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Private Hunger Games between Vivster and FluzzMe. Feel free to stalk. c:

So you already know the plot, but I'll jot it down again here. c:

Welcome, welcome, to the 100th annual Hunger Games. This year, as you all know, is a very special Quarter Quell! Ten tributes from each district shall be reaped, and will compete in this year's games. The arena will be quite unique this year, as well! Though we know nothing for sure, it is rumored that this arena will be set above a huge cavern, with floating islands in the air! Imagine that! The main island is said to have a huge lake set into it, and that's where the Cornucopia is!

yes I know that would never be said but it was fun okay

just ignore the castle and replace it with water lD

Images not mine, heu <3


Name; Meriner "Lenk" Voun
Age; 17
Gender; Male
District; Four omg I love this district <3
Appearance; Lenk has a unique hair color that is made up of natural blonde, brown, and red. A while back, he dyed some of it blue, but it's mostly faded now. His eyes are a blend of chocolate brown and gold flecks, which can easily melt you from the inside out. Instead of the gauge in the picture, he simply has two rings at the top of his right ear that're made of silver.
Personality; if you make me do this I will just rage quit omg <3
History; Just the usual sob story. Parents died when he was young, went to live with his mother's best friend. He was 7 at the time, and he helped to take care of and feed three other kids. The woman that raised him was single, and so a lot of the work got put on his shoulders.
Family/friends; Not really. He is very popular at school, but other than that, he prefers to keep to himself. Most of the businesses in town know him from his mother, who owned a huge clothing shop before she died. The others know him from when he was younger, and took on any job he could to help feed the constantly-hungry-mouths back home. Because of this, he is also friends with most of them. As far as other kids go, he only has one friend, Leah. They've known each-other since they were about five, and are inseparable. His "siblings" are Luke [15] Canter [11] and Nera [8]. His adopted mother is Jessie.
Crush/Relationship/Etc; Nope, nothing. 100% up for grabs. xD
Other; Lenk hates his real name, so he tells everyone to call him Lenk or Voun. He also doesn't live with Jessie anymore, but he still spends most of his time at her house. His "house" is pretty much a shack by a cove where nobody else goes, but all the fish and other sea-critters do. Therefor Lenk is also somewhat rich, for an adopted 17 year old who practically feeds five by himself.


9:21pm Jan 18 2014

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Name: Maylyn (May) Franuer

Gender: Girl

Age: 15

District: 4

Appearance:  Long curly locks of brown with a few strands of gold/blond, liquid gold eyes, has many scars from lashings on her back (more information under history), otherwise has flawless skin, short nails, freckles, dimples, and has light skin

Personality:  Shy, kind, depressed, sensitive, strong headed and hearted

History:  May is seen as a freak throughout district four.  She is always blamed by others in her school for troubles she never causes.  The crimes she is blamed for are usually small and, at most, she has had twenty five lashes. 

Family/Friends:  May also has daddy.  Her dad works too much and spends their money on inventions he makes that don't work or sell.  Her best, and only, friend is Fen.  May is an only child.

Crush/Relationship:  May has a secret crush on Fen, but is horribly afraid of heartbreak because of her mother and bullies telling her of the horrible pain she would endure from it.

Other: May is secretly very skilled at music, you will see later on in the story!!  ^w^


9:26pm Jan 18 2014

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Eeee so excited! Could you go ahead and start? <33

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me c:


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Name: Fen Darcynn

Gender:  Boy

Age: 17

District: 4

Appearance:  Fen has dark brown, almost black, hair.  His eyes are turquois near the pupil and fade into green the farther from the pupil, with a hint of teal flakes near his pupil too.  He has a tall muscular build and a few light scars from lashings.

Personality:  Outgoing, big shot, humble, hard headed, strong hearted, easy to sway, and stubborn when it comes to concern.

History: Fen has had to take care of his two siblings, Markus (12) and Tara (7), most of his life because his parents are at sea for days.  Fen also stands up for May during her lashings, trying to persuade the peace keepers to let her off easy, only to have himself whipped too.

Crush/Relationship:  Fen has a <b>deep</b> crush on May, he's so upset that she's love blind (or so he thinks)

Other:  Fen has a big skill in writing, you will see this later in the story.


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<b>The 100th Hunger Games</b>

By TheVivster and FluzzMe

Chapter 1

          The burning sensation ran through my veins as the feeling of knives cutting the bare flesh on my back continued over and over in a steady, repetitive rhythm.  "No," I screamed as tears streamed down my face.   The salty water from my eyes seemed to mix with the blood on the podium below me.  I looked up shakily as someone in the far distance called my name,

          "Maylyn!"  A blurry figure ran up to me.  I was shook into reality as the whipping stopped.

          "What?"  I gasped, out of breath.

          I was drenched in sweat as my mom shook me awake from another nightmare.  "Get up you little brat!"  Mrs. Franuer, or so I had to call her instead of mom, was scowling at me.  "Get up and go to school.  You've kept me up for hours now!"

          "Then why didn't you wake me up!"  I groaned as I crushed my face into my damp pillow.  Tears were still in my eyes from the horrid nightmare.  My mom just grumbled as I threw on my school clothes and threw my hair into a messy bun.

          On my way out the door, I looked in the mirror and gave a small whine at the poor girl.  The once beautiful girl I was was... well... long gone.  My hair and skin used to shine so brilliantly and boys would come around daily to ask me out... but I could only see Fen through them.  Then that girl came from the far side of the district, and all was lost.  She blamed me for everything... EVERYTHING!!!  Then I got the whippings, I got these horrid scars.  I whipped away the tears again as I opened the door.  "I'll see you later mother."

          "Mrs. Franuer!"  She yelled back.


           I was waiting by the big berch tree until I saw her... Maylyn.  Oh her hair glowed so brilliantly in the young morning.  My heart thumped in my chest as her face seemed to brighten when she saw me.  "Oh Fen!"  She cried as she fell into my arms, "I had another horrible nightmare."  I hugged her close to me, how could she not feel my heart throb for her?  I sighed as I kissed her hair,

          "Shhh, I'm here.  There will be no lashings anymore.  The reaping is in a few days!  The peace keepers are too busy to notice <b>Shaniqua's </b> busy ranting."  She looked up at me with tears in her heart melting eyes.

          "Are you sure?"  Then she shook her head, "How silly of me, you always know what you're saying!"  She smiled again and I whipped away her tears.

          "Let's go to school."


          As we headed to school, I kept sneaking looks at Fen.  Look at him!  He was so... beautifully gorgeous and I was just a small maggot sitting bellow him.  Why didn't he just step on me like all the others did? 

          "So, um," Fen scratched the back of his head.  He was wearing his gray short sleeve shirt, one of my favorite.  It let me see his amazing build, just showing how much work he put into supporting Markus and Tara, his siblings.  I watched as he flexed his muscles on purpose to make me laugh.  "Never mind."  He turned away.  I rolled my eyes at the back of his head,

          "What's on your mind?"  He shook his head no, "What?"  I half yelled and half laughed.  Then he sighed, a serious look on his face,

          "I'm just wondering..." he paused, "I mean... um, worried about my siblings."  I looked at him sarcastically,

          "You know that people usually volunteer first."  He laughed at my comment,



          How could I tell May that Shaniqua has been thinking of doing something evil.  I had overheard her last week talking about the reaping day and something about May.  Oh no!  And then with ten people being reaped!!  This won't end well.


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Ch 2

          As we arrived as school, I was greeted by Shaniqua.

          "Hello May."  She gave me a snotty look as her little posy gagged at me.  "Ready for the reaping?  I've been getting ready.  I'll be the only one making it."  Her little posy game a small smirk.  What was that about?

          "Come on May."  Fen took my arm,

          "Oh," Shaniqua propped up her hair, "Hello there Mr. Darcynn."  She winked at Fin, making a deep growl escape my throat.  "Whoah!"  She laughed, "someone lock up the monster."  She laughed with her friends as Fen and I walked away,

          "Don't listen to her," he muttered, "at least she'll be out of her hair when she volunteers."  I shrugged as we headed off to our first period together, History of our District.


          "Hello children," Mrs. Malleguel greated everyone at the door... except May.  I hate it how everyone treats her like a freak when she's nothing close to that!  If only they'd let her in, and try to see her true colors, they'd like her again.  In fact, they'd love her!

          I sat next to May as the teacher babble on about todays lesson.  Then, Mrs. Malleguel put on a tape, the same tape over and over about the hunger games.  For the rest of the period, but all I could think about was May and the reaping.  As May mouthed every word of the video, I took out my journal and leaned back in my chair.  I opened up to the first page where my first entry was...


                    Entry 1

          There she is again... that girl.  So intelligent and beautiful, so confident and graceful like the sea herself...  I went up to her thousands of times today trying to ask of her name, but every time she would smile at me, my stomach would drown in butterflies as her eyes seemed to glow.  I couldn't talk to this siren of the sea.  She was everything, but was she just a dream... just an illusion?


          I read through the next few paragraphs, fixing mistakes I made from about two years ago.  Then I went on to the second entry


                    Entry 2

         Well, I did it.  Not even a raging storm from the big blue could've held me back.  It may have taken a moon's cycle to gain my heart's desire, but I did it.  I finally met May.

          I shouldn't have judged her so quickly!  She is amazing.  Her voice is as smooth and silky as the mist on the morning ocean, and the way her words and literature rolled so fluently, as though she had planned the very conversation.  She's so smart, I envy her of her brilliance!  I mean... she skipped a year of schooling.  I find that impressive.


          I carefully glanced at May, only to quickly drop my interest back in the journal when I noticed she was looking at me.  My stomach seemed to boil with joy to see that she was paying attention to me... but she wasn't the only one.  A few girls to my right were trying to wave at me, get my attention.  I glared at them.  I knew them.  They were a few of Shaniqua's friends, and everyone of them has dated a guy for, at most, two weeks before dropping him into a ditch.  I knew none of them knew what love was, how much dedication it would take.  I mean, neither do I... I haven't even had a first kiss.  I give a slight chuckle, making almost every girl glance at me... except May.  I frowned as she set her head down on her desk, facing away from me.  Sure I didn't know how it really felt to hold a girl in my arms, to feel her lips against mine... but I have fantasized and written romances for myself.  Oh, if only she knew how I felt.


          I looked through the window as I laid my head down.  How dumb of me!  He looked right at me and smiled and I just turned away!  Agh... if only I could bow down to this god.  I sat back up and turned around to see him writing in his silly little journal again.  Why did he have that anyways?  It's cute, but what is he hiding in it?  Then, I saw him sneak a glance at me.  I just stared at him as he continued writing, only to catch him looking at me again.  He gave a slight chuckle as he closed up the brown, leather booklet.

          "So," he whispered as he placed his head on his desk, "what are you wearing to the reaping?"  I giggled,


          "I just want to see if I'll ever see you in a dress again."  He smiled, but it quickly evaporated when he saw a tear run down my cheek.  "I'm sorry."

          "No." I smiled weakly, "No," I replied stronger, "It's not you... it's just," I paused, "My scars always show when I wear a dress."  I whipped away the tears, "Anyways, I'm ugly in anything that comes above my ankles."  Then, Fen took my hand and lifted my face up to look at his as he sat up.

          "No, you are not ugly."  Fen stopped and seemed to stare into another world as I got lost in his eyes.  The teal flecks seemed to dance in the abyss of turquois and green until Mrs. Malleguel interrupted,

          "No romance please," she yelled at us.  Shaniqua's friends gagged as I took my hand from his grip,

          "You're," then he stopped.  Fen looked as though he was hiding something from me again.  What was he so afraid of?  Did he not like me?  Was he just sorry for me, just like what momma told me *I mean Mrs. Franuer*?  Why did I even talk to him?  I don't want to be alone again.

           The bell rang and I bolted towards the door, the last thing I heard was Fen calling my name. 

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