"You released them" (Muilifandom roleplay w/th non fandom characters)

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5:53pm Sep 7 2017

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You are just a normal human, living out your life in a house deep within suburbia. You go to school one day, as you usually do. Than, yourself along with a few others find a strange object. Suddenly, everything goes dark. 

Later you awaken, only to find your school destroyed. You find a small note by your side. "You released them. You released them when they weren't supposed to be real." Than, you turn around. 

You see your favorite character there, staring at you.

What do you do now?

9:35pm Jun 21 2018

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As awesome as a premise as this is, I'm afraid to revive it.
Hell, I already thought of who I want my "favorite character" to be: He's from a mobile game that shut down, and he heavily influenced my aesthetic into the white/blue it is now.

Local not-really-old player with a new account.
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