Personalized Pokemon Role Play - Nova (Beatrice)

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8:47pm Feb 21 2016 (last edited on 8:59pm Feb 21 2016)

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Beatrice, preferably known as B to those closest to her, arrived on her graduation day anxious about it just as she was about everything else. Her last name, Omehia put her towards the end of the alphabetical queue to choose her starter pokemon. Her class of exactly 100 students sat in an auditorium, and before them was their principal, Dr. Neihof. He stood calmly, waiting for them to calm down. There were still a few minutes left before things would get rolling. Behind him were three large cabinets, each containing a single box for each student, with three pokeballs within personalized to them based on their academic performance, as well as personal preference. They were only allowed to choose one. Alongside each box was a small bag containing a few items to help the students along their journeys. Alas, it was time to get started:

Dr. Neihof went through their names nonchalantly, calling out each and presenting before them their predetermined pokemon, of which each person was only allowed to pick one. A couple of the students before B had already gone. A girl she knew named Cali had chosen a vulpix, which was no surprise to anyone; Cali wanted to be a fire type collector.

A boy she had met named Jerry had also gone, choosing a sneasel. Another boy, Nathan, had picked a magnemite. Not surprising, as he was the gym leader's son. Jasmine herself had been at the career ceremony earlier, and she was also rumored to be at the banquet.

"Beatrice Omehia," called Dr. Neihof. From the cabinets he took a box, tossing to the ground three pokeballs. Inside were three pokemon:




She could only choose one.


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Beatrice jumped at the sound of her name - she'd been too busy wondering who her starter was going to be to pay any attention to who was next. She stood, shaking a little, and headed towards the front of the room at a rather brisk pace. 

B nodded politely at Dr. Neihof before selecting her starter. She was quite glad that this particular species was chosen for her; they were one of her favorites. Pressing the release button, B greeted her new partner with a very large, very doofy grin. "Hello, Houndour!"

The little dog-like Pokemon yawned and shook itself before looking up at B and smiling in return. She showed it her hand and it sniffed it a few times before running its tounge across her palm. Beatrice stifled a giggle and ran her fingers through his fur. The Houndour arched his back and growled in pleasure as she scratched the middle of his back.

"Hmm," she thought outloud, still in awe over her new partner. "Let's name you Zian." The little dog yawned and lolled his tounge in appreciation as B scooped him up in her arms.


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Dr. Neihof nodded in approval, before waving for B to take her seat. She did so distractedly, cradling Zian in her arms while at the same time trying to hold his pokeball. He wasn't exactly calm, quite the opposite. He wriggled and struggled to be free of B's arms, but the pokemon weren't allowed on the floor quite yet. She squeezed him to try and keep him still.

A student beside her named Ben watched her struggle and nodded, feeling her pain. He had received a magikarp, and struggled so much holding its flopping body that he ended up having to return it to his pokeball. Kurt was his name, a shy boy from her classes that had helped her with her homework a few times.

It seemed like forever before the ceremony was over. Dr. Neihof waved his hand, and the students took off outside the door, eager to get to the courtyard and play with their pokemon, and possibly catch a glimpse of the gym leader, Jasmine. B was left behind in the room struggling with Zian to calm down. Also left in the room was Cali and her vulpix, Jerry and his sneasel, Nathan, Jasmine's son, and his magnemite, Ben and his magikarp, and another girl Ysma and her sentret. Ysma had been last to choose because her last name is Zirka. B could walk out with any of them, or she could walk out alone. Or, she could go talk to them before deciding. What does she do?

((Remember to respond briefly to what happens in the first few paragraphs, adding any new info you want, and then finally responding to the question prompt and adding your own info once again! Just stop whenever you need me to supply more info, or if she speaks to another character))


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B bit her lip to keep from crying out as Zian nipped her hand in an attempt to be put down. She cupped his bottom in her left arm and kept her right wrapped across his chest to keep him from wiggling so much. 

It didn't help. At all.

She sighed and just held on firmly, offering an obviously fake smile when the kid beside her, Ben, offered his condolences. B watched him as he attempted to wrestle his Magikarp into submission before finally giving up and returning it to its ball. 
He won't have an easy time with Gyarados either, she thought, pitying him a little. At the same time, though, Gyarados were absolute powerhouses and she could understand why he'd want something with so much potential.

Dr. Neihof dismissed them right about then, making B jump once more. She blushed and looked around, hoping no one saw it. Fortunately, most of the students had gone outside to enjoy the day with their new friends, both human and Pokemon. A small group was lagging behind however, and, not wanting to look like a tool for going out alone, B slid over towards them.
"Hi! Are y'all excited to be graduating?"


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Ysma smiled, glad someone else was lagging behind, and waved at B. "I love your houndour," she said, holding her sentret in her arms. It was cute and fluffy and squeaked in fear when it saw Zian.

Jerry took one look at B, snorted, and walked out of the room, his sneasel following. Ben followed him, though less rudely, looking back as if he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut and headed out with his magikarp in a pokeball. 

Nathan came right up to B and shook her hand. "I'm Nathan, Jasmine's son," he said as if everyone didn't already know. He flashed a winning smile. He was cool and confident, wanting to go on to be a steel type gym leader just like his mom. He exhumed charisma.

Cali, who had been distracted by her vulpix, noticed everyone talking and jogged over. "Hey guys," she said. B recognized her from her Legendary Pokemon and Religion class. "Ready to go outside?"

((You make the story, remember, so you can choose just one or all three or even none of these people to be your friends. In the next few posts you will form your 'party' of people who will travel with you. Remember there are 95 more trainers outside you can pick through and befriend, so don't feel limited to these three!))


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B beamed at the pleasantries - she definitely wasn't used to it.

What she was used to, however, was Jerry's shove-and-nose-up technique, but she found it somewhat amusing when his Sneasel did the same. She gave a little wave to Ben when he looked back.

Almost in a rush, B introduced herself and shook the group's hands. She was particularly drawn to Ysma and stood a little closer to her, causing her Sentret much distress despite Zian's friendly, albeit messy, gestures. B threw out a quick apology when her Houndour's tounge managed to hit the Sentret square in the face.

It didn't take long for Cali to join them and basically usher them outside herself. 

B practically bounded outside, taking deep breaths as the late spring sun hit her face. She spied her father not too far away, but it seemed he was talking to another parent so she decided to let him be for the time being.

"If I put you down, you have to stay next to me, Zian. Okay?" 
The little dog nodded excitedly and B carefully set him on the grass. He sniffed everything from a small patch of clover to other trainers' shoes, but he never left a 10 foot radius around his trainer. Satisfied he wasn't going to get into a mess, B scanned the other trainers, hoping to maybe find some others she knew.


1:10pm Feb 23 2016

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The courtyard was located just behind their school, Olivine  Academy. It was large and filled with greenery, fenced in with a large metal railing that gave it a medieval feel. Oran trees lined the perimeter for privacy. Several teachers stood in groups, monitoring students and talking to parents. A large white tent was set up towards the left, beneath it was a buffet table with food for people and pokemon alike. Many parents had brought with them their own pokemon to introduce to those of their children. 
In the center of the courtyard was a large fountain, where students with their water type pokemon had decided to let them out, though it was too small to host any battles.
On the right side of the courtyard were three makeshift battle fields that had already been set up. Several students were officiating, and battles had already begun. The first two battlefields had just a few students spectating, but the third was completely surrounded by parents and students and even teachers. The gym leader, Jasmine, was hosting battles against students, using some weak low-leveled steel type pokemon. 

As B walked outside, she noticed a lot of commotion towards the far right side of the courtyard. Nathan noticed what it was all about, but didn't go running right towards his mom. Ysma stood next to B, her sentret had finally calmed down, though probably because Zian was now on the ground. Cali, however, noticed her parents right away and sprinted off in the direction of the tent.

B could see Jerry already battling at one of the less crowded battlefields. He was battling another boy with a poliwag named Marco. At the other battlefield, an intense bug battle was happening between a girl named Becca and her ledyba, and a boy named Parker and his spinarak. Students walked around with every type of pokemon imaginable following them, in fact one girl named Vera had been so lucky she had received a dratini. She had a significant little crowd following her around, though she looked uncomfortable with all of the new attention.

Ben was sitting alone on a bench, tossing his pokeball back and forth, deep in thought. He had tried to let it out in the fountain but it splashed a couple of girls in the face and they jeered at him, so he had decided to sit alone to avoid bothering anyone. 

Ysma stood next to B, watching her. Her parents weren't at the banquet. In fact, her parents werent even in the same region. They were in Hoenn, studying tombs and artifacts, studying Rayquaza the sky dragon. Ysma was short, with dark skin, and wore a head scarf to cover her hair. Her clothing covered her head to toe, but she was very beautiful. Her eye makeup was always perfect, and her skin was perfectly clear. Her sentret sat on top of her head, wrapping its tail around her neck for balance.

"This is Kaila," she said, introducing her sentret. "Is there anything you want to do?" Nathan stood next to the both of them, his magnemite floating near his head, buzzing with electricity every once in a while. He waited for B's decision.



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It didn't take long for Beatrice's attention be focused on the large crowd in the battling area, and she was even more captivated when she spied Jasmine's trademark pigtails. 

Before she could make a move in that direction, though, Cali had gone off to visit with her family while Ysma and Nathan gathered a little closer. A few harsh giggles made her look over at the fountain just in time to see Ben withdraw his Magikarp and sit dejectedly on a bench alone.

"Is there anything you want to do?" Ysma asked.
"Yeah, y'all wanna invite Ben over and watch Jasmine battle some? I kinda wanna see how she battles," B suggested, motioning for Zian to come over and join them.

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