Personalized Pokemon Role Play - Locky (Wren)

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7:45pm Feb 22 2016

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Wren arrived on her graduation day nodding hello to everyone who walked by, smiling and exhuming positive energy from every pore. Her last name, Ebaneus, put her towards the beginning of the alphabetical queue to choose her starter pokemon. Her class of exactly 100 students sat in an auditorium, and before them was their principal, Dr. Neihof. He stood calmly, waiting for them to calm down. There were still a few minutes left before things would get rolling. Behind him were three large cabinets, each containing a single box for each student, with three pokeballs within personalized to them based on their academic performance, as well as personal preference. They were only allowed to choose one. Alongside each box was a small bag containing a few items to help the students along their journeys. Alas, it was time to get started:

Dr. Neihof went through their names nonchalantly, calling out each and presenting before them their predetermined pokemon, of which each person was only allowed to pick one. A couple of the students before Wren had already gone. A girl she knew named Abby had chosen a honedge, which was no surprise to anyone; Cali wanted to be a ghost type collector.

A boy she had met named Spence had also gone, choosing an aron. Another boy, Harris, had picked a wurmple. Not surprising, as he was the Santalune city gym leader's son. Viola herself had been at the career ceremony earlier, and she was also rumored to be at the banquet.

"Wren Ebaneus," called Dr. Neihof. From the cabinets he took a box, tossing to the ground three pokeballs. Inside were three pokemon:




She could only choose one.


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Wren sat in her chair, giddy with excitement. She couldn't see her parents from here, but she knew they were watching and listening as the names neared the letter 'E'. And though she hadn't seen Fira enter the building when she had arrived, she had seen her older sister in the audience as well.

One more student, then her. As her name rang throughout the auditorium, Wren stood up, her dress falling over her thighs gracefully as she walked up the stairs. Withe each step, she could feel the cottony material brush the skin just above her knees, merely adding to the impact of her surroundings. Wren stepped onto the stage, eying the three pokeballs in front of her. Now this is where the tough part began. At least, the sort of tough part. 

Wren knew she wouldn't choose the Zorua- Fira had one of those, and it hers was finicky and didn't like Wren. Even though the Zorua in the pokeball was different, Wren just didn't want to test it.

But for the other two, Wren had to consider it carefully. Espurr evolved into Meowstic- one of her favorites. Of course, the coloration depended purely on  gender, but she couldn't help but wish that her Espurr was male. And then Poochyena. Evolves into Mightyena- a dark pokemon that's a force to be reckoned with when paired with others of its kind. Wren knew that she would need some serious help if she was to get anywhere in her journey- the kind of help that could only be provided by the powerful and intelligent Espurr.

Wren reached down, grasping the pokeball with long, delicate fingers. She held it close to her chest, then glanced down at her warped reflection in the shiny red top. "Espurr," she breathed, barely a whisper. 

[I don't know if you choose the gender or anything, but preferably a male :3 I'm very excited for this rp. I don't think I've ever been in one so completely customized :D]

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(( no you're fine! That's perfect, you know exactly how to do this! You choose the gender, you can specify in the next entry. I'm assuming male though. ))

Dr. Neihof nodded approvingly as Wren carefully selected the poochyena from the three choices. He already knew of the student's love for dark type pokemon, and was pleased that the board's selection had provided her with those choices. He also handed her a bag with some supplies in it for her journey that she would be able to open later.

Kuro was not the most calm pokemon, however, and wriggled and struggled in Wren's arms as she returned to her seat to watch the rest of the selection process. A boy behind her named Luke nodded knowingly as he watched her struggle. He had dealt with the same thing just a few minutes ago, as he had chosen a magikarp. It just wouldn't stop splashing and finally he had just had to return it into its pokeball. 

Finally, the ceremony was over, and the students were given permission to leave. Nearly all of the students bolted out of the room into the courtyard to test out their pokemon, leaving Wren in the room with just a few people. 

There was Cali and her honedge, Spence and his aron, Harris and his wurmple, Luke and his magikarp, and lastly Qierra, who had gone last and hadn't even had a chance to sit down. Her last name was Zian. She had chosen an eevee.

Wren has the chance to go and talk to these students and decide her opinions of them, or she could choose one blindly to accompany outside. Or, she could go out alone, looking for different trainers to befriend. All of her choices now will effect the future. But the trainers in the room and the trainers outside are who she will travel with. She can bring with her a maximum of 4 other trainers plus herself, though usually trainers travel in groups totaling four, not five. But the decision is yours.

You can talk to them, and if you choose to do so I will provide their dialogue. But a brief deion of their personalities is:

Cali is bubbly and sweet, a great friend but not always the brightest. She loves ghost pokemon and will be collecting them. She chose the collector career.

Spence is quiet and shy, but very nice once you know him. He is a trainer.

Harris is the gym leader Viola's son. He wants to collect bug pokemon and become a gym leader. He's loud and brash, but really is insecure and never feels like he will live up to his mom.

Luke wants to be a scientist, and wants to evolve his magikarp into a gyarados as soon as possible so he can explore the oceans. He likes water types. 

Qierra wants to be a pokemon breeder, obviously choosing eevee for the breeding potential and variety of evolutions. She is very smart and sweet, sometimes coming off as bossy even though she doesn't mean it.


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[Okay! Um, yeah. I edited my post after I posted. Yesterday was really busy and I wanted to get a starting post before we had to head out. So when I got back, I noticed that it was really bad and I edited it  I can attempt to switch it back to poochyena f you'd like, to make things a bit easier. I didn't realize that you'd already seen the first one and typed a reply. :#]

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(I hate to double post but where are you? Is everything okay irl?)
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