

Scientists are evil, you can be a good scientist, but make sure you mention it. Humans are mostly good. Creatu are... uh just Creatu.
My form:
Human Creatu Scientist
Baby Calico Cyancu. I grow in the roleplay

Yes, I am Roleplaying :)

Ok all, this is open so start Rmailing and joining!

Players: Dragonairplayz (Hypnotize -- Female-- Cyancu)


3:53pm Nov 19 2019

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Hypnotize peeks out of her cage. Since she was only a baby Cyancu, she hasn't caught the Creatu language yet. Shhhk Shhhck Chhk Chhhhshk. One of her "Gems" smack the metal bars, causing sparks. Shhhk Shhchk Shhhccck Shnhhhhhrrrk Szzzk. She has a lot to say.

5:27pm Nov 19 2019

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Hypnotize quickly grows, but still doesn't quite get the language. Chhckk Shck Kchhhhhhck Rhhhhhck Shhhhhhhhhck?
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