Midnight Magic (Ch & Creus)

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In the shadows of humanity exist supernatural beings living on the fringes of society, their existence is illegal in the world they struggle to survive. The majority of the human population do not know they exist, all information of their existence wiped from the country by the governing bodies of the world. It is unknown exactly why they did this or why they deemed supernatural beings illegal however what is known is that each kingdom has their own force who's sole purpose is to suppress and oppress these beings. After centuries of beings hunted, killed or collared and forced into servitude, there is not too many left and the rarest of all the ones capable of using magic. They are both the most feared and coveted as very little is known about them, almost all records regarding magic have been destroyed. Its common belief among those few whom are lucky enough to know about the supernatural beings existence to believe that a single magic user has the power to change the face of the world. Whether this is true or not this belief has led to their downfall, those who feared them burned anyone suspected of magic use at trials or sought to capture and control them, just like they have done for centuries to the rest of the supernatural community.

Widely outnumbered by humanity these supernatural beings have been forced under ground in order to survive and avoid these government funded forces. While most have adapted to living their lives in hiding the desire for companionship, too be around those who understand is and to have a chance at being themselves has driven some daring individuals to create secret hideouts, nightclubs where supernatural beings can hang out and be themselves. These clubs can be found everywhere, having gained popularity in the last century however they are constantly on the move to avoid detection. Thus it makes it extremely difficult for one who is not on the inside to track them down, one must first prove they are not human before receiving a small coin which is enchanted to change its face in order to give clues of the nearest club location. These coins will also glow upon approach of the nightclubs, aiding their owners in finding them.


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Heather Jones

19 | Female | Elemental | Her Vibe

Likes: The color yellow, tacos, new places/traveling

Dislikes: Confrontation, needles, elevator music

About: Heather Jones seems selfless and easy going. With any decision she has, she is overly aware of every rule and opinion along the way. She wants to go by the book, following what is told of her. She’d do the brave thing, but she’d do it like a soldier who has a chief, hand raised high in salute, following orders. Random and spontaneous doesn’t work for her.

She isn't impulsive in her decisions and sees passed what she wants to what is necessary for all involved. She is rational, weighing all possible outcomes. This inherent need to want to please others causes her to have trouble communicating what she is feeling, which leads to holding everything in until she handles it in unhealthy ways (dark slumps, randomly disconnecting, cutting off others, etc).

Sometimes, she doesn’t feel real. Sometimes, she feels like there is no Heather Jones, like she is the physical entity of what anyone wants her to be in that moment. She gets into dark slumps, where she finds herself lost and discontent. All of this to say, there is a certain level of approval she is searching for that she is lacking.

Aside from this, there is a curiosity to what her own voice can do, and a desire to understand herself more outside of the ‘foster child’ or ‘lost puppy’ mentality that she has succumbed to believe about herself.

Backstory: We talked a bit in the rmails about how she is basically beginning the rp in search of her backstory. All she knows is that she was fostered throughout her teens and now she is on her own, so she doesn’t know where she has come from. She is desperate to find her origins so that she can understand herself better, as well as understand her powers more to keep them secret.

I’m thinking she always had them, but they got more and more intense/obvious as she grows up, so now she knows for sure she isn’t human. If not that, then she never had them until something triggered it and they came up all of a sudden. I’ll make sure to decide clearly in her intro so that that’s squared away.

Favorite moment: From a scene in a novel I am writing, where her friend Brandon bought her first dress and she sees herself in it for the first time. “The dress fell to mid-thigh, showing her thick thighs, the yellow stripes of her dress accentuating the width of her pear hips. She'd never felt more pretty. She put on non-slip flats, awkward looking compared to her dress. These were the only type of shoes she had. Good support and tan. She admired what she saw. A woman. Herself, all her, with the yellow bright against her brown skin and the dress falling over her curves without accentuating a piece of them, hidden, just how she liked it. This was her, thankfully, uncontrollably, freely her."


Thanks for your patience! Other than this, I just like to get to know my character as I write her out. She's fairly new so even her powers are new, I'm hoping to know enough about them to type out in her intro so we aren't completely winging scenes haha.

Are we starting with her going into one of the hidden night clubs?

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!

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On a dark cloud covered night a figure cloaked in black walked through a forest near the local lord of the regions manor. If one where to witness the figure in action they might assume they where witnessing a supernatural event for he moved with such grace and silence one could easily mistake him for a ghost or ghoul. Though the figure may indeed be linked to supernatural being no magic or tricks where presently being used. He was merely a practiced thief well versed in the ways of moving quietly in order to avoid detection.

For the last two weeks this thief had been journeying out to this distant area, scouting it out and observing the nightly routines of the guards and the manors inhabitants. He memorized every little detail, from something as obvious as when the guards changed shifts and their patrol routes to their behaviors and mannerisms, even the nightly routine of the manors inhabitants failed to escape his attention. Every little detail was important when planning out a theft of this magnitude, the slightest misstep could easily lead to his death. His target was a treasure  hidden deep within the manor an object who's worth far exceeded its value.

It was a simple sapphire encrusted pendant on a gold chain, something that may fetch a pretty penny on the black market but to most thieves its value would not be worth the risks. Yet despite that it had been the subject of much controversy over the last few years and the target of many theft attempts. This necklace was proof of ownership of the region, handed to the previous lords ancestors by an ancient king as proof of their rank and power, proof of ownership of the land.  Years ago in a cruel political move led by a corrupt government official it had been stolen and the previous lord of the land had been executed.  At the time the man in question had pretended to be a savior of the common people, promising to reduce taxes and bring about a better education system however it had all been a lie. The man turned out to be a cruel tyrant, taxing his people nearly to death and forcibly subduing anyone who dare question his law.

Upon entering the region the thief had immediately witness how badly the people suffered. It was not an uncommon sight per say but this region was worst than most. Normally there was nothing he could do to help but he learned something intriguing at the local night club. The previous lords family had survived, the mans wife and children went into hiding among the supernaturals and have offered a massive reward to anyone who was able to retrieve that necklace.

They promised everything, including banning hunters and restoring the rights of the supernatural beings in the region if they could retrieve it. Of course, the mage didn't believe them as many others had, in fact he highly doubted they where doing anything other than using the local supernaturals in order to survive. This was not the first time a wealthy or powerful person, who knew about the existence of his kind had offered that sort of thing only to immediately go back on their word after they achieved what they wanted. Despite this many supernatural beings put their lives on the line, desperate to bring about change no matter how empty the promise may seem.

For the thief, his goal wasn't so lofty he was almost certain that these people wouldn't keep their word and initiate change that would bring supernaturals peace at last. Rather his goal was quite simple, he planned to hold onto the necklace until they paid they monetary reward they offered and then take his leave from the region before they decided to come after him and take it back. What motivated him further was that the previous lord did treat his people fairly and he hoped that at the very least that if they managed to reclaim their position, they too would treat their people fairly and the conditions of the common people would approve. The supernatural people would also benefit from this as many of them lived hidden within humanity, living side by side with the commoners. Even if the slayers continued to hunt in the region at the very least the conditions the supernaturals lived in would improve along with the rest of the common people.

It would only be a slight change but for the thief it was good enough, plus deep in his heart he hoped that the lords wife and her kids would at the very least remember the kindness the supernatural community offered them.

Soon he arrived at his destination but he didn't act right away, he sat quietly in the cover of the trees waited and watched for the perfect moment to strike. A few minutes after he arrived his only friend and traveling companion arrived at his side. Panting lightly after his hearty romp in the woods the white wolf looked up the tree where he sat and whined softly. The wolf at least was ready to get the party started, the wolf was part of his plan.

Along with human guards there where quite a few guard dogs wondering the property as well, they where almost always harder to slip past than the humans but if they where distracted by a lone wolf in the area things would be easier for him. The thief waited for the clouds to cover the new moon before he made his move. Drawing his hood up over his long golden blond hair he jumped down from the tree and sent Blitz out to distract the dogs. The wolf never howled or made a peep as he rounded the property, popping in sight briefly before slipping back into the forest. As the thief expected the guard dogs almost immediately went over to investigate though they did not raise any alarm. A well trained guard dog would not generally bark at another animal but would raise the alarm if an unfamiliar person came about. These dogs where no different and while some of the guards took note of the dogs behavior, they almost immediate dismissed it as they did not alert.

This was something the thief and his pet had already practiced, several times over the last few weeks while he scouted the place out  he had sent Blitz out to bother the dogs. Overtime the guards had gotten accustom to the dogs behavior and started to ignore it. At first they to had invested what distracted the dogs but upon continually seeing nothing there and having nothing bad happen they started to ignore them. Likely the soldiers just assumed that the dogs where just reacting to a harmless wild animal and in part they where right.

While the dogs went off to investigate the thief finally made his move, moving around to the opposite side of the manor he waited until a guard on patrol passed by and then jumped the fence. From there on he had to move quickly, using magic for the first time that night he drew energy from within, pulling at it and directing it outside of himself. This was not a true spell but rather a direct manipulation of magical energy and he used it to manipulate the lock on the manors window. By the time he arrived at the side of the manor, the lock was open and he simply popped open the window and sipped inside, making sure to close it behind himself in order to not raise any suspicion.

The room he ended up in was a small library, dusty and abandoned at this time of night it was exactly where he wanted to be. He had not spoken to the previous lords wife and her children directly but rather he had eavesdropped as she gave a detailed layout of the manor to another potential thief. That thief was a werewolf who had tried to steal the pendant and failed, the guard dogs had caught him before he had gotten too far, thanks to his strength he had been able to escape but was badly wounded.

Creus had never agreed to this theft, never spoken to the former lords family either. It was unlikely that they even knew he was here, this theft was something he planned out on his own though he had spoken to the werewolf and a few others who had tried to steal it over the last few years. Thankfully what little they saw of the manors layout seemed to coincide with what he had overheard the family say, though he knew he still needed to be cautious. He didn't want the family to know for a few reasons, one simply being that he didn't trust them and two he wanted to make sure they where unprepared for it. If they didn't know that the thing they desired was about to fall into their hands they wouldn't have a chance to formulate some devious plot that they could use against him.

Standing near the libraries closed door the thief listened quietly for the sounds of someone walking by but he heard none. The next step was to activate his mage sight, a spell that allowed him to see the world around him at its barest form, an elemental construct, each element appearing different in the sight. It was not blocked by walls as the images created by this magic where projected straight into his mind rather than seen with his eyes. With it he could see the elemental make up of things, including the guards who patrolled the halls of the manor. There where a few near by but none in the hall outside the library.

Mage sight was good for long distance viewing but it took a lot of focus to maintain and would potentially leave him open to attack so he released its magic as he reached toward the door knob. Even though the magic faded away his blue eyes still glowed faintly from the sight in the dark. Stepping into the hallway, the mage thief quietly moved down it and toward what he hoped would be the location of the pendant.


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The heavy dust around the corner table was thick. With a bored finger, Heather doodled lines on the wood, letting the dust buildup onto her finger until she had to blow it off. Outside, guests in mourning held each other or wiped their faces or spoke of gentle memories about their loved ones. Heather sat by a stained glass window of purples and blues, and she closed her eyes, imagining the colors to seep into her skin and fill up all that felt empty.

The church doors creaked open and the group slowly walked in. It was already evening, but the grief plaguing us was keeping us from moving any more quickly. A priest wasn’t in sight, but she assumed he was somewhere preparing for the service. Everyone sat. Heather stayed in her back corner. The front of the room was lit by candles, decorated by dust, and centered with two wooden coffins. Every guest clutched a beloved item to place in either casket of whom they represented today, as was the custom for our funerals. Heather held nothing.

No matter the deep poverty of the village’s heart, the villager’s hearts were always pursuing joy and gladness. After the funeral, all the guests were invited to a dinner banquet to celebrate the lives of Mr. John and Annabell Dibs.

Painted portraits of Heather’s adoptive parents were in big frames for all to see and celebrate. Members of the family and village came to her at separate times, discreetly. Those who knew her said things like, “They were amazing parents” and “They’d be so proud of you.” Those not as familiar with her said phrases they thought would be comforting, like “Oh, you have John’s eyes!” and Heather learned to smile politely, thank them, and move on.

She looked at John’s portrait and let herself smile. She didn’t have his eyes, but his spirit, soft and gentle and kind without an ounce of war within him, would forever be bound in her.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a body slammed into her back, making them both almost topple over. She turned around to see her aunt, lipstick lined deep red and hair never pulled back, holding a tankard filled to the brim.

“Oh! Excuse me!” Aunt Beth said, though she giggled like she didn’t care whether she was excused or not. Heather observed a couple looks around her, grabbed her aunt’s elbow and gently pulled her away from the room, out the door, all the way outside the church.

“Maybe you should cut yourself off now, Aunt Beth.”

The thought made her aunt laugh with her gut and she didn’t hide it. Throwing her head back in a way a woman should never do, she exposed her neck and held her chest in a hearty laugh. Almost instantly, her laughter turned to stone and she stared at Heather.

“Have hope, dear child. There is so much about this world you don’t know.”

Heather nodded her head, following her plan for what to say to every kind statement given since her parent’s death. “Thank you. It is a hard time, but this too shall pass. I will be okay.”

This response didn’t appease Aunt Beth. Her intense gaze stayed on Heather, pupils big and drunk.

“Your heart is big but your mind is so small. There is so much more to you then they let you know.”

“Okay. Alright. Thank you, Aunt Beth.”

Aunt Beth’s beer dribbled over her chin as she gulped some more. Heather turned to go back inside, and she grabbed Heather’s arm desperately.

“John was a fool! He thought he was helping you. They hid the truth and the darkness will only come with more intensity now that they’re gone!”

Heather pulled on her arm and Aunt Beth released it. Heather spoke calmly but firm. “You’re drunk. That gives you no right to speak of them in any way less than honorable. Especially right now.”

Aunt Beth didn’t seem to hear her. “And with no one keeping you blind, it will come for you and you’ll have nowhere to turn. You won’t know how to hide it.” Aunt Beth grew anxious, her free hand tugging at her hair. “They’ll find you and take you, they’ll hurt you, they’ll kill you!” She leaned in real close to Heather, with a new thought that gave her peace of mind. She whispered, “Look to the thief who walks like magic. His knowledge might very well save you.”

At the mention of magic, Heather stepped back in horror. At least Heather had the rational mind to have taken Aunt Beth outside, where no one from the clergy could hear.  “Leave. Your behavior is an embarrassment during my parent’s honor.” Aunt Beth hesitated and Heather pointed to the exit. Her finger shook but she still pointed away. Tears burned her eyes. “Leave! Now!”

Aunt Beth set down her drink on the grass and pulled her cloak around her shoulder. She looked at Heather with eyes that sparkled hints of gold. As a reflection of the surrounding lights or by a glow all their own. They stared at Heather deeply, seeing much more than her skin and bone. “By the next moon rise, all that you understand of this world will be like the dust on your finger tips.”

Aunt Beth turned away with more grace than she had ever exuberated. Heather hugged her waist with an unsettled fear she couldn’t name.

Heather decided to sleep in her home that night. In her bedroom, to pretend like things were as they always were. Her mother and father in the other room, breakfast will be made by the time she wakes up tomorrow. It was comforting to pretend, even if it would break her heart tomorrow. Many from the banquet objected. Even those with a home so small it barely fit their own family offered her a place to sleep. But she knew what she needed to do to get through this time.

For now, she slept as she always slept. Until she didn’t.

After 2 hours of ignorant bliss, Heather woke in a panic, lifting herself off her pillow. Her hair was matted from sweat. Her thoughts immediately went to her aunt. The words spoken so confidently by the family drunk somehow still made her terrified, no matter how crazy Aunt Beth is known to be.

Heather lifted off the bed, put her feet on the floor, and searched for her slippers. Under the bed, by the nightstand, all around the room. Once finding them, she put them on, and only then did she realize that she forgot to light the candle first.

She looked around her room a second time, as though seeing it for the first time. The shadows were still shadows but she saw every one of them. She could see her pitch black room. She could see the dark skin of her arms. She could see… in the dark.

The moon shone bright at her window and she blinked. She would have to ask the priest if there is any wisdom on the moon being brighter than usual.

She went back to the bed, forgetting what she needed to get up for. When she went to grab the blanket, she saw an inky blackness swallowing up her brown skin, from her fingertips, to her palm, to her wrist. Shooting out of bed, she screamed at whatever was overtaking her arm, her voice gradually going louder and louder with more realization of what was happening. “Uh… Oh. Uh, help! Help!”

It crawled up her elbow, to her bicep and on her shoulder. She could feel it going to her neck and it made her shiver. She held her forearm as though it pained her but it didn’t, not really. She grabbed her lamp and lit the inside. By the time she frantically looked back at her arm, the ink on her skin was gone.

She sat back on the bed, desperately scratching and rubbing her skin. She looked at her other arm, both of her feet and legs, her waist, her chest, her back as best she could. Smooth, normal skin.

And that is how she ended up here.

In route for Aunt Beth’s home to speak to her about what happened last night. She needed to know what Aunt Beth meant by what she said.

She felt crazy, considering what the drunk said the day before. But after not sleeping the rest of the night, traumatized by the fear, she had to weed out all the bad ideas before reaching more proper explanations for what was happening to her.

And that is when she saw a man elegantly sneak into the manor of the king in her region.

A sense of urgency in her told her to rush right away and warn the guards. But the other side of her, the curious side that didn’t need a lantern because she saw the woods at this time of night just fine and she didn’t know why, stood in wait. It was intriguing to watch. She waited from where she hid in the trees for any new sign of the intruder.

Her Aunt’s words stood out to her then.

She looked up as the full moon came back out of hiding from the clouds. By the next moon rise, all that you understand of this world will be like the dust on your finger tips.


Thanks for your patience! I made the ending small so that we can move on, as mine was getting longer than necessary too!

I decided the ‘trigger’ was her human adoptive parents dying. The pain being bad enough for the dark powers to break through. That, and the fact that the company of her human parents isn’t constantly shadowing her from the truth so her mind is more open to what she can do.

The element she will be able to control is darkness/shadows. Like being able to see in the dark, hiding/turning invisible when in a shadow, moving shadows, that sort of thing. :p   

Back from hiatus. Open to more roleplays!

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The halls within the manor where cool and dark, line with paintings, statues, vases and hand made rugs it was just like any other manor he had broken into. Nobles far and wide collected expensive treasures and decor in order to show off their wealth however none of it was useful to him. Each piece might be worth a lot but they where far to large for him to sneak out with unnoticed.

Occasionally he passed by a room where he could hear soft snores but it took a little while before he encounter his first guard. He heard the mans footsteps long before he even got near so the mage thief quickly quietly retreated in the direction he had come until he found a door. It was locked but it was a simple one, within seconds he had it unlocked from the other side. He cracked the door open carefully in order to avoid any creaking and slipped inside, gently closing it behind him.  The room appeared to simply be a sitting room with a fire place, shelves full of books and fancy looking chairs. The thief eyed the books for a moment, he always enjoyed a good book but the ones they had here seemed quite bulky and cumbersome so he left them alone. Less than a minute later he heard the guard walk by, after another minute passed he slipped out and continued on his way.

There where not that many guards on the main floor, he encountered only two both of which he was able to hide from. The second time he merely ducked behind a large statue before continuing on his path. Eventually he came upon a flight of stairs and followed it down, the place was large but after speaking with a werewolf who had attempted to break in as well he had a fairly good idea of the places layout, though he was still careful. The werewolf seemed honest but for all he knew it could have been lying in order to throw him off. Most thieves where greedy after all, it might have planned to try again though it had almost been killed the first time.

Finding the basement of the manor was the easy part, once he got to the bottom of the stairs he activated his mage sight again. There was got a few more guards down here and unlike the ones on the first floor who where just lazily patrolling these ones seemed to be quite active. They would be a lot harder to sneak by but Creus did not go directly down the hall. Instead in order to by pass some of the guards he located servants quarters. The majority of manors had servants and the majority of lords did not want their servants seen, as a result they often had quarters located in basements, outside or other hidden locations and they had access to hidden passages where they would quietly go about their work largely unseen by the manors residents.

The trick now was to invade the quarters without detection and access the hidden passages, navigate them correctly and get closer to the treasury. With no guards near the quarters, he stopped outside and listened, activating his mage sight once again to insure they where all sleeping. Cracking open the door he peeked inside, hearing soft snoring from the sleeping servants. None noticed the door, likely used to people coming and going as needed throughout the night.

Moving quietly he located a passage and slipped inside, entering complete and total darkness. The passage was narrow, lined with rough wooden walls and had a musty sent. Relying on his mage sight he navigates his way through the passage, bypassing a total of four guards before the passage turned away. It took a few minutes to locate the nearest exit and when he did he found himself in a room with a desk covered in paperwork. There was no one in site but just outside was a guard. There was no avoiding this one, he stood there for a moment studying the area around the guard. There was just on in this area and the guy had his back to the door, he seemed to be guarding the room which was a bit curious so the thief decided to take a closer look at the paperwork.

Most of it was pretty useless however the moment he saw the tax records he knew they would be useful. Just a quick glance told him something was amiss though he didn't stick around long enough to study them. Instead he snatched them, rolled them up and prepared to ambush the guard. Sneaking back up to the door he unlocked it, waited another moment to see if the guard noticed but when it was clear he didn't the mage gathered his magic in one hand and quietly opened the door.

The guard with his back to the door never saw what hit him, a simple magic bolt comprised largely of ice straight to the back of the head. Creus caught the man as he fell, dragged him back into the room and using the mans hand cuffs, cuffed him to the desk and tossed the key, before kicking the small ball of ice under a piece of furniture where it could melt and hopefully go unnoticed. The man would likely take awhile to wake up but this was the start of things getting interesting. Leaving the room behind he continued down the hall, ducking out of sight as two guards on patrol walked passed.

Not long after that he  reached his destination, peering around the corner of a wall he spotted two more guards standing in front of a locked iron door. He would have no choice but to take care of them two and there was no way he could avoid being seen by them. They where the reason why the werewolf had failed, he had gotten this far but got spotted by the guards.  Thankfully he was prepared, under his breath he mutter the words to a simple spell, one that created a barrier out of magical energy. It was beginners magic but he had tweaked it just a bit to block out sound. He felt the air flow around him shift ever so slightly as the spell activated, comprised of air and magic it was not immediately visible. Rather its appearance was like that of heat waves coming off the ground.

It took the guards a moment something was off but then it was already too late, he had them in his trap. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a small glass vial, filled with a clear liquid, opened a tiny hole in the barrier and reached around the corner and chucked it inside. The vial broke and the liquid, a strong anesthetic spilled out. It was something he bought from an alchemist some time ago. he contained properties that when exposed to air the liquid turned into a gas. Once breathed in the gas would knock its victims out, it also had the advantage of temporarily messing with ones memory. Once the guard woke up they would likely not remember what happened. He stayed out of sight as the guards struggled and went down.

The gas was fast acting, he would only have ten minutes at most before they started waking up so he moved quickly. Letting the barrier magic go he used wind magic to blow away the rest of the gas  he picked up and pocketed the shattered remains of the vial and went straight to the door, nudging the guards to make sure they where out along the way.  He stopped long enough to prop both men against the wall and using wind magic he held them in a standing position, just in case any patrol passed by. The lock on the door was a bit more complicated to get through but under his experienced hand it soon gave way and he stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

Inside the treasure room he quickly searched out and located the necklace which was in another locked box. Once he pocketed that he grabbed some gold coins and a few other small, pricey things like gems and jewellery and then left the treasury behind. He didn't take a lot, he wasn't greedy enough to grab as much as he could carry. What he did take was worth more than enough to keep him going for a few good months and help out a lot of people in need. After he sold the items he planned on returning much of money back to the poor people who's taxes payed for it all.

He closed and locked the door behind him and left the guards posted against the wall for now, they where still out and he did not want a patrol to notice them laying on the floor. He would release the magic once he left the manor behind, provided he could get out before they started waking up.

The rest of his little invasion was relatively uneventful, he returned to the servant passages and followed them back up to the first floor, found the room he initially entered and left the manor behind. Once he stepped out the window he released the magic holding the guards in place and after insuring his path was safe he darted back over to the fence, jumped it and slipped back into the forest. He left everything as it originally was, locking all doors that had been locked in order to help cover up his invasion. The liquid from the vial already had evaporated, the glass itself had already been removed. Even if one where to look under the furniture where the ice bolt was, a small puddle of water wasn't much to go on even if one was smart enough to consider it evidence. Once the guard he had drugged woke up their minds would be fuzzy for quite some time, chances where they would not notice anything was amiss right away. The guard he knocked out would eventually awaken but he was trapped there until someone noticed him, by that time he would be long gone.

The last bit of magic he used was something he invented himself and tested with Blitz, it disguised his scent trail in order to confuse any tracking dog that might be brought out in order to find him and he kept it up as he searched out an reunited with the wolf. The mage thief wasted no time sticking around and started heading deeper into the forest.


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I waited for a long time. Long enough to consider leaving, long enough to replay Aunt Beth’s warnings ten times, long enough to sit down criss cross with drooping eyes trying their best to keep staring at the thief’s entrance. My head started dipping to the side when I finally saw movement by the window. My head shot up and I stood very slowly as to not capture any attention, even from him. I still had no idea what I was going to do or if this was wise. Or if he was safe.

What did Aunt Beth want me to do?

The thief moved quickly and without hesitation, I followed along.

As he went deeper into the forest, I followed him with the intention of being stealthy. I wasn’t sure what I’d do yet, I wasn’t ready for him to see me. I walked slowly, wincing at every branch I stepped on, expecting a loud crack to follow. And with each one, no noise came. I looked down and didn’t see my feet. Or my dress and cloak for that matter. Just the dark of the shadows. Heart skipping beat after beat, I looked around me in a panic, seeing the thief in the night and the forest ahead of me but seeing nothing of me within it. Like I wasn’t there. Like I didn’t exist.

The thought put me in a panic. “Help? Help!” I croaked, then shouted, my physical being swallowed by the shadow of the night. “What’s happening to me...?” I whispered frantically. The noise of my voice didn’t echo, didn’t even sound. I know I said it but I didn’t hear it. As though the forest shadows quite literally swallowed me up and kept me blanketed from reality.

I began to move then, where the stranger had moved, faster, catching up, begging for him to help. I didn’t feel the ground beneath me or wind move my hair.

Opening my mouth for one last shriek of help, a warm sensation slapped onto my skin like silk and I could feel leaves on my hand. The warm spring air met my skin. My skirts swayed. I gasped at the feelings coming back to me, looking down at my hands and feet. I watched in horror as the inky black seeped down my arm and to my wrist, disappearing at my fingertips. Reality letting me breathe again. I could feel my feet on the ground. My heavy breaths could be heard.

I looked back at the man I had waited for and chased. I wasn’t sure how much he saw or heard, or even if he knew I was there. “Excuse me.” I said meekly, desperately.

I never figured out what to say to the man. The chaos of the last day had kept me from rational thinking and I had no idea how to approach him. Nothing made sense anymore.

Just like Aunt Beth warned.

All that could come out, with the thought of Aunt Beth, was in a voice of awe, unbelieving that he was really real, “You’re the thief, aren’t you?”

I held my hands behind my back, hoping he didn’t see the darkness that had formerly snaked my skin. If he wasn’t who I thought he was, he could do more damage than help for me.

They’ll find you, they’ll hunt you, they’ll kill you!

Remembering Aunt Beth’s warning, I backed away slowly and tried to hide the implication of the legendary magical thief in my question. “I mean… I saw you. Back there, breaking into the manor.”

Wincing, I realized that wasn’t much better, catching a criminal in the act. I hurriedly added, “I won’t tell anyone. I was just impressed. That’s all.” I shrugged in an attempt to seem calm, knees trembling beneath my skirts.

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Shortly after leaving the manor behind Creus began to feel as though something in the area wasn't quite write. He did not see anyone off hand however the strange feeling that something was off persisted and he wasn't the only one who picked up on it. At his side Blitz seemed on high alert, the white wolfs golden eyes where constantly scanning the forest, his ears alert and his body slightly tense. Without even thinking about it the mage thief reached out and placed a hand on his pets back to both steady himself and his pet. "Lets keep going" he murmured softly to the animal and hastened his pace.

Was something or someone following him perhaps? Had he been spotted by a guard or something? If that was the case then why would they just quietly follow him? If it was a guard it would make much more sense for them to sound an alarm and arrange a chase if they knew he was a thief and if they didn't and simply found him suspicious wouldn't they just call out too him and question him? It seemed odd that guards would handle things so quietly however he supposed it could be possible.

Of course it could also be another being like himself, which would explain why their presence wasn't easy to pick up on. Perhaps since they couldn't break into the manor and steal the necklace themselves they had taken to stalking the area in hopes of ambushing any thief who managed to steal it and take the reward for themselves? That was something he certainly wouldn't put above some of the beings who lived in the area. Not all supernaturals where kind after all and if they saw a chance to make their lives better they may certainly pounce upon that chance regardless of what might happen to others. It was a cruel world all around after all, nothing was ever certain.

If he was being followed he wanted to make sure he lost whomever it was before returning to town. The last thing he wanted was to lead whatever it was to were he was currently staying. Even if it just happened to be after the necklace he knew from past experience that allowing himself to be followed was never a good idea. It could put both himself and his pet in grave danger.

Instead of heading toward the town he started to take a diagonal path, waiting and watching for whatever it was to appear. He could walk all night if he had too and if it didn't relent he would fetch his horse in the morning and leave town.

Fortunately he didn't have to wait long at all, within minutes of taking a new path Blitz suddenly let out a loud growl and whirled around. The thief turned sharply as well, just in time to see a girl appear out of the shadows.

At first she seemed rather meek and bumbling but the moment she mentioned the theft he was on edge, watching her icily. He had seen her appear from the shadows, it wasn't something a normal human could do which meant she was a supernatural like him. Her demeanor wasn't like someone who intended to be a threat but rather she seemed almost confused however it could be a ploy to convince him to let his guard down for all he knew.

"Who are you and why are you here?" He neither acknowledged nor denied the theft, if this girl actually saw it denial was pointless but admitting to a theft to a complete stranger was far worse. His words where sharp and contained a hint of warning, he didn't like the thought of harming a stranger but he would do what was needed to protect himself. At his side Blitz continued to growl softly, eying the new comer wearily.


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I think I regretted staying to meet this man the moment my words hung in the air. I was going about this all wrong and I had no control. Now I was alone with a man in the woods who didn’t seem to want to humor the girl swallowed up by shadows. 

The wolf at his side was growling and the golden eyes were on me. Never had I seen something like this pet before and I backed away in caution, but observed in curiosity. 

I looked back to him, unsure how much to say. Then again, wasn’t that the plan all along, when I sat in the bushes waiting for this moment?  But with the golden eyes before me, the inky black around me, all of it made me terrified. 

These were of the untold things. The things my parents hid my eyes of and if I ever learned anything about the supernatural, my father would boil it down to the workings of the devil and to stay away. The thought of my father filled me with grief then, but not the kind that would make me break down and cry in front of this stranger. It was more like, filled me with the strength and wisdom to find the perfect pairing of words without an ounce of cower in my voice, even with this newfound magic in the air.

Would my father be proud? Or disgusted by me?

“I was told the knowledge of a thief would save me. My name is Heather Jones and my parents are dead and now I don’t know what’s happening to me.” 

As my emotions heightened, the black ink snaked up my spine and I could feel it’s heat. I cringed and rolled a shoulder, hoping it would go away, but it snaked around my neck and my shoulders, like a tattoo of my silhouette. 

Feeling the warmth stretch out to the skin outside my dress, I tore off my cloak to show him as it stretched and moved. 

“Can you take it away? Please, make it stop. I’ll do anything!”

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Their where a lot of things Creus thought this girl might say, most regarding the theft that had just occurred. Considering she pointed it out he guessed that she was probably after something, so he was rather taken aback when she spoke again. The knowledge of a thief would save her? How in the world did that make sense? Did she need something stolen so badly that her life counted on it or something? What did she mean she didn't know what was happening to her and why would he care if her parents where dead? Lots of people lost family and she for one looked old enough to survive on her own so he had very little sympathy there.

All this was a rather strange turn of events and he wasn't quite sure what to make of it and the thief was quite startled when she suddenly tore off the cloak she was wearing. Even his companion seemed a bit confused by the action. The wolfs growl momentarily turned into a full on snarl when she moved quickly however quickly ceased when she didn't do anything else. For a moment neither one quite knew what to do.

"Um, first of all I'm no hero, secondly the only one who can stop that magic is you. Your the one who controls it. Usually that kind of stuff runs in the family, why not seek out a family member to teach you how to use it properly? If you do not have any family then just go to a night club and see if you can find someone who knows how to control elements to teach you? Doesn't even have to be the same type of element to get a basic idea of how to use yours." The thiefs words where a bit dry, his expression deadpan as he studied her with deep blue eyes. He really had no interest in helping this stranger, he was no teacher nor some sort of savior.  Furthermore helping her would reveal that he was a magic user himself and that was out of the question.

It was bad enough she saw him enter the manor tonight, thankfully he hadn't used much magic outside of it. At least he hadn't used anything that obvious anyway, the only thing that might have stood out was the mage sight. It left a telltale blue glow behind in his iris's when used which was something he couldn't hide and it took a little while to fade away.  

"You have heard of the nightclubs right? There are the places people like you hang out."


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His response caught me off guard. Mostly because I expected him to have some sort of horrified reaction to what was happening on my skin. It was so new to me. And yet, to him, it seemed like nothing worth blinking at. My skin made my own stomach turn, not only because of having no control but also what it implied. 

And what he implied. 

The mention of magic, thrown away so simply, so casually, like it wasn’t a word that would burn him after leaving his lips. It occured to me then that maybe I should be afraid of this stranger, this thief. Actually, it occurred to me right when the idea to do this first came about. But the fear was now for different reasons. 

I guess there was some sort of hope when seeing this man. Just like my aunt warned, I found him, which gave me the hope that he could do as Aunt Beth said - save me and take this darkness away. Instead, I was meeting a man who spoke of magic with a flick of his wrist, without fear of who might hear. I was meeting someone who seemed bored by the magic shown to him, something that has been terrifying me to death.

His last statement took the hope that was on the ground and burned it to ash. People like you. This was the last thing I knew myself to be.

“This isn’t something I can tell my family…” I said, surprised that he wouldn’t know that. If he knew anything about this village, he’d know I’d be as good as dead if the wrong person found out. I considered Aunt Beth, but she purposely kept to herself. I barely knew where she lived. When I was walking in search for her, I was going by the hints and talk of the family in hopes of finding her. Now that I know what I know, I understand why she closes herself far away.

Unless, she’s really not closed off all by her lonesome. Unless, she found a community to call her own.

“Nightclubs. I know of them… I didn’t think they were real.” Everything I said sounded foreign. These words of a new language. Magic, darkness, elements…  I hesitated, seeing as he wasn’t as warm and heroic as I expected him to be. “Are they dangerous?... Would you show me where they are?”

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"Heh, asking if a night club is dangerous is like asking if poking a bear is dangerous. Of course it is, its a club where all sorts of monsters hang out. You have to be careful and watch your back. Of course not all of them will hurt you but it would be the same as a young women such as yourself walking into a bar full of strangers far from home. You wouldn't want to know what those people would do to you if they aren't good."

"The beings that go to night clubs are the same as any other human, some may be good and some may be bad. Some of them are sly and good at hiding it, some are not. If you put the trust in the wrong one, you may not live to see the next day. If you put your trust in the right one, you may end up learning how to control your power and survive in a brutal world where humans will hunt you down and burn you alive and monsters may try to eat you. Its a very dangerous world to get involved in. You may be best off learning how to control your ability enough to hide it and then just live the rest of your life quietly, like a normal person. Its the easy way out for sure."

Creus knew his words would surely be frightening to someone brand new to this world however telling her the truth bluntly may end up being the difference between life and death. That and he wasn't going to sugar coat things either, it was safer that way. After a brief pause the thief dug into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be an ordinary looking coin and tossed it over to the women. "If you still want to go, even knowing that you are putting yourself in danger than wander around your town with that coin. It will glow once you get in proximity to a night club. Oh and make sure you let no one take that coin from you, if a hunter gets a hold of it you would personally be responsible for the hundreds of lives that would be lost to their hands. Hunters are ruthless and relentless, they will kill you and then use the coin to find and kill countless others. Up to you want you want to do from here on out, your responsible for what happens to you."

"I will probably stop by the club soon as I have some business to attend to there." The thief added as he turned and began walking away, his pet giving the women one last golden eyed stare before the wolf turned and bounded after him.


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What was a girl to do when being slammed into all the things that she was told by her dead parents to resist? Staring at the coin, I felt within me a fork in the road. Not that the man before me cared about the dilemma turning my world to ash, as he carried on talking about magic like it wouldn’t kill him and walking away whether I followed or not.

He spoke of the dangerous world as though it was real and out of the barbaric implications, or maybe out of overwhelming fear, a breathy chuckle of disbelief escaped me at the ideas of such violence. But he seemed to believe every word. This wasn’t the hope my Aunt gave. By this time, I was to have learned of a cure that rescued me from ever having to go to such places, with such people. 

People like me. I cringed at the thought.

I stared back at the simple coin, with no glow, in my palm. Hundreds of lives could be lost. From hunters. Hunters that could come after me now. So much information leading to so much pressure and I just wanted to learn how to hide the truth under my skin. 

Magic is the root of evil, my late father would say. And if Aunt Beth was more than a crazy old maid, than he knew what I was capable of my entire life. And he considered me evil.

The man was gone and I was alone in the woods, me and my inky skin wrapping around my neck like a snake to remind me it’s still there. And, of course, the coin safe in my tight fist. I was too afraid to put it in my pocket and risk losing it.

With that, I turned the opposite way he went, on route to Aunt Beth. 



I figured on the way to Beth’s, she’d see her coin start to glow but I wanted to give you a chance to reply with the place to describe what it should be like before I wrote that part. If that’s okay? C:

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