Personalized Pokemon Role Play - Tigerfrost (Alice)

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7:36pm Feb 22 2016 (last edited on 7:41pm Feb 22 2016)

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((I do want to tell you that I am particularly excited for this. You put a lot of thought into your application. Good luck!)

Alice arrived on her graduation day precisely on time, and sat in her spot, observing the other students as they came through the door with an air of confidence. Her last name, Blackthorn, put her towards the beginning of the alphabetical queue to choose her starter pokemon. Her class of exactly 100 students sat in an auditorium, and before them was their principal, Dr. Neihof. He stood calmly, waiting for them to calm down. There were still a few minutes left before things would get rolling. Behind him were three large cabinets, each containing a single box for each student, with three pokeballs within personalized to them based on their academic performance, as well as personal preference. They were only allowed to choose one. Alongside each box was a small bag containing a few items to help the students along their journeys. Alas, it was time to get started:

Dr. Neihof went through their names nonchalantly, calling out each and presenting before them their predetermined pokemon, of which each person was only allowed to pick one. A couple of the students before Alice had already gone. A girl she knew named Meg had chosen an ekans, which was no surprise to anyone; Cali wanted to be a poison type collector.

A boy she knew named Ottp had also gone, choosing a pichu. Another boy, Viktor, had picked a dratini. Not surprising, as he was the gym leader's son. Clair herself had been at the career ceremony earlier, and she was also rumored to be at the banquet.

"Alice Blackthorn," called Dr. Neihof. Students around her nodded appreciatively at her last name, named for their hometown. From the cabinets he took a box, tossing to the ground three pokeballs. Inside were three pokemon:




She could only choose one.


10:07pm Feb 22 2016

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I looked upon the three Pokeballs before me. Inside one of them was my future companion and friend. It was a hard choice, I was highly fond of each of these Pokemon species and their evolutions. I pause, unsure of which to take. Unconsciously my hand reaches to my necklace, and my thumb rubs against the smooth, cool surface of the Dragon Symbol. I close my eyes briefly and take in a calm breath. Without hesitation I reach out and snatch up a Pokeball. With a large grin on my face, I excitedly whisper to the Pokeball. "Welcome to my family, Murkrow!"

((Oh man! You made this a hard choice for me! I love each of the Pokemon ya picked so much!
I am also very excited for this as well! I haven't had the chance to be in an RP for a few years, so I'm very happy to be a part of one again. I also love the whole idea you have, with the DM type thing, makes this feel very unique and intriguing. Here's to a fun RP!))


11:25am Feb 23 2016

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Dr. Neihof nodded approvingly as Alice carefully selected the murkrow from the three choices. He already knew of the student's love for dark type pokemon, and was pleased that the board's selection had provided her with those choices. He also handed her a bag with some supplies for her journey in it that she would be able to open later.

Alice returned to her seat, not letting the murkrow out just yet, as she didn't want it flying around being mischievous as most of their breed are. She could find out the gender later, and even nickname it if she wanted. Another boy, Tom, nodded respectfully at her choice to leave her pokemon in the pokeball. He had chosen an onix, a huge pokemon that wouldn't be able to fit into their auditorium with all of the people in there.

Finally, the ceremony was over, and the students were given permission to leave. Nearly all of the students bolted out of the room into the courtyard to test out their pokemon, leaving Alice in the room with just a few people. 

There was Meg and her ekans, Otto and his pichu, Viktor and his dratini, Tom and his onix, and lastly Viola, who had gone last and hadn't even had a chance to sit down. Her last name was Zian. She had chosen an eevee.

Alice has the chance to go and talk to these students and decide her opinions of them, or she could choose one blindly to accompany outside. Or, she could go out alone, looking for different trainers to befriend. All of her choices now will effect the future. But the trainers in the room and the trainers outside are who she will travel with. She can bring with her a maximum of 4 other trainers plus herself, though usually trainers travel in groups totaling four, not five. But the decision is yours.

You can talk to them, and if you choose to do so I will provide their dialogue. But a brief deion of their personalities is:

Meg is quiet and mysterious, but a great friend once you know her. She loves poison pokemon and will be collecting them. She chose the collector career.

Otto is quiet and shy, but very nice once you know him. He is a trainer.

Viktor is the gym leader Viola's son. He wants to collect dragon pokemon and become a gym leader. He's loud and brash, but really is insecure and never feels like he will live up to his mom.

You don't really know much about Tom. He's an odd egg out. But he has an onix.

Viola wants to be a pokemon breeder, obviously choosing eevee for the breeding potential and variety of evolutions. She is very smart and sweet, sometimes coming off as bossy even though she doesn't mean it.


12:56pm Feb 23 2016

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For the rest of the duration of the ceremony, I can barely contain myself. I tried my best to stay focused on the other graduating students, but I couldn't help but glance down at Murkrow's Pokeball whenever I could. I wanted to let the little fella outta the Pokeball and greet it for the first time, but I needed to wait.

Before I even realize it, the ceremony is finally over. I stand up, stretch a little, and wait for the other students to exit the room. I'm about to blindly head out of the auditorium myself, when I decide to look back real quick. My eyes immediately land on Viktor. He and I had played together as kids, and his mom was always very nice to me. They're one of the reasons why I love Dragon type Pokemon so much.

I walk over to him, a small grin on my face and my hand lightly waving towards him. "Hey there Viktor! Pretty crazy day, huh?"

((Just to be clear, is having a Noibat already ok? I want to make sure, 'cause I plan on her showing up once we go outside.))

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