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1:47pm Mar 11 2014

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Over Email! 
First clarification here, as sometimes I have a hard time getting on Res to reply or forget. //whoops

Okay, so, I'm up for pretty much any time of literacy - from simple one-paragraph replies to six or seven in depth responses. Or something in the middle. c: 

As far as plots and everything, boy, am I up for pretty much anything. Preferably human based, preferably something that has romance but isn't based around romance [I like MxM pairings best but can definitely do hetero if that's what you do ;o], and right now I'm thinking something gorey or scary or weird as far as plot. 

I have a hard time Rping horses or Warrior Cats, so those are out, sorry. :c Uhm. Yeah, pretty much up for anything!

Just post here if you're interested and we'll work something out. ^^

Also, if you have a skype, let me know. I like to do a lot of 'side chat' about the Rp in there. Also, I like to make friends. And talk to them. Yes. 


3:45pm Mar 12 2014

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4:56pm Mar 22 2014

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If your up for a Creepy scary RP. Then im your man. Also having each other skype would be good, and wouldnt let the rp die lolz :D


1:55pm Mar 28 2014

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Oh my gosh you are perfect! I am definitely interested in roleplaying with you! Do you have a certain plot in mind?

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