Pokemon X & Y (Me and BeckyL97)

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Team Flare has set it sights upon the Legendary and very mysterious Pokemon, Zygarde. Will our two heroes and their Pokemon be able to save Kalos before it's too late?

Human Bio
Pokemon Bio
Appearance(Like for scars or clothing items and such):

Okay, think that's good. If there's something you want to add to your bio, go ahead.


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Name: Lux Masters
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Lux is is very secretive and has never been much of a talker. He's often seen as detached from the world, and has a cool and composed look. However, under the skin he's a hot head and often gets into fist fights. He can be pretty harsh to others. Even with the negative perks, he has a nice side, which it seems only his Pokemon see.
History: He grew up in the mountains, away from people, but not from Pokemon. While up there he met many Pokemon, including a lone Flygon mother, who sadly passed away, leaving behind a lone egg. Lux took in the egg and soon after hatched into little Shiny Trapinch, who he named Terra. At the time he was seven, then three years later he left his home to start on his journey, taking Terra with him. During his first month, while traveling, he met a man called Professor Sycamore. At the time the professor had been caring for an egg, which when Lux found him, was in the process of hatching. Just as it hatched, Lux appeared and the Pokemon and Lux's eyes met. So Sycamore left the baby Pokemon and a Luxury ball with Lux and left(more happened of course, they talked and stuff). About a year later Lux, came across a boy. When the boy saw Lux, he noticed that Lux was a trainer, and came up to him and asked if he could take his Pokemon. He told him his mom wouldn't let him keep it and told him to get rid of it. The boy held out his hands and in them, all curled up in a ball was a tiny Joltik. The boy had named him Gildarts and not wanting to see the kid sad, Lux accepted, though he had taken a liking to the little guy. A few years passed and Lux had just turned 16 when he came across a Daycare center. Outside was a Trainer and another person, who Lux assumed was the owner of the facility. The two of them were arguing and as Lux appeared, the Trainer suddenly approached him and placed an egg in his hands and took off down the road. The owner approached him and explained to Lux what happened and asked Lux if he was going to keep the egg or not. Lux, not wanting to abandon the unborn Pokemon, took the egg with him. Just a few days later, at a nearby town, the egg hatched and to Lux's surprise, into a Shiny Sandshrew. As he picked the Pokemon up, he heard a familiar yell. The voice was from the Trainer who'd abandoned the egg. The Trainer made up a lie about regretting leaving the egg and tried to take the little Pokemon from him. Of course Lux wouldn't listen to the Trainer and walked off, but the guy wouldn't leave him alone and even threatened him. Lux was enraged and of course, beat the Trainer up.
Pokemon: Olive, Gildarts, Abbadon, Terra
Appearance: Lux stands at about 5 feet, 9.5 inches tall. He has spiky copper red hair that's about four inches long. His eyes are a bit strange, being two very different shades of green. Around the pupil is a bright acid green and around the iris is a dark green, and the colors don't properly blend together. His skin is nicely tanned and he has a slight muscular build. He wears this hat, pants, a plain white t-shirt and a black hoodie with a green smoke pattern that climbs up the sleeves. On the back of the hoodie is a green and red Quetzalcoatl in a spiral form. He wears these shoes but on the shoe with Luffy(the person) is this mark instead. He also has a pair of goggles, which he usually has on his forehead(purple instead of blue lenses).
Pokemon Bio's

Name: Olive
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Species: Shiny Sandshrew
Moves: Dig, Sand Attack, Defense Curl, Magnitude
Nature: Timid
Ability: Sand Veil
Appearance: She occasionally wears Lux's hat, or holds it for him.

Name: Gildarts
Gender: Male
Age: Uknown
Species: Joltik
Moves: Screech, Signal Beam, Sucker Punch and Slash
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Compound Eyes
Appearance: Since he's so small, he's almost always on Lux, most likely in his hood. He's blind in his top right eye and it's usually closed.

Name: Abbadon
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Species: Shiny Charizard
Moves: Dragon Claw, Heat Wave, Fly, and Strength
Nature: Serious
Ability: Blaze
Appearance: He's a bit larger than the average Charizard. He has a bite scar from a Mightyena near the tip of his tail that he received while he was a Charmeleon and it looks a bit deformed now that he's evolved(the scar not the tail).
Name: Terra
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Species: Shiny Vibrava
Moves: Sandstorm, Dragon Breath, Earth Power, and Facade
Nature: Naive
Ability: Levitate
Appearance: She has a metal band on her left antenna.

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Name: Adelaide Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: A harsh life has left Adelaide scarred, and it shows. She's extremely timid in her nature and, when it comes to humans, does not trust easily. Her wariness can sometimes afflict her with a slight stutter when talking to others. Pokemon, however, she bonds with much more readily, and trusts more openly. She also seems to be able to understand their languages, although she of course cannot speak them. Timidness aside, in all truth Adelaide is one of the sweetest girls you could have ever hoped to meet; once you earn her full trust you'll see a sweet and caring side to her. She's also quite clingy once she trusts someone, wanting to stay as close to them as possible for fear of either they or herself getting hurt. She gets very upset to lose someone or something she loves. Lastly, aside from the obvious fear of people, Adelaide is notoriously afraid of bodies of water, as she cannot swim, and is terrified by thunder storms.
History (Optional): Will be revealed later in RP...
Pokemon: Magic (Sylveon - Male) - Formerly owned another Pokemon, which she will reveal/be reunited with in RP
Appearance: A very attractive young girl despite her circumstances; Adelaide has pale blonde bobbed hair which compliments her pale skin, deep blue eyes, and a height of about 5'4'', so she's a little on the short side thanks to stunted growth. Her build is not so much thin as it is malnourished, as she rarely gets to eat. Her clothing consists of a black baseball cap, white top, black jeans, black leather jacket and purple high-top sneakers. Her clothing might seem a little big for her, but that's only because she's so thin. 
Other: Speaks with an Australian accent


Name: Magic
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown 
Species: Sylveon
Moves: Moon Blast, Moonlight, Refresh, Dazzling Gleam
Nature: Calm
Ability: Cute Charm
Appearance: A normal Sylveon in every way except for a blue-purple pet collar around his neck, which has a small bell on it.

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