Escape from the Black Market (Creatu RP)

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5:49am May 5 2016

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"I dunno..." she rubs her snout with her paws.
"Smells horrible, that's for sure."

I really live up to my username\r\n

3:28pm Dec 23 2016

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(is this still open)
GG the male sepia Kayoki watched the two creatu chat from outside a window. He studied every move they made. Every breath they took was etched into his memory. Then, with his aqua blue eyes shimmering in the sunlight, he skittered over to the door. He watched as passerby strode through, and then with massive expertise, slid through without being caught. He snuck over to the meiko and ebilia's enclosure and nibbled through the net covering the top while the visitors were distracted. Then he landed softly into a fruit bush, and stamped his feet at the creatu as the viewers walked to the next exhibit.

5:12pm Jun 21 2017

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Runningpaw growled loudly as a man in a fancy suit walked by, her and one of the young ones she took care of for her master had been caught in the woods and through in cages. Runningpaw had tries with all of her might to fight and she had beat down most of the attackers creatu when Berrok showed up with its master and held her down. Running layed back her ears in anger and averted her eyes when the man turned and looked at her. She carefully pushed the sleeping Standingsnow behind her. Runningpaw knew all to well what was going on and that why she was going about this cautiously. The Roditore sighed deeply as she placed a paw on the back of her neck and closed her eyes for a moment.

Standingsnow fidgeted in her sleep, the bottom of the cage was cold unlike her bed she had at home. She turned her head a little as Runningpaw pushed her behind her and pulled her tail up to her nose and stared at her tail fins. She opened and closed the fins for a while before looking away from the fins and into the empty cage next to them. She couldn't help but think that this was all her fault, because she was a different color, people wanted her. She snorted quietly and gave her head a shake before peeking around RunningPaw to see a few things; most of the cages lining the walls were empty, there was a desk with a woman behind it in the far right corner, a hall way next to her and another hall on the other side of the room. What caught her eye the most was a man in a fancy suit with a Leverene in a collar walking around the very large room slowly. She shrank back behind Runningpaw once he looked their way.
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