Bridgint the Gap

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3:57am Dec 22 2013

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{snogging is my favorite word woah}

From the moment they arrived back at the house, Finn noticed that Sera was avoiding the two points where they'd kissed, but he honestly didn't blame her. Those were moments she likely didn't want to have resurfacing in her mind. To him, they weren't necessarily bad memories, but he could imagine that they were for her. It must have been pretty disgusting for her; being kissed forcibly and repetitively. He, himself, wasn't disturbed by it at the time, but thinking back on it it was his behavior that appalled him. He would never act like that under any circumstance; he had no idea how compelled him to do any of it. There were demons after them, for God's sake, and he'd managed to scar her likely for life.

She sat down on the couch and asked him to deal with the movie, which he gave a shrug in reply to. "Was goin' to," was all he said as he crossed the floor to the TV and crouched down in front of the DVD player. He'd used devices similar during his previous time on earth, but none were quite this high-tech. He figured out how to turn the DVD player on and off and how to play and pause a movie if one happened to be playing at the time before he figured out how to put the disk it, but after a moment of poking at the appliance, he got it working.

He plopped himself down on the couch, folding his legs underneath himself neatly. He didn't bother to keep his distance from Sera; he figured she wouldn't mind if he sat close to her. After fiddling with the remote for a moment, he got the movie to appear on the screen and allowed himself to lay back.

He could tell that the movie might be a bit scary judging by the first scene, but he hoped it wouldn't terrify Sera. She was already going through enough with the demons; the last thing she needed was frightening images bouncing around in her head. It probably didn't help that it was dark in the room, either. It was still daylight outside and some of the lights in the house were on, but the living room remained dark. 

{nah man it looks great! <3
you can skip to the middle of the movie or whatever if you want to / need to to :o
also this was written at like two a.m. because some friends and I stayed up watching watership down
weird movie man
weird movie}


9:14pm Jan 5 2014

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{bumps quietly uwu}


8:47pm Mar 31 2014

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//pops cork//
they've grown up so fast. //single manly tear//
I can't really draw but I tried lol. I was sort of going for them doing something cute but it looked weird so I tried drawing them angry at each other and it worked out a little better LOL.
(they're probably like two billion times hotter in real life aha I'm just kind of a sucky drawer. ;o)
anyway that's all ahaha carry on. :'D}


10:14pm Mar 31 2014 (last edited on 10:16pm Mar 31 2014)

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|| Honestly, I'm such a butt because I haven't replied to this. I will reply as soon as I can, which means most likely tomorrow, and there will be no more procrastinating after that- I PROMISE MY DEAR HEART KEEP IT.
AND YAYY. THEy're a whole year old now.

and shoosh. You're drawing's adorable. I don't post drawings on DA anymore- I have a tumblr, but I need to start using a better art catalogue.

and even if they're mad at each other, they're still cute.


AND IF I SEEM SPAZZY, its because I just haven't SLept in like forty-eight HOURS. :DDD

JUnior life is killing me from the inside out. And by inside I mean it's destroying what's left of my sanity. If I ever had any in the first place. 



That makes me happy because I'm one too.

If you even are one.||

Love is all we need~


12:06am Apr 1 2014

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{nah man you're 103% a-okay! ;0 doooon't worry, I've been busy too so I understand. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'RE GIVING ME YOUR HEART BUT IF SO I'll take good care of it and feed it fancy foods and knit it warm fuzzy sweaters yes. <3

thank. uwu aha yeah, I know that you have a tumblr because I'm the one who bugs you on it all the time LOL. you don't really post any art on there though. P:

indeed. ;o that just wouldn't work with Callum and Sera if you're picking up what I'm laying down here.

I don't think you're completely okay right now tbh.

it's okay!! school is awful lol I understand. ;0 don't be worryin' 'bout nothin', pardner.


... mortification aside.
I am a Homestuck! :D it's funny omg last summer I clearly remember you saying you didn't want to read it because it seemed confusing.
but yEAH what act are you on?}


9:44pm Apr 2 2014

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  • {OH HEY. almost forgot to tell you. I googled "strawberry blonde boy" because I was having trouble imagining Callum and I found this guy!
  • his name is Alex Loomans and he matches your deion of Callum really well. ;o aha you might imagine him differently but I see it. he's super cute, and like, huge (muscle-wise and stuff lol). tbh if I were Sera I'd tell Finn to move over. 8I

  • also um?? thinking back I'm sorta realizing that Finn's being really inconsistent and dumb and I've been trying to work out his feelings here. I'll try to have him figure himself out since he's giving Sera so many mixed signals. P:}

  • In all honesty, Finn had no idea what he was doing. He knew one thing for sure, and that was about it; he liked Sera. He really, really did. That certainly wasn't his intentions when he came to earth, but a lot of things that had happened recently weren't his intention. Like getting Sera drunk, for example. That wasn't his most wise decision.

  • He wished he didn't like her, and he knew that she liked him, which also wasn't preferable. It would be so much easier if he could bury his own feelings and tell Sera to bury hers without kissing her afterwards. He considered the kissing for a moment, too. How many days had he been here? Two... Three? He woke up two nights ago cradling her like a baby, and then the next he woke up on top of her. He winced. Again, not his most wise decision.

  • Alright, so two and a half days. Two and a half days, and he'd kissed her three times; more like seventy if you wanted to count each time they kissed last night separately. The first time was pure male stupidity, the second time he was understandably out of his right mind, and the third... Well, he had no excuse for that. He didn't want Sera to hate him, but in kissing her he'd only succeeded in making her even more confused.

  • Two and a half days certainly didn't seem like enough time for a crush, or whatever he had with Sera, to develop. "Love at first sight" was a phrase that came to mind, but he dismissed the thought quickly. He didn't love Sera, and he never would. Nope, nope, nope. Love was awful. It never provided happy endings, and if he fell in love with Sera, it would surely subject the both of them to absolute heartbreak.

  • His long string of thoughts left him feeling more even conflicted about his feelings for Sera. All he knew was that he liked her, as hard as it was for him to process and admit, and that it physically hurt for him to try and imagine her with someone else. He wondered if their "relationship" was more physical attraction than anything else, which would explain all the kissing, but he couldn't deny feeling something that was completely unmanly when she smiled or said something cute. He acknowledged that she wasn't just 'hot', or some other adjective that would draw physical attraction out of him. She was /adorable/, and sometimes infuriating, and he couldn't stand her for making him so angry and flustered while making him feel so warm and fuzzy when they kissed and-

  • Okay, yeah, he'd never had a more unmanly thought in his life. 

  • {... I don't get him either.
  • get your crap together, man. 8I}


5:02pm Apr 3 2014

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|| If you read our last session of rmails, you'll see where I'm going with this plot transfer. Except instead of only Seraphiel not being able to go back to heaven, it's anyone, because the archangels are scared of a demon invasion.


He looks like just like Callum. ||

Seraphiel was mad at herself. She was so mad at herself, and it was ridiculous. It had been around two weeks since she'd been on earth. An entire week and a half had passed by without much event, but she had heard Callum reporting many demon attacks. And the scary thing was that they were all looking for Sera. For the past week, she'd been huddled in her home, with the blinds closed. Her time was spent watching various movies on some contraption called Netflix and thinking too hard about Finn. Really, she'd been avoiding him for an entire week, too, and, as bad as she felt about that, she knew that it was for the best. Finn obviously liked her, but it was clear that he didn't want to like her.

She did weird things to him, probably. It was probably one of those things where he both hated her and was infatuated with her. It was all maddening, but she had to admit that she missed him. She missed sitting with him, talking with him. She hadn't said more than a few sentences to him at a time since she'd been avoiding him. Sure, they'd been around each other, but Seraphiel had mostly been isolating herself in a room. She didn't eat much, either, due to her conflicting feelings and anxiety. What she did eat was definitely not healthy- a mix of ordered pizza and chocolates, with the occasional box of Chinese takeout that she'd have Callum deliver to her as if it were on the black market.

Today was the day that they had to go back to heaven, though, because things were getting too rough. Far too rough. The three angels were all flying through the sky at a fast pace with their wings. Seraphiel was so angry that she was in the lead, with her raven wings propelling her through the air as if she were streamlined specifically for flying. She felt tears rolling down her face.

Callum lingered behind Sera, knowing that Finn was also probably close behind him- or in front of him. He wasn't so sure, as he was zoned out. He felt bad about all of this. Perhaps if Sera didn't want to stay in heaven, he could work as her guardian angel in some other city, far away, or a secluded town. She needed to be safe, no matter what. She was a royal. A princess. A beautiful one, at that. He did like her, yes, but he knew that she didn't like him, and that tore him apart. Was he not handsome, charming, nice, and kind? Was he not the picturesque version of a man that any woman would swoon over?

He was, and that was the problem. Sera didn't look for perfection. She wanted someone flawed. Someone who didn't make her feel out of place. She wanted someone to remind her that being imperfect was normal, even for celestial beings.

Seraphiel knew the portal was just ahead- she could feel its power radiating through the clouds, high above a protected forest below them. She sped up by leaning forward, and flapping her wings a few times. She was just about to break through when...


Instead of hitting the portal, a protective jolt of lightening shot out from the area that it was in, which was odd, because it wasn't hidden in a cloud- it was far above the clouds, actually. Sera's body stopped in midair for a moment, seemingly suspended. She didn't even get the chance to make a noise before she was unable to fly, and the shock was over. And then she was going down, down, down.

Her body transferred from being slanted upright to being up-side-down, spiraling towards the earth at a speed that she didn't know she could go at. Her wings were haphazardly folded against her back, as she was nearly unconscious. She could hear Callum yelling various curses at the archangels, but his large wings weren't fast enough to catch up with her at the speed that she was descending.

"Finn, you have to go get her! Slow her down and I'll help bring her to the ground!" Callum shouted, going downward after Seraphiel.

Love is all we need~


5:14pm Apr 4 2014

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{yup! C: I'm followin'~

idk if it's even possible to forget how to breathe because of a person's appearance, but it has happened to me. ;o

hope you had a ~* f a b u l o u s *~ birthday. uwu
I sent you a little present~ (I'm giggling at it I'm an awful person). it's actually not a bad name though, aha. hope you like cyid! uvu}

Finn wasn't coping very well with anything. He refused to believe that so many demons could possibly be after Sera, who seemed far too innocent and harmless to be sought after by such evil creatures. Sera decided to basically go into hiding after hearing the news from Callum, which was depressing for Finn. He missed her;.talking to her, being with her, just her presence in general. He couldn't blame her for hiding, though. He would be terrified if he were her, and he was already scared enough for her as a bystander.

While Sera holed herself up in a room and watched TV for the majority of the day, he had his own way of dealing with the stress. When he caught himself thinking too deeply about Sera or worrying about the demons, he left the house for hours at a time and just ran as hard and as fast as he could push himself around the town in 'Hawaii'. It was like running from his problems, but in a way that was so much more practical than trying to ignore it all. The exertion was distracting enough to get him to relax if at least a little, and by the time he was too exhausted to go any further his problems were momentarily replaced by thoughts of wanting to curl up in a ball and sleep. And, in fact, sleep was what he did. His body reacted like a koala's would to the exercise, and he ended up spending more hours asleep than he did awake during that time period.

Like Sera, he hardly ate much then. The anxiety affected his stomach in such a way that he found he was hardly ever hungry, but he forced himself to eat small bits of food that wouldn't require any effort to prepare occasionally so he wouldn't accidentally starve himself to death. He saw Sera just about as often as he ate in that week and a half, which was almost never. He was pleasant to her when he did pass by her and tried his best to comfort her, but he knew there wasn't much he could do.

The day came that they had to return to heaven all too soon. Would this mean Sera would have to reside in heaven from then on? Would Callum be appointed as her new guardian angel in a new location? Had the demons already taken over, and would Sera be captured upon entrance? These questions and so many more floated around in his mind, but he tried his best not to let his curiosity and anxiety get to him. Sera was already upset enough as it was; she didn't need to know that he was scared, too.

He followed along behind Callum, taking up the rear in case that the rare event of an attack from behind were to happen. He didn't bother trying to make it a competition with Callum; at the moment, it wasn't about winning over Sera's affections or whatever. It was about keeping her safe.

The next few moments between Sera's failed attempt to enter the portal and her rapid descent towards earth were a complete blur. He went into complete shock for a split second, but was snapped out of it when Callum yelled instructions at him. Trying to process the words the other man had said while putting Callum's words into action wasn't an easy task, but he knew that if he couldn't start reacting that very second it could mean life or death for the falling angel. Fortunately, everything clicked at once, and Finn managed to messily folded his wings against his back and descend straight down after Sera. Being somewhat smaller than Callum had it's advantages; he and his wings weighed less, and therefore was more aerodynamic.

Sera was littler than he was and fell at an even faster speed, but his determination not to let her get hurt and the sudden adrenaline gave him enough incentive to get to her before she got the ground. Once he was close enough to her, he reached out and grabbed at her hand, his wings flapping rapidly behind him to keep himself from going down with her. Sera wasn't very heavy at all, but it wasn't exactly a walk in the park to try to keep them both aloft while Sera was unconscious. He finally got a good enough grip on her arm after a moment, and as soon as she was secured in his grasp, he unfurled his wings. They caught wind almost immediately, but the dead weight of Sera was hard enough to try and hold up, especially while he was just trying to focus on keeping himself aloft. He'd managed to slow her down, sure, but he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to hold on. All he could do was pray that Callum would be able to reach them in time.

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