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It has been 100 years since the Shadow Lugia has been captured and its heart restored.

That first year, the regions slowly began to pull themselves out of darkness. The underground laboratories were found and all shadow pokemon were released from their locked cages and their hearts restored by breeders around the world. Years continued to pass and eventually the hero's face began to fade from the headings of newspaper columns; new discoveries were made, celebrities took their turns riding the wave of fame, and eventually, the hero became just another story.

The new generations grew up hearing the tales of the shadow pokemon, but that's all they were: stories and nothing more. Society turned a blind eye to the truth and those who had seen firsthand the damage and destruction the shadow pokemon had caused were either long gone or dismissed as crazy. Some still believed, however. Some never forgot the horrors of sealing a pokemon's heart in darkness. 

Now, 100 years after the disappearance of the shadow pokemon, there are whispers of their return. 

The government has sought out four regional champions to track down the man in charge of this operation. 

→ This is a literate RP. Do NOT post on this thread if you would like to join. Send me an Rmail with a link to a recent RP OR send me an example of your writing.
→ There are going to be a maximum of four people in this RP. Once this RP is closed, I will not accept anymore RPers. 
→ The four players will each have characters who are Pokemon Champions, which means they have beaten at least one of the region's Elite Four.
→ No super-powered characters or abnormalities to characters please. 
→ There may be romance, but that's really not the point of this. I don't care how many males or females there are.
→ I will not be super active on this so I ask that there be no speed-posting. 
No GMing or PPing, especially in battles.

The Characters 

→  Randie Carter [Champion of Johto and Hoenn Region; played by Secrets]
→ Allora Silverfield [Champion of Hoenn Region; played by AlloraSilverfield]
→ Tobias Yorke [Champion of Kalos Region; played by Souda]

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Randie Carter 

 Randie glanced out the window of the Pokemon center. Raindrops pattered against the asphalt outside and thunder boomed overhead. Her heart was still pounding, clothes dripping wet. She’d arrived exactly seventeen minutes ago on the back of a Skarmory when the storm had just been a drizzle. Lucky for her, considering soaring through the air on the back of an electricity conductor was not the safest idea. Icarus had been tense half an hour before the first raindrop had even fallen, but Randie had insisted they pressed on. If this shadow Pokemon business were as serious as the file she’d received had said, she wasn’t about to risk precious time waiting. She hoped the rest of the champions would be able to make it. 

Thunder grumbled again and Randie felt fur rubbing against her curled fist. She glanced down and smiled at her friend. The Typhlosion was likewise uneasy and Randie absentmindedly ran her fingers through his fur. Cole crooned his appreciation and fell asleep with his head slumped against her leg. 

Randie knew a lot of champion pricks and also knew that champions loved to test each other on the field, see what they were truly made of. With a team that was rendered almost powerless in a thunderstorm, Randie hoped they could save the battles for another day. She also hoped that these weren’t the typical champion pricks she met while venturing around the other regions. 

She looked down at Cole, eyes softening. Shadow Pokemon. The idea of someone stealing Cole from her, of filling his heart with darkness, scared her half to death. It was one of the worst things she could imagine. Cole was more than a battle partner to her; he was everything. They’d been with each other for years and when no one else would accept her for her weird quirks, he was a friend that loved her. One blue and one green eye closed and the girl sighed again. She ran her free hand through her short hair and leaned back. 

“Waiting, waiting, waiting,” she mumbled.

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((Are we posting on this RP? Or are you making a private one for the 4 of us... and are there 4 yet? xD))

Allora Silverfield

"Straighten out!" The wind pulled harder at Duke's wings, casting him off balance once again. "Brace yourself!" She could see the pokemon center below them, and they were coming up fast. "Flare your wings!" She dug her fingers into his rough scales, drawing blood each time he lurched forward, but she could hardly feel it with the adrenaline in her veins. Each time he flapped his wings, she could feel his muscles straining, and a terrified part of her was confronted with terrible visions of the wind simply tearing his wing from his body. She gripped onto him harder, grinding her teeth together. We're gonna make it.

It was a rough landing. If Duke hadn't been as experienced as he was, there would have been no way she would have tried flying all the way out there in this kind of weather. But her trust in him had paid off, and they had made it there in one piece, if a little bruised and a lot scared. Duke was panting, his forked serpentine tongue lolling from his mouth as he did so. Allora stroked his neck, only then noticing the blood from her palms smearing onto his blue scales. She swallowed, looking at her hands, which had cuts from her fingers to her wrists. Salamence scales were smooth and soft when stroked in the right direction, but sharp as razors in the opposite.

Hopefully the pokemon center can do something about this, she thought, walking towards the entrance. She returned Duke (he was too big to fit through the door anyway) and pulled on the handle. The howling wind sucked the door closed, and it took nearly all her strength to pull it open. It didn't help that her hands were bloody and covered in open wounds. With a cry of indignation, she finally managed to pull the door open enough for her to slip inside, nearly smashing her fingers in the process.

When she got inside, she immediately began looking for something to fix her hands with. It was in the wee hours of the night when she had landed, and she could only see one trainer in the lobby area, with a large typhlosion sleeping against her legs. Allora noticed that the nurses' counter was vacant, probably because of the lack of patients due to the storm. Only a crazy person would be out in that weather.

Having shadowed at a pokemon center when she was younger, she knew exactly where to go to find relief for her hands. Behind the counter all pokemon centers kept emergency first aid kits, in case a patient needed care immediately, not having the luxury of time to wait before being taken back into surgery. She found the first aid kit, smeared her hands in ointment, and wrapped them in gauze, leaving herself an opposable thumb, making them look almost like mittens. She grinned at the sight, and was thankful that they were at least partially mobile. The first aid kit was now covered in her own blood, looking worse than it normally would because of the rain water. She sighed and pulled out a few pokeballs.

"Kat, Stark," she said, as her two helpers appeared before her. "I need you guys to find the bathroom and get me some toilet paper, or paper towels, or something..." She thought to herself as the two excitedly took off. "And see if you can get them wet!" Though she wasn't sure if that was the best idea. A jolteon getting wet was a recipe for conductive disaster, and Kat, being a delcatty, just hated water.

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((Cries bc kalos dont have sprites so;
Scizor, Lapras, Pidgeot, Dragalge, Lucario, Chesnaught))

Tobias wiped his face, trying desperately in vain to keep his eyes clear. God he hated rain. 

In all honesty, it would have been easier to fly in on Hato, but the Pidgeot had a terrific fear of lightning and he didn't want to put her through that.

Though maybe riding a metal bike in this wasn't an A+ idea either.

Tobias took a sharp right, narrowly avoiding a run-in with a soaked pedestrian. They yelled several rather nasty things and Tobias threw a sheepish apology over his shoulder.

After a couple more near-misses and a trip down a muddy bank into a stream (Water! Dammit! Maybe he could've just swam in on Banmore!), he finally spotted the Pokémon Center. A small lump formed in his stomach. What was he supposed to do? According to the message he received, he was supposed to stop Shadow Pokémon but he had no idea what they were. They sounded like Dark-types. He folded his bike and put it away, aware that the mud on it would probably transfer to his wardrobe.

That job done, Tobias respiked his blond-highlighted hair, straightened his (once-white) tank top, and sauntered inside.


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► Randie Carter 

"Kat, Stark. I need you guys to find the bathroom and get me some toilet paper, or paper towels, or something. And see if you can get them wet!" Randie had turned her head when the girl ran inside. She was soaking wet just like Randie was, but she ran straight to the counter and ignored Randie. Something was obviously wrong with the frantic way she ordered her Pokemon around. Anyone's first impulse would have been to get up and help, but Randie was ever-wary of others and figured that whatever it was, the girl could handle it. Upon looking down from her face and seeing her hands, Randie winced, though the wounds didn't look too bad. The girl could handle it herself. 

"You make quite the entrance," Randie said instead. Cole had been roused from the girl's blundering around and sat against the edge of Randie's seat. She scratched the top of his head which appeared as if she were calming him down, but really she was stopping him from poking his nose around the girl or following her Pokemon into the back room of the Center. The nurse had gone to bed shortly after Randie had gotten here, telling her to wake her if need be. 

The door opened again and in sauntered a drenched and muddied teen. He must have gotten here on foot, she thought. "Well, now that we're all here, I guess we should begin." She paused. "We can talk while you take care of your hands." Randie straightened her backpack up and removed a damp manila folder from inside. Luckily the papers inside were laminated and safe from the rain. She spread them out on the table.

The documents laid out the details of their mission. It included background information on the shadow pokemon, possible suspects to seek out with ample information on each, and information on each other. "So Allora and Tobias--guess we're going to be a team from here on out. I'm Randie and this is Cole." The Typhlosion dipped his head. "I'm assuming both of you read the documents?" she asked. "I only skimmed over your papers. I was chosen for my background knowledge of shadow pokemon; my father comes from a line of people who helped stop them before. And you two...?" She eyed them curiously. 

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7:39am Mar 13 2014

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Kat and Stark came bolting out of the bathroom, holding a long strand of paper towels between their teeth, dragging them towards Allora. "Thank you thank you," she murmured towards them softly, glancing towards the girl at the booth as she remarked on her entrance. She gave her a half hearted smile, focusing more on dabbing off her hands, and wrapping them in gauze.

"You made quite the entrance," said the girl at the booth. Allora couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or not, but she laughed a little, nodding in her direction.

The door opened suddenly again, and she looked up to see a teenage boy rushing in, slamming the door behind him, soaking wet. He is cute, thought Allora, eying the blonde hair. She went to run her fingers through her hair, remembering then that they were wrapped and instead looking more like she was petting her own head.

The girl at the table began talking, and so she turned to listen. Kat and Stark came with her as she moved to sit at the same table as the trainer. She was apprehensive of the giant typhlosion, but as a show of good faith, sat boldly next to him.

The trainer introduced herself as Randy, and the typhlosion as Cole, and Allora and her pokemon politely nodded towards them in acknowledgement.

"I'm assuming both of you read the documents?" Randy asked her and the new boy, apparently named Tobias. "I only skimmed over your papers. I was chosen for my background knowledge of shadow pokemon; my father comes from a line of people who helped stop them before. And you two...?" She eyed them curiously. 

Allora nodded, recalling what she had read. Much of the documents consisted of new speculation to the return of the shadow pokemon, strange coincidental cases that they were claiming weren't just coincidence, stuff like that. "I'm Allora," she began. "And this is Kat and Stark," she said, introducing the delcatty and jolteon respectively. 

"I was chosen for this mission because... I have a masters degree in pokemon genetic, and they are hoping I can find a cause and hopefully permanent solution to the problem. Plus, they need to be studied scientifically, since they haven't in the past..." she eyed Randy with an odd look. "My mother was also from a line of people that helped to stop them in the past." She looked at Tobias, interested.


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Tobias cocked his head and grinned at... Allora? Was that her name? Oh well - even if it wasn't, he could play it off as mud in the ear.

"Tobias York, at 'cha service. Apparently my mum's gran'ma's uncle was involved in some way - and not on the good side either, from the stories. Ein, or something like that. But those tales've become so muddled I'm not even halfway sure what the hell a Shadow Pokémon is."

At this, he glanced pointedly at the folder and papers spread over the table and shrugged. "I'm not gonna lie and say I read anythin', so... But whatever. I'm... Halfway certain I was picked 'cause of my great gran'uncle. First to actually manufacture them, yadda yadda. How d'you go about manufacturin' Pokémon anyway?"

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