Fly On Patched Wings {{Mutant Escape RP}} Away From This Place

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Ace paused near the top of the tree. "Do you hear that? It sounds like a chopper," he hissed under his breath to Tawny. "We need to get out of here."

"That's what I told you already," Tawny sighed. Suddenly her ears twitched and she maneuvred around the trunk to see in the direction they came from more clearly. "Hey! I think that's one of the mutants that was locked up with us!"

"Be quiet!" Ace growled, glancing up at the sky. "Don't draw their attention!"

"Choppers don't have ears, stupid." Tawny stuck out her tongue at him, then turned back to the figure lumbering towards them on two feet. "Hey! Hey, over here!"


Bo quickly gave up flying. His wingspan was so great that the trees and branches constantly beat at them.

One particularly nasty collision caused Bo to tumble to the ground, his wing twisting beneath him in an awkward manner. *SNAP!* The winged naga cried out in pain as some of the bones in his wing were crushed by his weight.

Biting his lip so he wouldn't cry out, Bo painfully folded his wings against his back. "Note to self: don't fly in the forest," he mumbled through more tears. Wiping them away, he slithered off into the underbrush as quickly as possible, leaving several black feathers behind him.


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J didn't even look back as he bolted out the broken glass.  Those other mutants would never live!  He'd rise above them and rule this land!  J climbed a tall evergreen to see where exactly where he was.

Chirp's wings grew heavy as she tried to fly.  The poor mutant had never even flown before now.  She only could take off a few feet until plummeting again to the ground.  Chirp looked up to see a nest of hatchlings getting ready for first flight.  Confused, she saw them just glide.  Why weren't they taking off.  Then she a young one reach a certain branch, it squawked before its parents swooped down and brought it back to the nest.  Once the oldest reached the branch, it didn't make a peep, but simply started flapping.  After a lot of effort, the eldest reached one branch above.  "Huh."  Chirp watched thoughtfully until she could hear the scientists chasing after.

"Impossible."   J gasped as he looked at his surroundings.  The sky was a strange blue... he thought it'd be white or yellow light the walls of the lab.  True, the mutant had never seen anything but animals, humans, plants, food, cages, and fesses, but he'd never imagined the location of the lab to be this massive!  The entire lab was massive!  Probably twenty separate buildings, but it only took up a tenth of the giant valley forest the mutants were in.  Including that, the valley was surrounded by giant mountains!!  There was no way the mutants could escape easily unless they were partially a creature that originates from rough terrain... or could fly.  Then he thought again.  Most bird mutants he saw in the lab had never flown, or had very little experience.  Then again there were the plant mutants.  What could they do?


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Name: Epin

Nickname: none

Age:  5-ish

Gender:  Boy-thing

Personality: Shy, gentle, warm hearted

Appearance: has tan skin, is small and thin, he has brown curly hair with a bit of a green hue, eyes are like amber

Mutations: 98 human, 2 maple tree

Sexuality:  What's that?  (otherwise, straight)

Other:  Loves helping a bit too much, he plans his death as something dramatic and friendly...


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Epin stood still as he watched the scientists run by him.  The poor little sapling was a weird little mutant.  He aged like a tree and grew like one too.  He was only about a foot tall and was 5 in tree years, only about one year in human.  He heard a big metal animal fly overhead after the humans ran by.  Poor little Epin was frightened.  Then he heard the stifled cries of a hurt mutant.  He followed seven black feathers to a bush.

"Bush, can I please see who's hiding?"  Epin asked kindly.  There in front of him was a massive bird mutant, "Hello."  Epin was afraid of the large mutant, but once he saw the broken wing, he asked, "Are you okay?  Do you need help?"

Chirp had asked the trees for help once more to get high into a tree so she could glide and learn to fly.  As she tried her first glide, she almost came short of the branch.

"Careful there young'un."  Chirp looked up to see a strange little hummingbird.  It was a ruby throated, but had the face of a man with a long black beak.  "I may be small an' old, but I can help ya fly!"

New (and last) character:

Name: He's so old he doesn't remember

Nickname:  Call me gramps

Age:  Uh...

Gender:  Male

Personality:  kind, loving, willing to give to the less fortunate, pretty much the nicest person/mutant you will EVER meet

Appearance:  ruby throated hummingbird with old man's face, the "ruby throat" is actually his beard, and he stands about two and a half feet tall

Mutations:  90 human 10 ruby throated hummingbird

Sexuality:  Dag nab it, I'm not interested in any sort of that stuff

Other:  As story progresses, he sees Chirp as a granddaughter


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((Viv, who is Epin talking to? If it's Bo, please don't put words and actions in my characters' mouths.))


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I'm sorry.  I fixed it.


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Bo drew up short, looking down at the tiny little thing before him. He coiled up and "sat" the end of his human half on his snake half. He sniffled and wiped his face, inadvertently smearing dirt across his cheeks.

"Yes, please," he said, his girlish voice barely audible. He held out his broken wing to the plant mutant as best he could, whimpering at the pain the movement brought him.


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Epin carefully reached his hand out to the large wing.  He carefully felt over the wing for the areas of broken bones.  "Wow... your bone is... um... well, it's broken.  I'm sorry if I can't explain things... I'm more as a plant than animal... and I'm only one human year old."  Epin thought of ways to ease the pain for the mutant.  "I'll be back.  Bush, hide him so the humans don't hurt him!"  With that, Epin ran off to find a certain root that some scientists have talked about that can ease the nerve system to relieve pain.

"All righ' now darlin'.  Jus' spred yur wings an' don' furget that ya gotta look befur ya leap!"  Grampa flew down to the branch he told Chirp to glide to, "An' jus' glide!"  Chirp took a deep breath through her beak and glided for the branch.  "Nice job little'un, good job.  That was very graceful indeed."  The small hummingbird man sat down next to Chirp.  "Now rest."

"But the scientists!"  Grandpa shushed Chirp,

"We're safe in da trees."  His heavy accent lulled her off, only for her to wake up from a horrid nightmare.


"I was flying.  I was free.  I was with my brethren and you Grampa.

We were all so happy, flying.  Then, the scientists came!  They shot down my friends and family, then you died!  You died!  And they, they chased me!"

Chirp cried into Grampa's wings as the sun came up over the moutains.  "Just keep trying yung'un, we'll be out of here soon."

J had slept in that tree, free of thought as he had watched the night sky.  The stars slowly moved as his great hearing picked up a small mutant flying down below.  By the beat of the wings, it sounded like an owl.  "I am a bit hungry."  He thought aloud, "naw, I don't feel like chasing birds."  Suddenly, he heard two other cat mutants bellow.  "Maybe I can team up with them to go hunting..."

J crawled down from the tree to the two new cat-like mutants.  "Hi, I'm J."


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Sebastian searched below for a suitable spot to bury the unknown bat girl so the scientists didn't recover her body. Finding a place in a secluded area, the owl/cat landed (far less gracefully than he should have) and set the body down on the ground as he crouched to begin digging a grave with his large retractable claws. It didn't take him nearly as long as he'd thought to make a deep enough hole. Once he was finished clearing out dirt and rocks, he dusted his hands off, sheathed his claws, and turned to pick up the dead body. Carefully, he placed the bat girl in her grave and spoke solemnly. "Though I did not know you, I am grateful for what you've done. Your attempts to free your friend may have been in vain, but because you returned for him, I still live. Thank you." With that, Seth plucked an outer feather from his left wing and laid it on the girl's chest, proceeding to refill the hole with earth. 


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Chirp was flying!!!  She was actually flying!  "Nice job yungun'!"  Grampa yelled over the roaring wind.  They were close to the clouds and could see over the mountains.  Even past the mountains was an even bigger forest.  They slowly reached the peaks.

"Thank you so much Grampa!  I would've died without you."  Suddenly Grandpa shrieked,

"Look out!'  Chirp was pushed out of the air and was suddenly broken, on the ground.  Eventhough her wings and leg throbbed, all she could see was Grandpa hitting an invisible electric fence.

I'm not sure if you guys are okay with this.  I can change it if you don't like it!  ^w^


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OOC//: I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get on. My internet isn't working, and I can only get on at work, which I've been laid off of. Soon as I can, I'll post. ))

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