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10:06pm Sep 18 2021 (last edited on 11:07pm Sep 18 2021)

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I've noticed that book descri.ptions (some of them) seem to have authors now. It's great that we're putting credit and I actually love knowing who did what because I've often wondered who drew some of the amazing new art, but to me it breaks the immersion a lot that it's done as part of the descri.ption. Some books are contest entries, and it's nice to get credit to people who wrote them because it was for a contest, but I believe those already had authors on them. For the rest of the books I'm not as behind the idea in the way it's implemented now. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to list them for lore reasons even, like if an NPC (Palora, Perry, whoever) is supposed to have written them and then we have "written by XYZwriter" to me that breaks the lore.

If it's a matter of recognizing the staff, that seems unfair to staff that don't put out physical work, like support or mods. All staff, writers and artists included, get chances at staff items like apples, squishies, etc. That's a great way to recognize staff that have worked hard.

It also brings up the question, to me at least, of why things like quest lines, Creatu descri.ptions, every piece of art, etc, doesn't deserve the same credit. Artists certainly deserve credit for the hard work they do, as do any larger pieces of writing. I can understand not crediting each item descri.ption but everything else deserves it just as much as books, so I don't think the argument of "credit" is super fair, at least to me.

I recognize I'm probably in the minority, and if I'm the only one that thinks that way I'll certainly throw my name into the pot for books just to keep the standard, but I think it'd be better to just have the unofficial wiki updated or have an official wiki (or even a credits page somewhere on-site) if we really want to do stuff like this instead of putting it in the item descri.ptions, which is, to me at least, intended to be a part of expanding the lore of the site. That way we can credit not only books but other writing (maybe just say "Creatu Descri.ptions: Liyure - Name, Omni - Name" for example) and also all the art (I think usually just one artist does all the recolors for a pet, or at least most of them, so we can have groupings) while keeping things like descri.ptions, quest lines, and content story-based.

tl;dr: I adore the idea of giving credit to art/writing, but I think it should be done on its own page so it's all easy to find and isn't breaking up the content of the site everywhere (because I truly think it should be done for more than just books).

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7:53am Sep 19 2021

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I would love this. It has always seemed a bit odd to not know who’s the artist or writer of these works, so I am 100% on board. 


3:03pm Sep 26 2021

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100 percent agree! I am always asking who drew what. Like what artist drew certain effects/colors/creatu and would love to know who did what on site. :)


8:06am Sep 27 2021

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I like this idea - i always thought it was weird that some of the books contain who wrote it lol

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1:56pm Sep 27 2021


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I agree - it can go in a forum thread

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