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2:01am Feb 23 2014 (last edited on 1:56pm Feb 23 2014)

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Hello one, hello all!  It appears Lola's back...

[Important Information]: This is a limited small-group
roleplay.  I am looking for four other
people (one character per person) who are interested in this plot and
continuing to develop this roleplay.  As
you may know, or not, I am rarely on Res and tend to come on here for the
purpose of finding roleplay partners, and I would prefer to continue this
roleplay elsewhere than the forums.  I
also have a very bad habit of not responding to roleplays (you have been
warned).  All of that aside, I would appreciate
it if you are literate—and by this, I mean that you can form intelligent and
interesting posts.  I am fine if you only
write a few paragraphs per post, I know I certainly don’t have the time to
write a novel to contribute.  The more
experience you have, the better, and if we’ve roleplayed together in the past,
even better!  I’m hoping this will be a
somewhat long-lived project, so fingers crossed.
[Plot]: The land of Aria has been ruled by the House of Kane
for thousands of years.  They have seen
the land through many wars, many times of hardship, and many years of good
fortune—but now the tides are changing. 
Generation upon generation in power has led to the breeding of vicious,
tyrannical rulers.  And the people are ready
for a change.  In steps the Red Mask, a
mysterious secret society dedicated to one idea: revolution.  Comprised of four cunning conspirators—the
leader, the military genius, the seductress, and the conjuror—this group has
one aim: take down the regime that has ruled this land for so long.  But it won’t be easy.
[Setting]: Aria, a rich and sprawling country with a large
peasant-farmer population that depends on the king for levying fair taxes and
protecting their rights.  It is a fairly
medieval kingdom, with no modern technology, but magic and sorcerers do
exist—though very rare.  There are, of
course, legends of the fair folk and goblins and dragons, but no true reports
or sightings of these creatures.  The
capital city, also named Aria, sits in the center of this country on a vast
plain.  The city itself is raised far
above this, as it has been built on a natural plateau, with some of the city’s
oldest houses being carved out of the landform itself.  To the west lies an ocean with a great deal
of rocky coastline and three main harbors. 
To the east, a range of mountains that marks a wasteland beyond.   In the south lies a great forest, some of
which has been cleared out to create fields to grow crops.  And to the north lies a desert, beyond which
lies lands populated by so-called “savages”—tribes of nomadic people who live
off the land.
[The Cast]:
The Ringleader [Me]: Ruthlessly efficient and
cunning, the mastermind determined to take down this empire.
The Weaponsmaster [Dragonstar]: An artist in an abstract
sense—skilled with almost any weapon: a military genius.
The Spy [-]: A master of deception, this woman has
artfully created a persona of a foreign dignity in order to gain entry to the
court—and perhaps the prince’s affections as well.
The Prince [-]: The heir to a corrupted throne, and
the key to the revolution.
The Magician [-]: Supposedly imbued with supernatural
ability, this member of the group wields ancient power capable of toppling a
[If I Haven’t Scared You Away Yet]: If you are interested in
joining this endeavor, please shoot me an rMail with what character you’d be
interested in taking, and if possible, an example or two of past roleplays
(this isn’t necessary, but appreciated). 
Characters will go as I find people to fill them, so mainly on a
first-come-first-serve basis.  I’ll keep
this thread fairly updated, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Au revoir!

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