Seeking private RP partner

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2:27pm Sep 21 2016

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Hey guys! I used to frequent Res, and just joined back after a several year hiatus. 
The last time I was on, it seemed that there wasn't much forum activity, and that still seems to be decently true. 
I'd like to find someone to actively RP with in messages or across email, preferably someone who is up to sending at least a couple of well written paragraphs in response, although there are of course exceptions at some points in every RP. 
I'd prefer to have some character outlines beforehand, although it's not required. I'm open to any kind of RP, just respond with some ideas and maybe share an outline or two if it tickles your fancy (:
I work at night but am mostly home before and after, so replies are guaranteed at least once daily, if not several. I prefer to sit and send back and forth for a while in each sitting.

6:32pm Sep 5 2021

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Hey! I am only able to rp here is that ok? :D

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