~F A N T A S Y R O L E P L A Y~ (Witches, wizards, vampires, mermaids, wolves e .t c)

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12:56pm Jan 5 2020 (last edited on 1:06pm Jan 5 2020)

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Name: Riven (I know it's my real name but I think my real name is cool)

Gender: Female!!!

Species: Dragon/human hybrid

Age: 12

Appearance: longish braided reddish-brown hair, golden eyes, slim, kinda short, pointy ears?!

Personality: secretive, bookwormish, obsessed with dragons

Powers: calling the elements and bending them to her will :)

City: Ophir

History/family/relationships: unknown

Pets (You can choose a pet companion, as long as it's reasonable ^^): a draconis- a strange golden dragon-like creature- it's like a little baby bearded dragon with wings

Anything extra: like I said above, Riven is part dragon, but she keeps this a secret, as she does with anything to do with her. She has not yet gotten her dragon-like features, but she will when she turns 18. She always has her draconis on her shoulder, which she calls Rumpi. She is training in the magical art of calling and controlling the elements.

I am the queen of Zennies! Bow down to me or I will sic my army of natties on you!
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