Anyone Up For a 1x1?

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7:01am Mar 24 2014

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Hey everyone who kind of remembers me! It's been like a year? Two? Don't really remember, wasn't keeping track. Anyway, I'm back because I have a sudden desire to improve my writing and narration skills.
I'm looking for a literate 1x1, preferably with human characters, though Warriors/Wolves/Pokemon Trainers are all a-ok, as long as I get to practice my writing. Romance is alright, though at the moment I prefer MxM pairings. Just a heads up, I'm pretty terrible at the romance thing, like the whole initiation phase, so if you want romance you might have to guide me a little on that.
What I want is a plot and character oriented RP, and maybe a little group would be cool too. Again, I just want to practice my writing, I've come back a changed person :p
If this isn't proper RP procedure, then I'm real sorry and will change this board, since I'm unfamiliar with the new Res-rules, if not, just post away??


6:39pm Apr 29 2014

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I'm up for it, and I'll do anything really. I just prefer an original storyline. 

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