Witch Hunt (Ser & CH)

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Cassius didn’t buy it and Brandon didn’t blame him. Out of all the officers, and all the hunters, here, it’s really unlikely a trained hunter like Brandon would make such rookie mistakes. Especially when Mike was known to be a ruckus to the hunters. As Cassius listed all the missing pieces in the actions taken toward the crazy witch, Brandon glanced at Mike sharply, once again in awe at the man’s stupidity. In his own blind rage, he trusted that the man would’ve taken the proper precautions. 

Cassius’ rejection of Mike made Brandon stifle back a smile. He’ll still make the guy pay with coffee. For a long time. It’s the least he could do for making Brandon deal with the jackass before him.

And now he was alone with Cassius. Part of Brandon was tempted to do what he always did - pretend like he was okay with Cassius as a witch, try his best to respect the title the man had, and get through the conversation with gritted teeth. Then get a lot of drinks at the town bar and blow off steam. That’s probably still the plan.

“Now why the hell is she here? And it better be good.” 

Remembering the letter made him not care about the bastard’s tone, just for a second. He walked passed Cassius without saying a word, grabbing the letter out of the witch’s box of items and turning back to the chief, excitement in his hands.

“I’m not a witch, so I can’t read this. She brought it in but she won’t read it to us.” He held it out for Cassius to take. His eyes met Cassius’ more boldly then, maybe even the first time he’s looked straight at the man. This was also probably the first time a paper wasn’t just slammed on a desk or in a mailbox, but instead an exchange between chief and hunter. The intimacy bothered him and he lowered his eyes at the letter in his hands.

“It’s from the Clades.”

Something about this letter told him that something was just beginning, whether it was more danger the town has ever seen or finally a glimmer of hope. The anticipation was killing him and Cassius held the answer.


If Cassius ends up in a lot of scenes, imma have to add a second character too bc my replies are embarrassingly short compared to yours, it's getting rough lmfao

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Cassius Kane

Cassius took the paper from his hand and looked down at it, watching as the blank sheet before him transformed. He squinted his eyes trying to make sense of the indecipherable letters and symbols that danced before his eyes almost mockingly as they refused to form any sort of coherent sentences. He glanced back up through the two way mirror at the witch sitting at the table. She rolled her eyes and was making small gestures with her handcuffed hands.

“Right.” Cassius said looking back over at Brandon. He wasn’t about to let the prick know that he couldn’t read the message. Whatever magic was used was either just for her eyes only, or his magic wasn’t strong enough to read it. “So she brought this in voluntarily, and you all responded by arresting her and locking her in interrogation. I understand why she refuses to read it to you.” He didn’t attempt to hide the bite from his tone. This was the problem with so many of the hunters, the refusal to treat witches with basic decency. “Well let's go talk to her.”


Delilah Devereaux

“Is this the Hunters or a modeling agency?” Her Grandmother said as a higher ranked officer burst into the room and escorted out the one who was questioning her. Delilah tried to keep the smile off her lips as she knew that he was no doubt about to be chewed out.

Her Grandmother leaned her incorporeal body through the two way glass and watched as the men discussed, or rather were berated by their boss. “Honestly chile, if Hunters looked this good in my day I-”

“Oh la, enough Mémé. What are they saying?” Delilah interrupted rolling her eyes. The woman has been dead for a hundred years and yet she wasn’t tired about talking about men.

“Well ma cher, the little sniveling one that arrested you was just taken out of the room and oh hold on.”

“What? What’s happening.”

“Oh, you're not going to believe this, I think that Hunter is a witch! Well I never, going after his own kind? How could anyone-”

Delilah stopped listening as her grandmother went on a tangent about the lack of respect in today's witches. She had heard about this guy, he had made big waves in the witch community. A male witch choosing to join the institution that was out to kill people like him for centuries, it was ludicrous. She remembered seeing his smiling face on magazines, newspapers and morning news programs before she was ushered off to school. Her mother had always said he was only a pawn, the Hunters probably had no real respect for the man and were using him a mouthpiece in an attempt to ease the public. 

But she had seen his changes. He was the spearhead for stopping a lot of necessary cruelty towards witches. Witches were no longer to be stopped in the streets randomly and asked to identify themselves, witch businesses that were attacked by anti-witch groups started getting proper investigations and he made sure those parties were arrested. 

He left a lot of Hunters scrambling in his wake, he rooted out the most racist and openly corrupt members of the Hunters fired and banned from joining any type of law enforcement. She remembered little witch boys on the playground who were born without magic being inspired to help. She knew a few of them joined the hunters themselves in an attempt to protect their mothers and sisters. 

Delilah had pretty much forgotten all about him, he had such a positive influence on the witch community over the past fifteen plus years. The rising panic that had been building in Del since she stepped into the building was slowly starting to fade. At least with him here she knew she would be safe, he would watch out for her.

“Cher they’re coming in.”

Delilah’s eyes snapped up and she motioned for her Grandmother to move. “Cache-toi.” She hissed quietly, making sure to keep her voice low so they wouldn’t hear. Her Grandmother pouted and shook her head. “No I won’t leave you here with -”

“Cache-toi.” Delilah repeated, trying to keep her voice low, “If he’s a witch I can’t take the chance that he-”

Before she could finish, the door was opening again and she sent a panicked gaze to her Grandmother who sighed and then disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared in the first place. Delilah attempted to cover up her panicked face as she watched the older of the two officers pick up the thrown chair and place it at the table. He sat down across from her and smiled warmly. Ignoring the other officer who stood slightly away from him.

“I already told that one I want a lawyer.” She said glaring at prick, she wanted to put a hex on him so badly.

“Oh that won’t be necessary.” The older man spoke, drawing Delilah’s pointed gaze over to him. “You’re not under arrest.” He leaned over and waved his hand over the handcuffs and they sprung open. She drew her hands up quickly and rubbed tenderly at her wrists, shooting a glare over to the other one.

“I’m Sergeant Kane.” The older one spoke again reaching his hand across the table for her to shake. “I’d like to apologize for my junior officers...exuberance. He had no right to treat you like that, Miss?”

“Devereaux.” Delilah said reaching across to shake his hand. “Delilah. You’re already so much nicer than the two that arrested me. They didn’t bother to ask me for my name.” She sent another pointed glare at the other officer, not hiding her small smile as she noticed his Sergeant look back at him with a scowl of disappointment. “I’m sorry to hear that.” Sergeant Kane said before looking back at Delilah.

He placed the paper that she had brought in on the table. “I understand that you brought this in to help us? A letter from the Clades. Now why would they give this to you.”

“I already told that one that I’m not saying anything. You had your chance.” She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, her gaze challenging the Sergeant. 

“Ms. Devereaux it would be a great help if you could tell us why they gave this note to you and what it says.”

She raised an eyebrow at that. Surely he could read it for himself, she searched his eyes for a moment before a smile spread across her face. “Oh you-” He shook his head slightly, “Look Ms. Devereaux we can’t keep you here, but if you could-”

She put her hand up to silence him and then smiled, and leaned her elbows back on the table, resting her chin on her hands. This was great, for whatever reason, Sergeant Kane couldn’t read the paper she brought in. Maybe it was true about male witches being inept in comparison to their female counterparts, or perhaps the letter was simply for her eyes only. Either way she held all the power in this situation. 

She flicked her gaze from the Sergeant to the officer standing near him. The one who’d kept her here all evening, wasting her time with his rudeness and childish antics.  “Oh I’ll let you know what that letter says.” Her voice dripped with sarcastic sweetness. She smiled over at the officer, fluttering her eyes slightly, her dimple appearing in her cheek as she forced her sweetest smile. “As soon as your stupid attack dog over there apologizes to me.” She made direct eye contact with the man, letting her eyes flash gold, the way they did when she did magic. She wanted him to remember that he had to apologize to a witch. Someone he thought was so beneath him. “And I want it to be very heartfelt, I want tears to come to my eyes.

Sergeant Kane blinked, surprised by her sudden change. He tried to keep his face impassive as he was glad that she covered for his inability to read the note. Clearing his throat he turned to look at the junior Hunter. “Officer Myers.” He said coolly. “Apologize to Ms. Devereaux for her unfair treatment.

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11:55pm Aug 9 2019

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“What does it say?” He asked before seeing Cassius walk out of the room. Brandon followed, wondering why the hell he didn’t just read the letter. He watched the exchange between the witches with crossed arms, hoping Cassius could do his magic with the woman and make her cooperate. Metaphorically and literally. He wanted to shake her stubbornness, and make the words of the letter spill out of her mouth in shrills. Before his eyes, though, a switch happened with the witch in the seat and it made his arms slowly uncross, clenching his jaw. Her face and body language softened. Brandon could’ve slapped the dimple right off her face, along with her satisfaction.

He didn’t look when Cassius spoke to him. Brandon stared into the eyes of the witch, her manipulation a familiar reminder why he had such hatred for her kind.

“Sure. We could possibly have the Clades threatening us, but let’s do this instead of you just reading the damn thing yourself.”

With that, he mirrored her softened demeanor. His eyebrows smoothed and his lips loosened, doting eyes back on the drama of hers. He brushed passed Cassius and went to the chair he had thrown on the ground. He gently lifted it up, placed it back where it should be across the table, and sat down slowly. He placed his forearms on the table and leaned forward, tilting his head to the side and pressing his lips together in a look of regret. Two could play the dramatic card. 

“Ms. Devereaux. I see the error I made in my rash judgment of the situation.” It was fun in the moment to have decided that he was going to follow her lead. But the difference was, she was having fun, while he had to suck down all he believed in to apologize for something he didn’t regret. The witch deserved to be behind bars, just like them all. 

He opened his mouth to just swallow his pride and do the damn thing. “I’m truly sorry for this…” His voice came out genuine and smooth, maybe even husky in a way he usually sounded with normal woman. But this wasn’t a normal woman. “Injustice.” He finally said, the corner of his lip twitching, just subtly but just enough for an eye who was watching for it might notice during the act of his apology.

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Delilah smiled back at the officer feeling quite pleased with herself as he begrudgingly came over to apologize. She watched as he slowly picked up the chair he had thrown down earlier, no doubt preparing himself. She raised an eyebrow as his expression softened ever so slightly, mimicking her own feigned innocence that she displayed earlier. His was voice smooth, and in any other circumstances she might have enjoyed it, but that slight twitch in his lip when he said the word injustice sent her back to feeling disgusted. 

Her expression darkened and the scowl came back to her face as she leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms. “Now that wasn’t very good, but I’ll give you an A for effort.” She looked back to his sergeant who was pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to keep his composure. “Now Miss Devereaux, the letter. If you would -”

“I won’t.” She shot back quickly, he looked up at her taken aback. “I said I wanted an apology, and there was nothing sincere about what your little attack dog just gave me.” She turned her cold gaze over to Officer Myer, the one who had got her into this dumb situation in the first place. “Not that I expected much, men never know how to properly apologize.” She leaned back onto the table, dropping her voice once more, almost flirtatious. “You know I could always make you apologize.” She said waving her hand ever so slightly. Doing magic in the presence of a hunter was dangerous, much less performing magic on one. But she felt as if generations of hatred were building in her bones and she couldn’t help herself, she stared at him as she sent cold, black smoke creeping up his neck squeezing at his throat.  

“Enough!” The sergeant shouted, slamming his fist on the table, sending sparks skittering across its surface. Delilah moved quickly trying to avoid them as they quickly fizzled out, releasing the smoke instantly. The panic was back in her eyes as she looked up at who she thought would be her saviour. The warmth in his eyes was now gone, replaced with a kind of cool authority that made her feel as if she was in danger once more.

“Shouldn’t have done that Cher,” came her grandmother's voice from behind her, but before she could even react Sergeant Kane was on her once again. His eyes flashing with electricity as he addressed both her and the officer that she had just lightly choked moments before. 

“I’m sick of you two acting like children.” His blue eyes flashed as he looked between her and his officer. “I promise you, Miss Devereaux, Officer Myers will be reprimanded, but I need you to tell me what this letter says.”

She knew she would regret her next actions, but something about this situation was putting her on such an edge that common sense had flown right out the door. “If you want to know so badly, you can read it yourself.” Sergeant Kane opened his mouth but before he even had the chance to speak she reached across the table in what seemed like an imperceptible speed and latched her hands onto both his arm and Officer Myer. “See.” She hissed as her hand clamped down.

Cassius shuddered, her hands feeling like ice as the gripped onto his arm. He was used to the warm or cool touches of his mother or his sisters, the light spark of magic of other electric elements. This was entirely different. Her grip was cold, colder than any ice he’d ever felt and it was a feeling that sunk deep into his very bones, clinging to his senses like a damp cloud. His nose filled with the scent of earth and decay and he fought the urge to lash out as her eyes glowed gold. He may not have known what element she controlled before, but now there was no doubt. This girl brought death.

He took a deep shuddering breath as he looked down on the paper before him, the letters that once danced before his eyes carelessly were now forming sentences. The letter itself didn’t seem any different from the recruitment letters he had seen before. It was the basic propaganda of humanity leading to a downfall for all and how witches needed to rise up, and there was the blazing symbol for the Clades. Something he had begun to know all too well. He squinted slightly as he tried to make sense of why this note was so special. The only thing different was that it mentioned something about reclaiming a birthright and the symbol itself was in front of an old building.

Cassius couldn’t help the gasp that escaped his lips as the realization hit him. He moved back and he felt Delilah’s hand loose his arm and he felt all the warmth rush back into his body, almost euphorically. He felt dizzy as he attempted to stand up. “Did you see what you needed to see?”

He heard her voice, but it sounded far away. “Its city hall.” He sputtered out as he struggled to get up from his seat, pinching his temples trying to stop the room from spinning. As he shakily got to his feet he felt the euphoric feeling pass, as if he was coming down from a high. He looked over at Delilah who was back to crossing her arms over her chest eyes staring defiantly at him, a small smile playing on her lips knowing exactly the effect she was having on them

“Myers, escort Ms. Devereaux out and be nice. Then meet me back in the bullpen.” He leaned over and snatched the paper off the desk. “It's the city hall, that’s the target.” He rushed out of the room, not bothering to check if Myers was alright or even if he was speaking to him. They knew the target, he didn’t care that she had performed magic on both of them. Officer Myer being choked, forced to feel her death magic, and then having to escort her out was punishment enough.

((IDK if i gave you enough to work with lol. I just wanted her to demonstrate her powers and get Brandon all messed up. And then force him to be alone with her after she gave him that death touch. Idk if you wanna have him freak out and maybe see her grandmother standing behind her and frowning at him or something LOL))

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