Looking for a 1x1 roleplay (:

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7:15pm Jan 24 2014

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Welp. I'm back craving roleplay once again. 
I would only like 1x1 and something off of Res since I don't like the restrictions ^^
I'm not really picky, but I do have a few points that you might want to know c:

-I like romance. It doesn't need to be centered around it, but I'd like some.
- Fantasy is my thing. It can be a non fiction style roleplay but can we put a fantasy twist?
- Skype(if my phone works with it now.) Or email (:

Now here's what I'd like to roleplay ^^

-Pokemon(I've become obsessed lately.)
-Animal(most likely wolf.)
-American Revolution
-Elemental/Real world(this can get confusing)

Ummm so.... Rmail or post (:


12:44pm Feb 1 2014

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I would love to do a DNA role-play with you! I am good with both email and Skype, so which ever is best for you. ^^ Do you have any plots? I was thinking we could squeeze some Pokemon into it by having Pokemon/human hybrids? just a little idea. ^^

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