A Dangerous and Dying World: Post Apocalypse Rp

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           There has been considerable amount of damage done to the planet. Now, there is no coming back from what the humans have caused their home to become. The world is now cold and barren as it continues it's slow death. Trees that were once bright and full now naked and fragile, their leaves grey as they pile upon the empty forest floors. Each one falls with a lifeless thud with every quake that hits the Earth. Wild fires turn the rest to ashes that rain down like snow. Animals have long since vanished; birds no longer fly and wolves can no longer be heard crying for their dying planet. The sky is bleak and grey, even in the absence of clouds. It were as if all of the colors were slowly disappearing each day that passed.

           Humans might be the only living thing on the planet now, having to scramble to survive in their own destruction. Some manage to find small amounts of food and clean water, just enough for them to keep living. Others have turned against their own kind, eating anyone they happen to find. Many humans have died from these desperate beings, though others have begun to fall ill to an unknown sickness; a sickness like that of a horrible flu or pneumonia. This disease born from the apocalypse can be easily transmitted from one person to the next and can be cured with the right care, though it is unlikely the diseased will survive. The living must struggle to survive, having to do their best to avoid the dangers of the world they now live in.


1. Have as many characters as you can handle.
2. Please be polite and use proper grammar the best to your ability.
3. No GM or PP please.
4. No one liners. This is a literate Rp, please have at least 5-8 good-sized sentences with every post.
5. Try your best not to spam the thread with OOC conversations, it takes up space and is unnecessary.
6. Anyone may join as long as they have read and understand the rules of the Rp. You do not have to ask.
7. Please use a story format for Rping. (No *, -, etc)
8. If you decide to join please make sure that you will be active in this Rp. Do not just join and never post.
9. If you have read the rules please include "Earthquake" In your bio post.
10. Have fun.









My Characters

Name: Romulus

Age: 24

Gender: Male

           Romulus can be described as self centered and selfish. His main concern is solely himself and his own well being. He is very lazy and hates having to do anything unless he receives something he wants in return. His attitude towards others usually comes off as rude or harsh, though he always is sure to speak his mind. Romulus dislikes being told what to do and will usually ignore people if he doesn't feel like responding to them. He isn't one to be very social and will most likely go off on his own to have some alone time before growing bored and deciding to return to where something interesting is going on.

           Before the apocalypse, he had always been on his own, having only a handful of what he considered friends and no contact with any of his family members. When the apocalypse began, Romulus had been in his apartment asleep. He had awoken to the screaming and shaking of an earthquake and it wasn't long after that he had gathered his things and left his home, hoping to find somewhere he might be sheltered from the world's end. To Romulus, it was only a waste of energy and time to worry about anyone else other than himself so he left his home town alone.

Other: None.

His hair is a darker shade of brown and his eyes are a calm green.


Name: Jeremiah

Age: 28

Gender: Male

           He is naturally very quiet and reserved. He isn't one to hang around others and usually avoids any sort of drama or chaos if he can help it. For the most part, he is very good when it comes to solving difficult problems and doesn't get agitated easily. Most of the time, Jeremiah is calm and collected though it isn't hard to tell once he's pissed off.

           Jeremiah had been hard at work once the apocalypse began. A wild fire had sprung up near his auto-shop and it didn't take long for the remaining area to be engulfed in the flames. He had tried his best to help anyone he could escape the shop, though many didn't survive for much longer after that. It didn't take long for him to realize what was happening and he soon gathered his belongings and began to make his way towards the coast, in hopes of some way to escape the chaos around him.

Other: He has several scars over his face and body.

Jeremiah has dirty-blond hair and his eyes are an icy blue.


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{ Earthquake ! }


Name: अदि शुक्ला ( Adi Shukla )

Age: Adolescent, 17
Personality: Depending on the person, Adi can be either shy and quiet, or outgoing and rambunctious. He can come off as ditzy from time to time. Either way, he has a kind heart for almost anyone he meets. He enjoys helping people in anyway he can, however he can get burnt out on always being the one who says 'yes' to everything. On top of that, he loves meeting new people and making friends. 

History: Adi was a common chatter-box in high school, he had many friends and acquaintances. His family was fairly normal, hardly had any problems and everyone lived their daily lives accordingly. Though, family ties were close and everyone got along despite their busy schedules. After losing his father during "the end of times," his family fell into a solemn depression. It wasn't much longer before they were split up during a massive forest fire. Whenever he isn't hiding, he spends his time searching for sane people, food, and his lost relatives.

Other: His lost relatives are his sister and mother.



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First Character
Name: Dusikina Hiranu-Sja Gaatherion [Deuce-uh-kee-nuh High-raa-new Ja Guh-theer-ee-ohn] (just goes by Dusk)

Age: 25



A light sepia complexion; waist-length auburn (a little heavy on the red though) hair, generally worn in a twisted updo or
knotted ponytail. Her cheekbones are high and her nose long, but thin.
Slightly widely-spaced eyes are a striking light brown with golden
tinges. The mouth is on the smaller side, but

Her body is tall and lithe, well-muscled, with broad shoulders,
small-ish chest, thin waist and slightly larger hips. She has long arms
and legs, with strong, dexterous fingers, and well-calloused feet so
that she has no problem walking barefoot in almost any place - she does not generally do this now though, of course.

Quiet, somewhat mysterious, good at hiding her feelings if need be.
She's generally pretty mellow though, not quick to anger, judge, hate,
trust or love, and takes what life throws at her with composure; tends
to do very well under pressure.
Dependable and loyal to those she grows close
 to; she can also be arrogant, but not snobby or superior about it. Can be very selfish and deliberately tacless. Persistent, decisive, a bit unforgiving.
Hates the idea of restrictions, oppression or submitting; fears being
rejected or abandoned by those she wishes to be or is close to. Only
really wants acceptance and to have a fulfilling life, one she can look
back on and be content with, if not proud of.

(For an at-a-glance, probably slightly better summary of her personality, she has the approximate personality type of I/ESTP-A - the first desc. was made before I knew her practically at all, really)

Fairly normal childhood, and though her parents were split up even before she was born, it was not an unfriendly divorce. She lived with her father and occasionally saw her mother, and has no siblings that she knows of. They grew yup in a suburban area close to rural areas with woods, parks, trails and the like, and she had a thorough teaching in the ways of nature and survival.
She moved out before she turned 17, and has always been very independent, self-sufficient and free-spirited. Housing was generally camping in the woods, and jobs until she was 18 or 19 were under the table construction, pet-sitting and arts and crafts that she would sell wherever she went. Once she got some money and a bank account and the like, she was able to rent an apartment to make her life a little easier. She still often camps out in nature, though.
This has obviously helped her tremendously in the current post-civilization situation, though certainly a dying planet is going to be a bit different - and more difficult - from a healthier one. As for family and friends, she moved pretty far away from a lot of them, so she hasn't been able to find out if they're still alive or not. She feels like her father would be pretty likely to have, however. The few friends she had near to her didn't make it, which she confirmed shortly after everything started.


Text colour: Dark Red

Second Character

Name: Serina Silver Williams

Age: 19



Fair skin that is lightly freckled with an olive-ish undertone to it. Black hair that is cut right around her shoulders and has no part - generally kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are almost golden in colour, with flecks of blue and green throughout and framed by long, dark lashes; this is actually one of the things she misses most about being able to see, specifically of herself. Her nose is fairly average looking, with a slight upturn of the wide-ish tip, and her mouth is also rather average, with a fuller bottom lip.
Although her parents sheltered her so much, they still made sure she knew how to defend herself and exercised hard and well. This resulted in her being very muscled despite her petite and average height frame. She can still be clumsy though, mainly due to her recent sight loss.
There is a thin pink line of a scar that stretches from mid-forehead, over the bridge of her nose, under her right eye and ends close to the corner of her mouth. A small, round white scar about the size of a penny sits almost smack dab in the middle of her left cheek, a pink, slightly knotted one on the same side draws a thick line from under the corner of her mouth, slanting over her jaw to parallel right next to the outside edge of her left carotid artery, thinning out and becoming smaller as it ends nearly at her collarbone. There are many small, barely noticeable scars all over her arms, hands and legs as well, and a couple bigger ones hidden under her hair.

Personality: Naive, open, extremely trusting; quite shy but at the same time is very eager to be around people. Almost entirely tactless. Very dependent generally, can get clingy and easily attached to people. She can also be rather spoiled at times, but she's learning to get a lot better with that considering the world is how it is now. Almost hopelessly optimistic, though it's not in her nature to be particularly cheerful or chipper.
Despite all that, however, she has a strength of spirit that is not common among people. She is endlessly determined and persistent, to the point of (usually endearing) annoyance if it involves the attention-getting of other people. She is also very intelligent, though her being spoiled and sheltered does not display that very well at all.

She was born to a very wealthy family as the youngest of five children, and despite their mostly good experiences with letting the others be who they wanted to be and how they wanted to be, they sheltered and spoiled her extremely. She was homeschooled, but very well, and her parents closely (but not strictly usually) monitored friend-making; she had an early curfew even into her teenage years (and beyond) and she was given anything and everything she wanted aside from no curfew, more adventurous excursions, more serious boyfriends or too much junk food.
When they finally let her go out to an unsupervised (by them) house event at the age of 17, it ended up being a disaster. There was a makeshift bomb and some other things involved apparently, though she remembers absolutely nothing after leaving the house and until she woke up in the hospital a long time later, scarred and blind. The doctors were able to minimize scarring, save her eye's appearance and some small amount of sight.
Lucky for her, she always had amazing senses, so she recovered well and rather quickly, her other senses taking over efficiently for the vastly diminished vision. Her parents refused to accept that she could fend for herself, however, and shortly after, they took her to a special dog rescue where she could hopefully pick (or be picked) by a dog that would be her companion, friend and guide.

This was also partially in regards to the PTSD she may or may not have suffered from the incident, though they never talked to her about it except to mention that one thing. Turns out her siblings were all basically fine, as they'd been in an entirely different part of the house and had escaped mainly intact (there was a broken leg and some minors burns and cuts) - she'd had to learn this from them, though they seemed scared to associate with her much after the accident.
Turns out th
ere was a young dog that was perfect for her, and it didn't take long for her parents to buy him and take him home with her. Now she was allowed to go out barely at all, though, and her parents became quite strict about almost everything. She could rarely even have friends over (of the few that were true and still wished to be her friend even after she became "disabled"), and when she did they were almost constantly supervised. This caused her to become rather despondent and a little disenchanted with life. Her dog helped massively, but maybe only to keep her from wanting to kill herself.
In a way, the apocalypse was a blessing, because she was freed. She believes her entire family is either dead or were forced away from her somehow, though. She searches for them as best as she can as she goes along, but she's mostly made her peace with their deaths, if that turns out to be the case.
Her dog is likely the only reason she's still alive - he basically finds her food and water and keeps her from danger.

His name is Strider; he's 3 years old. Mostly a mix of wolf and border collie they think, that's kind of what he looks like. He's pretty much the size of a wolf with a slightly leaner, lankier body and more the colours of a domestic dog. A dark brown, almost liver colour, with an off-white chest, three white paws and a white half of the top muzzle and thin stripe between the eyes. One is a pale gold, much like a wolf's, and the other is an icy blue. The tail is fluffy, much like the ruff area.
Text colour: Gold


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((We will be starting the Rp now. Anyone who is lurking and wishes to join, don't be discouraged! Just post your Bio at anytime and jump in. Anyone can Rmail me with questions. :) ))


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He'd been walking along the same road for sometime, numb from the bristling gusts of wind that would kick up in a howling fit each minute that passed. Or so it seemed. The sky was bleak, just like it had been for years; the air thick with ash and smoke from fires that were miles away. However, there was a different feeling settling around Adi's existence. He was always nervous and on edge; worried for the life of his family members. This, on the other hand, was a threatening feeling. 

Adi tossed a glance over his shoulder, hiked up the hoodie of his black down jacket and picked up the pace. Ahead of him was a bridge, slate in its color and damaged by the past. A dark tunnel presented itself, and all he could think about was the strong possibility of someone lying in wait for him. People were desperate, and they'd do anything for food or supplies. 

He passed through silent as a mouse, the worn soles of his shoes hardly making a sound against the long dead leaves scattered across the road. Hazel eyes watched in suspense as the exit of the underpass drew closer to him. His skin was buzzing with anticipation. He wanted nothing more than to be out of the darkness and away from who was watching. 

Something caught the attention of his hearing, it sounded strangely enough like the engine of a vehicle. Adi began to panic as he heard the sound encroaching upon him, and he started to run toward a gathering of abandoned vehicles on the side of the road. The engine was roaring, and by now, the stench of diesel reached his nose; something he hadn't smelled in ages.

Adi's shoes skid against the pavement as he slid violently beneath a dead car, and he climbed further underneath as he watched a large, armored pickup truck emerge from the underpass. He fought to control his breathing, his hazel eyes wide in fear as he realized that there was not just one person on board that truck. It was a group. And he felt sick to his stomach. He was going to die if they found him, without even knowing if his family was alive. 

The group that had been piled in the bed of the truck poured out onto the road, obnoxiously irate, as the vehicle began smoking from the hood. Adi swallowed thickly, his throat dry as he knew that they would not be gone from that area for a while. He watched as the band began to spread out, curiously inspecting their surroundings for anything unfortunate enough to end up in their path. 

Adi slowly moved his shaky hands up over his mouth, which was quivering in horror as two men inched dangerously close to the car he was beneath. In apprehension, he tentatively began shifting his position to prevent being sighted.  A loud scrape interrupted dead silence; Adi's foot had been resting on a sliver of metal. His eyes went wide as both men stopped in their tracks, and in an instant he was roughly dragged out from beneath the vehicle by his hoodie.

"Would'ja look at what I gone and found? A steer!" The man hollered to his peers, his accent was thick with humor as it sliced through the air. 


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           The dull sound of dead foliage crunched beneath a pair of heavy boots as the figure moved through the once-dense forest. Warm breath could been seen leaving him as he trekked on, thankful for the many tattered layers he wore to keep him from feeling the chill of the wind as it passed by him. A hand moved to adjust the worn and ragged strap from his bag, his green eyes relaxed and calm as he listened carefully to his surroundings. It was only a few moments later that Romulus' motion came to a halt as the distant sound of a large vehicle from the nearby road reached him. A short and quiet growl left his chest as he quickly found a large dying tree to shield him from sight, aware that anyone who was still alive would be searching for some kind of sustenance, even willing to go after their own kind. Seconds passed and the vehicle's engine grew closer before the loud squeaking of brakes sounded and the vehicle became quiet. Sharp green eyes peered around the tree as he watched the several beings exit the vehicle, beginning to rummage through the abandoned cars along the road. Romulus' attention narrowed on the variation of weapons belonging to the newly-arrived humans. Many of them looked like AM-9 Sub Machine guns from where he stood and he cursed under his breath as he pulled his own Desert Eagle .50 AE handgun from the waist of his pants. As silently as he could, Romulus pulled the clip out to give a quick glance at the amount of bullets before reloading the gun. His attention was pulled back to the decently-sized group of people as one of them exclaimed something inaudible to him. After peering around the tree once more, one of his dark eyebrows raised at the sight of a young male, obviously not belonging to them, being dragged out from under one of the abandoned vehicles. Moments passed as Romulus observed them, his pale skin and dark clothing blending in nicely with the now dull surroundings.

           "Would'ja look at what I gone and found? A steer!" One of the men spoke with a heavy southern accent as he yanked the youth out from under the vehicle, laughing as he shoved the barrel of his large gun against the younger male's head. A few of the others laughed and turned their attention to the newly found prize, beginning to make their way toward him. "I found it so I get first dib-" His sentence was cut short at the sudden sound of a loud and nearby gun shot. The male then fell limp to the ground with a sickening thud as blood began to leak from a fresh wound in the side of his head. The remaining members of the group quickly began to scramble to take cover behind the vehicles, their heads looking around in all directions to try and pinpoint the gunshot's location. It wasn't long before the gun sounded once again and another male fell to the ground, the others soon joining the fallen. It took several moments before Romulus finally emerged from where he was hidden behind one of the large, nearby trees. His eyes darted in each direction as he approached the road, knowing all too well it was foolish to be on it in the first place. Without a word or any sort of acknowledgement, the darker-headed figure moved past the younger male as he quickly began to loot the fallen cannibals, making sure to take their larger weapons along with any ammunition they carried in their pockets. A second later he made his way towards their parked vehicle, opening the door and beginning to search for anything he might find valuable enough to take with him.


            A cold shiver ran through the large being as he slept uncomfortably against the old wooden wall of the abandoned barn he was currently residing in. His scarred hands pulling the torn and dusted blanket over his broad shoulders as he tried his best to rest a bit longer. Moments later the male sighed and sat up, allowing the blanket to fall as he found his efforts to try and sleep useless. Jeremiah's hand moved through his hair as his icy blue eyes adjusted to the darkness of the barn, beginning to gather his things together as he thought about his next move. His hand rustled in his bag as he pulled out torn pieces of a map, placing them carefully together along their ripped edges to create a larger picture of where he was headed. 

           Several moments passed before the large male exited the barn, a calm expression on his face as he looked around his surroundings before continuing on his way towards the coast, hoping to find some sort of hope or salvation there from the hell that had been unleashed upon the Earth. The large, thick coat he had been wearing was torn in several places, making it obvious that he had been in a struggle with more than a few dangerous situations, his scars tainting his tanned skin showing as living proof of it. Though it had been months since Jeremiah had last made human contact with anyone, even cannibals. A sickening thought ran through his mind as he pondered the possibility of being the last of the living. The thought was quickly buried in his mind as he focused on his surroundings, keeping an eye out for any sort of food or danger as he pushed his way deeper into the tree-line, making it a bit more difficult for anyone with distant eyes to spot him.


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There was blood on his face, however it wasn't his own, and he tried his best to ignore it. He blinked slowly as images of what had just happened replayed in his mind, and part of him wasn't sure that it actually happened. His chest was heaving as he panted, staring blankly at the dead body of the man who he knew planned to kill him. Adi's gaze moved from the dead group to the stranger who was currently looting the newly abandoned supplies. He was afraid, though his desperation for human contact was greater than his fear.

He stood to his feet, unsteady at first, and dusted the dirt from his palms. There was an internal struggle, as he fought to decide whether to escape while he had the chance, or take the risk. He hadn't been around people since he and his family separated, and just maybe, this man might have come across them at some point. 

Adi stood there for a few moments longer, watching the stranger as he stripped the dead of their resources. He cleared his throat, hesitant to speak. It had been quite some time since he had spoken; to himself or anyone for that matter.

"Thank you," He began, brows furrowed in lingering concern, "for saving me." It felt strange hearing the sound of his own voice. It sounded tired and distant. Adi pursed his lips for a brief moment and wiped some of the drying blood from his cheek. 

In another effort to maintain communication, he continued to speak, hoping to ignite conversation or humanity. Anything to appeal to this strangers better nature, and perhaps gain a friend as a result. "My name is Adi." 


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((Don't be sorry, it's a good sized post :) ))

           Romulus' ears twitched at the sound of what he assumed was a voice, pulling his attention from what he had been currently doing as he watched the smaller male from the corner of his eye. It had been quite some time since someone had spoken to him and it almost took him a minute to remember how to speak. "I wasn't saving you and I don't care what your name is." The figure spoke in a cold and mellow voice as he continued to search the vehicle. It almost made him want to laugh at the fact that the boy thought he had shot everyone solely for the sake of saving him. It was a little surprising at how friendly the male was, even after being held at gunpoint a few moments ago by one of the cannibals. 

           It took a few moments for him to finally give up on finding anything else useful from the truck. With a sigh, he adjusted the strap on his shoulder that belonged to one of the larger guns he had received. Calm eyes glanced at the youthful figure attempting to talk to him as he lifted his tattered bag off the ground and slung it over his free shoulder. Without any other word, Romulus turned and started back into the nearby forest. After firing all the shots he had, someone in hearing range was sure to have heard them and it wouldn't be long before more enemies arrived. It wasn't exactly wise for him to have spent so much time searching the vehicle rather than putting some distance between him and any newcomers that were heading towards the scene of the crime. 

           The brown-headed male didn't bother looking back to see if the younger figure was following him or not as he steadily began to disappear into the woods once more. The stranger was no concern of his and he wasn't about to risk his life to babysit someone he didn't know nor care about. In his eyes, the only one he needed to worry about was himself, and that wasn't about to change.


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Dusk had been lucky lately. A building still holding some leftover supplies and an oasis near to it meant that she had a large supply now of meat jerky in a well-sealed container in her bag. She'd also managed to scrounge from that building a can of diced peaches and a can of spam. Nobody had messed with the salt, or atleast not much, but she wasn't surprised at this considering it had little use now, except for the jerky she'd been able to make with it.
The dying forest had been almost entirely bare of anything useful, except for the leaves and bark and twigs to make her fires - though this had been difficult since the dryness of everything didn't lend itself to long-lasting fires - and an emaciated squirrel hiding in a hole in a tree that she had simply cooked after killing, as she had refused to eat any jerky until she was starting to starve for lack of finding food.

She decided to leave the woods now, not only because of this but she had also heard gunshots while she was nearing the treeline. A large bush slightly beyond the treeline still hung on to a lot of its leaves, and she thought how convenient that was before hiding behind it, peeking out to see what was happening.
One...young man was lying on the ground as an older man shot up a bunch of thugs. The rescuer then proceeded to ignore the other guy as he looted the corpses and their vehicle. Though she couldn't hear anything, it seemed the younger one attempted communication, and the older one simply walked off, in her approximate direction.
Dusk decided she should intervene, so she stepped out of hiding and called out to him.

"Don't you think it's kind of stupid to leave behind a person who still retains some semblance of humanity?"
It seemed completely illogical to her. This guy was even more selfish than her, to the point of making bad decisions it seemed. Not only were there not many people left, but any whom hadn't turned cannabalistic or simply insane? That was rare indeed.
"Even if you don't think that, it really is better to travel in groups, as long as everyone keeps up."
She made a sweeping gesture with her arm as she looked to the other person, indicating he should come towards them. Even if this guy wasn't going to tolerate cooperation, she would.


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Name: Lian

Age:  23

Gender: male

Height: 6'1"

Personality:  He is a very quiet person who keeps his feelings guarded.  When time called for it, he can be very cold and calculating.

History:  He was very close to his little sister who was nine.  Shortly after the apocalypse hit, he was hard pressed to keep them both fed.  It wasn't long before he resorted to having hunted other people who entered their mountain home in the woods.  He didn't stray far from their cabin, but when food got sparser and sparser, he had to expand his "territory" in order to find more.  It wasn't long before his sister got sick and quickly died within a few days.  He was devastated, but he had an animals instincts and the will to survive.  As the days and weeks passed, he moved further and further away from where he once called home.  He ate anything he could find, be it plant, fruit, dead animals, and even other humans.  His only goal now?....SURVIVAL

Other:  The only human contact, before the apocalypse, him and his sister had were each other.  Their parents dying shortly after his sister birth.  He also has a dragon tattoo on his right arms, spiraling around it, its head on the front of his right shoulder/chest.  It looked to be made of black flames.  He also had black raven wings, tinged dark purple, on his back.  He had taught his sister the art of tattooing, the old fashioned way.  He is also an albino.


Please be patient with me. I haven't rpd in a couple of yearsish.  trying to get back into the swing of things}


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Lian traveled for days, He ate whatever he could find.  Due to survival he just ate, not always bothering with cooking.  He knew he had to keep moving.  His eyes constantly looking, remaining on guard at all times.  He pulled his hood of his black hoodie further up, hiding a bit more of his face.  His mask being put back on after his last meal.  Eating and drinking were the only times it came off.

Surprisingly his movements were silent on the dead leaves even though he wore combat boots. He felt sorry for the earth.  Having grown up with nature and nothing else, he had came into understanding of it.  Understanding how to utilize everything it had to offer. Now all of that was gone.  He stiffened when he heard gunshots.  The sound new to him and made him crouch with a silent hiss.  His red eyes narrowing as he listened and watched.  He had two machetes strapped to his back, and two daggers strapped to each leg.  He also had a skinning knife strapped horizontal to his lower back.  His hand resting on his right leg dagger.

As he heard voices talking, he moved to hide behind a large tree.  His eyes closed as he focused so he could hear more.  He heard the girl saying that it would be better to travel in groups.  He remained unmoving, He had eaten a day ago.  It helped he could eat only once in five days and keep going on.  He also didn't want to attack when he didn't know what they had to fight back with.  Better safe than sorry.


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<p style="color : #B49600>She
strolled through the dead grass, hand resting lightly on Strider's
back. The slight wind added a cooling effect to the already chill
air, and so she had her large red coat on, unzippered though. A
plain, black, lightweight t-shirt was all she had on underneath that,
and some battered dark blue jeans and dirt-encrusted work boots
finished the ensemble. It didn't get hot anymore  - in fact it
was a rather warm day today - and her dog was always able to find
clothes for her before her current ones got too disheveled or torn to
be useful any longer.
Serina wished she had been able to learn how
to get around confidently and easily without Strider, but since it
not only worked well for the current situation but he was also always
with her anyways...she supposed it didn't actually end up mattering
at all.

As she walked further along, she was starting to get
the impression of a building. Considering she walked on grass, she
could only assume that it would be a house, barn, garage, shed, or
perhaps a stable or other shelter...but judging from size and
simplicity of shape she would take a stab at it being a barn or
stable. What with the apocalypse, however, she didn't expect it to
have anything living inside.

Moments later she realized that
was potentially a false conclusion as both she and her dog sensed
something, and he whined softly to alert her further.
is it, boy? Is there a person?"
He huffed as he led her
behind the structure.
Lowering her voice even further, she asked
him, "Coming or going? Or sitting?"
Strider sat and
brushed her leg with his paw twice.
dog looked straight at her and cocked his head to the side, then
huffed again. This indicated he wasn't sure, but probably not. She
thought for a couple moments, then asked him how close they were or
where they were headed, and if they should follow and/or confront the
Strider stood and brushed into her hand, pointing her in
the right direction as he guided her towards the forest.

How are you today?"</p>


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{bloop on my part due to thinking post was directed to me.}
[it was my fault so no blame to you :3 im just a moron XDDD my family says im crazy, but hey if having fun means im crazy, sweet :3 also neraven, your whole post looks there from what I remember reading.]


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((Oh jeez, idk how I messed that up so royally but now I can't edit it anymore cuz it doesn't seem to have the whole reply in there even though it shows on here...also, meant to add at the top that it was directed towards Jeremiah, just to clear up any possible confusion))


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{your turn jerivia}


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(I'll join c: Thank you for the for the rmail ^.^ Also, earthquake)

Name: Alaska Rae

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Alaska usually keeps to herself and her older brother, Zac. She quiet, stubborn, and constantly anxious. She's always been one to try and make everyone happy, even if that risks her happiness. If she's comfortable with people, she jumps out of her shell and always rushes to help, but she comes off as rude sometimes, which throws her into a constant spin.

History: As a young girl, Alaska has always had a rough life. Her parents constantly fought, which led to her and Zac always posted up in his room with music blaring and video games being played on the tv. After the apocalypse, her parents died tragically. Ever since, it was just her and Zac against the world, trying to find other survivors. 

Other: She has a husky that follows her around named Akila.

Looks: Alaska is 5'5" with long emerald hair and ice blue eyes. She has an olive skin tone with small freckles on her cheeks. She usually wears a black t-shirt, pants, and boots. She always carries a pocket knife with her at all times, plus a larger knife in her backpack, just in case. She also has a few tattoos.


Name: Zachary Alexander

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Zac is more bubbly than his little sister, but is still as stubborn as she is. He's always out to save the world and he doesn't usually take no for an answer, but of course there are exceptions. He's quite gentle, but uses force when he has to.

History: -Same as Alaska-

Other: Goes by Zac

Looks: He has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He's almost a spitting image of his father. High cheekbones, sharp jawline, freckles you can only see up close, and dark scruff. He's 6' and lean, with some pudge. He usually wears large shirts and skinny jeans with converse to match. He also keeps a lockpick and pocket knife with him and all times.

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Lian listened and moved closer to the voices.  He smirks when he saw a couple who were on a hike, looking for supplies.  He silently followed them, waiting for his chance to move in.  The female of the two mentioned needing the bathroom and moved away.  He was waiting for a moment like this.  Once she was out of sight of her partner, he moved in.  He took her down without making a sound.  He didn't need to eat but he knew that if he was to cover a ton of ground, he would have to eat more.

When Lian finished he left, the girl's partner looks for her and finds her.  The male let out a scream of terror at seeing her.  Lian heard and smirked.  He continued on his way, not bothering to go back.  He needed supplies.  He did snatch a map from the girls backpack.  He stopped an hour later to take a look.  He knew where he was, and looked for the nearest town.

{thought I would continue on my piece since this rp wasn't going anywhere.  If if it doesn't I will still try to continue to add on my piece}

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